Chapter 864 Spirit Lantern Art



The power of the Spirit hummed over the Fire Pavilion army and sharp sound waves reverberated throughout the world. The sound waves were so penetrating that they could tear ordinary spirits apart in an instant.


The tens of thousands of Fire Pavilion Spirits, coupled with the Spirit power activated by the Spirit Burning Rune, had clearly reached a terrifying level.


When Zhu Lian looked at the terrifying Spirit power, his eyes flickered in fear. Even he was a little afraid of controlling Spirit power of such a level because the slightest carelessness could provoke an adverse response.


But fortunately it was situated within the Heavenly Flame Cauldron, which would protect one's spirit... Otherwise, he would not have dared to control such a terrifying spiritual power as it would be no different from seeking death.




Zhu Lian took a deep breath and began to guide the terrifying Spirit power to gather. Countless deafening screams spread to his Spirit, causing his face to distort. Even blood seemed to flow from his eyes and nose.


He was only in the Spirit state, so of course it was not royal blood, but it was still a sign of intensely stimulating the Spirit.




Zhu Lian raised his head and roared towards the sky. He desperately tried to control and guide the terrifying power of the Spirit. The feeling was similar to dragging an ancient beast that could destroy everything.


But fortunately, Zhu Lian's spirit cultivation was not weak. With his guidance, the terrifying spiritual power slowly gathered and formed a spiritual mountain in the sky. The mountain was at least ten thousand feet high, blocking out the sun and sky and exuding destructive power.


A Spirit attack was not as beautiful and dazzling as Genesis Qi, but it was equally filled with killing intent. The slightest carelessness could cause the Spirit to dissipate.


As they watched the Spirit Mountain form in the sky, everyone's expression changed uncontrollably.


How easy would it be to deal with a full-power attack from the Fire Pavilion?


"Lu Xiao and Zhu Lian are too crazy," Mu Liu commented.


How could they not say that even the Fire Pavilion would not be strong enough to display the Spirit power of that level? The Fire Pavilion had to be using some other method that would surely have repercussions.


Evidently, to win, the Fire Pavilion was doing whatever it took.


Mu Qingyan also bit her red lips and smiled wryly. She didn't know what to say.


If Wind Pavilion lost with such a crazy method, then it wouldn't be Zhou Yuan's fault.


"Zhou Yuan, I want to see how you would block the attack this time!" Zhu Lian thundered, his face contorted with a sinister expression. The Spirit Mountain pressed down and enveloped everything with its shadow, bringing the power of destruction.


Zhou Yuan raised his head. Looking at the Spirit Mountain, he revealed a solemn expression. Even he, who was at the initial transformative stage, felt a little scared by the Spirit power of that level.


He looked down at the lantern that seemed illusory in front of him. It seemed to have a small flame inside it.


Spirit lantern art.


Zhou Yuan smiled. I no longer doubted. With a thought, he guided the torrent of spirit needles floating in the void toward the lantern in front of him.




Incomparably powerful spiritual power poured into the spiritual lantern, causing it to shake violently as if it were about to explode.


The influence of the Spirit's power was too strong.


And the Spirit Lantern was only transformed by Zhou Yuan's Spirit.


The sensation was like pouring many tons of lake water into a bucket.


Zhou Yuan frantically activated his spirit power to stabilize the spirit lantern and prevent it from breaking. Her mind trembled violently, as if thousands of needles were piercing her and causing unimaginable pain.


Zhou Yuan gritted his teeth, enduring the excruciating pain.




As Zhou Yuan suffered the torment, the torrent of spirit needles completely entered the spirit lantern.


Everything was silent.


Zhou Yuan's Transformation Spirit stage also became much more illusory, a sign of depleting his Spirit too much. He raised his head and, with blazing eyes, watched as the tremendous spiritual mountain collapsed.


Most likely, he would not be able to surpass the power of his current Spiritual Lantern Art for a long time.


This time it was not just his powers, but those of thousands of people from the Wind Pavilion!




Cracks appeared around the lantern, then it shattered.


