Chapter 863 Spirit Devouring Genesis Mark shows its power

The moment Zhou Yuan's voice faded, Ye Bingling and Yi Qiushui unhesitatingly took out the jade slips that Zhou Yuan had prepared for them. The others from the Wind Pavilion also took out the jade slips when they saw them take out theirs.


Before this, the jade slips had hidden in their Spirits.




They all crushed the jade fiercely in their hands.


As the jade shattered, something seemed to envelop and glue their Spirits.


They couldn't see what it was and could only cast puzzled glances in Zhou Yuan's direction.


Only Yi Qiushui's beautiful eyes shone because the wave of energy was not unknown to her. It was this strange wave of energy that had let her win against Ye Bingling before.


Recalling the results of that day's battle, Yi Qiushui's nervousness quietly faded away. In fact, they could win against the Fire Pavilion with the means that Zhou Yuan had prepared.


However, there were more people who still looked apprehensive. After all, they didn't know if the jade slip that Zhou Yuan had prepared for them could really help them compete with the Fire Pavilion. But facing the powerful Fire Pavilion, they had no choice but to fight.


Zhou Yuan calmly raised his head and looked at the ace seven tremendous spirit-breaking spears that were accelerating. Without explaining much, he ordered: "Everyone listen to my order: operate your Spirits!"




As his roar faded, all the people operated and gathered their spiritual powers in front of them to form a series of long and sharp spiritual needles.


Zhou Yuan swept his eyes over them and keenly felt the ancient marks hidden on their spirit needles. The marks were the Genesis Marks of the Spirit Devourer.


It seemed that the jade strips he had prepared were effective.


Zhou Yuan took a deep breath and his spiritual power disappeared. The thousands of spiritual needles gathered together, forming a torrent above his head. From a distance, the torrent looked like a python.


It was spectacular, but it really paled in comparison to the seven spirit-breaking spears whizzing downwards.


In the distance, seeing this scene, Zhu Lian curled the corners of his mouth into a disdainful arc.


Zhou Yuan thought that he could withstand a powerful attack from the Fire Pavilion with just the strength of the Wind Pavilion? How stupid and arrogant.


This time I'm going to get revenge for the humiliation I suffered!




The seven giant spears roared in an incomparably ferocious manner, and the torrent of spiritual needles met the first giant shuttle head-on.


Metalic sound!


A metallic sound echoed throughout the world.


"Destroy it!" Zhu Lian laughed out loud.


The next moment, however, his laughter ended abruptly and his pupils shrank sharply.


When the torrent of Spirit needles collided with the first giant shuttle, not only did it not break, but it burst into a glow of light. Spiritual power surged and the torrent grew from a few hundred feet to thousands of feet.


On the other hand, the Spirit light of the first giant shuttle, for some reason, had quickly dimmed, its size reduced by more than half.


The torrent of needles struck once again and directly exploded the first Spirit Breaking Spear.


"How is that possible?!"


Everyone gasped loudly and their eyes widened as if they saw a ghost.


They couldn't believe that the Spirit Breaking Spear was destroyed after the first contact!


Even Lu Xiao's expression changed uncontrollably.


"Send all the spears!" Lu Xiao thundered.


Gritting his teeth, Zhu Lian finally recovered from his shock. The remaining six spirit-breaking spears rushed forward.


Metalic sound!


The six Spirit Breaking Spears bombarded the torrent of spirit needles, firing them repeatedly and causing the void to tremble endlessly.


But watching the torrent of needles retreat repeatedly, Lu Xiao and Zhu Lian's faces became more and more worried. They discovered that even after the collision, the scale of the spirit needle torrent became more astonishing and gave off stronger energy.


On the other hand, the six Spirit Breaking Spears on his side were gradually shrinking, their spiritual energy weakening.


"What's going on?!" Zhu Lian exclaimed in shock. This scene was really too strange.


The torrent of spiritual needles seemed to be able to absorb spiritual power upon contact, growing stronger as his own Spirit Breaking Spears weakened.


The torrent of spirit needles spiraled in the void like an azure Dragon, and the six Spirit Breaking Spears, which originally had an absolute advantage, were like small snakes. After a short battle, the situation between the two sides was suddenly reversed.


Seeing this scene, Zhu Lian and others were not the only ones in shock, even everyone on the Wind Pavilion side was equally dumbfounded.


They could not understand why the torrent of spiritual needles became stronger in the face of the opponent's absolute suppression. The spiritual energy that the torrent emitted was not even at a level they could reach.