A monstrous flame shot out, shocking everyone. It was a little transparent, but when everyone's spirits saw the flame, they felt strangely afraid.


Spiritual flame?!


Countless shocked voices rang out.


It wasn't that they had never seen Spiritual Flame before… but it was the first time they had seen a Spiritual Flame of such a scale!


The Spiritual Flame roared like a giant Fire Dragon!


Even Zhou Yuan and Zhu Lian, who were at the early Transformation stage, were unable to produce Spiritual Flame of this level because their spiritual power was lacking!


But at this moment it really appeared before them...


A chill ran down Zhu Lian's spine. He muttered, “How is this possible? How can he convert other people's spiritual power into Spiritual Flame?!"


It should be said that only Transformative stage Spirits could form Spiritual Flames. Otherwise, no matter how strong one's Spirit power is, it would be unattainable. For example, even if the spiritual power accumulated on the side of the Fire Pavilion was tremendous, it was impossible for Zhu Lian to create a wisp of Spiritual Flame.


But Zhou Yuan was able to do it.


Furthermore, the level of Spiritual Flame was far beyond Zhu Lian's imagination.


Therefore, I was in a state of shock and disbelief.


The Fire Dragon formed from Spiritual Flame roared and collided with the collapsing spirit mountain.


Whether inside or outside the Heavenly Flame Cauldron, everyone's eyes were watching intently.


The Fire Dragon transformed into a sea of raging flames, engulfing the Spirit Mountain without an earth-shaking boom. Under the scorching heat of the Spiritual Flame, the Spiritual Mountain began to melt at an incredible speed.


Spiritual Flame naturally had great destructive power to the Spirit.


In just a dozen breaths, the spirit mountain completely melted.


Only the sound of burning flames could be heard; everyone was completely silent.


Zhu Lian's expression was frozen, his smile bitter and full of terror. Even Lu Xiao clenched his hands tightly, his body trembling with anger and shock.


He couldn't believe he still failed after such a well-prepared plan.


Zhou Yuan was clearly in the middle stage of Divine Dwelling, how could it bring him so much trouble?


In the distance, even Mu Liu and Mu Qingyan were dumbfounded. They had never expected such a result.


“That guy…” Mu Liu smacked his lips with an unusually solemn expression. "Why do I feel like I could really beat Lu Xiao and win the position of chief pavilion master?"


Although the Heavenly Flame Ritual focused on the power of each of the four pavilions as a whole, the incredible and incredible things that Zhou Yuan achieved made people not dare to underestimate him.


Mu Qingyan surprisingly did not argue. She pursed her lips and murmured, "Maybe... it's possible."


What they had seen was too shocking.


Zhou Yuan took a deep breath. His eyes were still as cold as a sword as he looked at Lu Xiao. Their eyes met in the sky, and their coldness seemingly caused the temperature of the world to plummet.


"It seems that my Wind Pavilion has won this time," Zhou Yuan's calm voice sounded.


He waved his sleeve, turning the remaining Spiritual Flame into tens of thousands of sparks, enveloping everyone in the Fire Pavilion.


The Spiritual Flame flashed, directly turning the Fire Pavilion Spirits into sparks that then shot into the sky.


Zhu Lian, stunned, let the Spirit flame incinerate his Spirit. It turned into a spark and disappeared.


Lu Xiao didn't resist either, because the outcome of the battle was decided.


The Fire Pavilion had been completely defeated in the Heavenly Flame Ritual.


He just looked at Zhou Yuan, Spiritual Flame reflected in his eyes. In the end, an indifferent voice sounded: "Zhou Yuan, I won't let you go to the main pavilion battle next month."


At the bottom of his eyes was endless anger.


The Spiritual Flame shot out, and Lu Xiao's Spirit turned into a spark and shot into the sky like the others.


The tens of thousands of Fire Pavilion Spirits had dissipated.


In the Heavenly Flame Ritual, the final result of the battle between the Wind Pavilion and the Fire Pavilion exceeded everyone's expectations.


It was completely silent both inside and outside the Heavenly Flame Cauldron.

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