This meant that the phenomenon was not because of how strong their spirits were, but because of Zhou Yuan!


Everyone cast their eyes, burning with emotions, on Zhou Yuan who was floating in the air. He made them see what was incredible and miraculous.


In the distance, Mu Liu and Mu Qingyan's mouths opened. This scene was also beyond his comprehension.


Under countless shocked gazes, Zhou Yuan looked at the huge torrent of Dragon-shaped spiritual needles. He could feel that the spirit-devouring Genesis marks within him had dissipated. In the previous collisions, the Spirit Devourer had swallowed tremendous spiritual power from the six Spirit Breaking Spears.


"The effect is quite good," he whispered to himself with a fierce gleam in his eyes. "Come on!"


Zhou Yuan moved his finger, sending out a torrent resembling a Dragon roaring. He collided head-on with the six spirit-breaking spears.




The six spirit-breaking spears shattered almost in an instant.


On the side of the Fire Pavilion, there were thousands of Spirits staggering side by side. After a while, they turned into sparks and shot into the sky amidst miserable screams.


Lu Xiao and Zhu Lian's faces turned livid. In this battle, the Fire Pavilion had suffered heavy losses.


"Damn, how is that possible?!" Zhu Liang couldn't help but hiss, his face contorted.


Lu Xiao took a deep breath and glared at the Dragon-like torrent in the sky. "I already told you, that boy is clever and should not be underestimated."


"What do we do?" Zhu Lian panicked a little.


Lu Xiao’s eyelids widened and his voice was icy: “What else can we do? Use our last resort: we can't lose the Heavenly Flame Ritual!"


Zhu Lian looked hesitant. “But if you do that, there will be repercussions. "We won't be able to use the power of the Spirit for at least half a month."


Lu Xiao gave him a cold look. "Don't you know our priorities?"


Zhu Lian felt a chill run down her spine and did not dare to say anything else. He operated his Spirit, and a voice spread to the minds of the many members of the Fire Pavilion.


"Fire Pavilion, listen to the order: activate the Spirit Burning Rune!"


When the members of the Fire Pavilion heard his order, their hearts trembled. Naturally, they knew that the Burning Spirit Rune was their last resort. It was just that their Spirit would be injured for the next month or so, which would mean that they would not be able to enter the Four Spirits Origin Tower to practice.


Some people were hesitant, but when Lu Xiao's cold and biting eyes swept towards them, their entire body trembled. They immediately crossed their hands, and a red Genesis rune faintly appeared in the space between their eyebrows.


The Genesis rune turned into a flame and burned, penetrating directly into their Spirits.


Instantly, their Spirits writhed, evidently suffering severe pain.


At the same time, the wave of spiritual energy emitted from their bodies surged, causing howling winds and thunderous booms throughout the world.


The terrible oppressive Spirits engulfed the area that made even the Transforming Stage Spirits feel trapped in a deep swamp.


Whether it was Han Yuan, Mu Liu, or Mu Qingyan, they all visibly paled at the sight. They had never seen such a fierce battle in the Heavenly Flame Ritual.


A spirit attack of this level would have been unattainable with just transforming stage spirits.


Ye Bingling and Yi Qiushui's faces also became solemn. Although Zhou Yuan had previously ruined the Fire Pavilion's plan, the Fire Pavilion's base was still incredibly powerful. This attack was evidently their last desperate resort.


But they were not very afraid because they were inside the Heavenly Flame Cauldron, so no matter how dangerous the battle became, it would not cost them their lives. At most, they would lose. Furthermore, since they had already forced the Fire Pavilion into such a state, even if they lost, they would not feel embarrassed.


Zhou Yuan looked at them. He knew what they were thinking, but he had no intention of giving up. If he lost, he would not have a part of the Heavenly Sun Flame, which he hoped would help him advance to the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling. How could he let such a good opportunity slip away?


The main pavilion master's battle the following month was the most important. If he did not reach the advanced stage of Divine Dwelling by then, he would have no chance of defeating Lu Xiao.


Therefore, he did not want to lose in the Heavenly Flame Ritual.


Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed fiercely as he looked at the torrent of Dragon-shaped spiritual needles. He took a deep breath, his eyes slightly drooping, and his hands slowly joined together into a hand seal.


Since the Fire Pavilion wanted to fight, he would accompany them.


As the hand seal that Zhou Yuan formed changed, the Spirit power in front of him also quickly gathered. A moment later, an illusory lantern took shape.


One of the seven arts of Cangxuan, the spirit lantern art!

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