Chapter 870 Zuo Ya

The shock caused by the Heavenly Flame Ritual disappeared after about half a month. After all, in Tianyuan Utopia, the center of the Tianyuan region, many amazing things happened every day that kept everyone's attention completely occupied.


Here, even Heavenly Sun stage experts were not considered too extraordinary. If it weren't for the special status that the four pavilions had in Tianyuan Utopia, the Heavenly Flame Ritual issue would have lasted less than half a month.


Therefore, even Zhou Yuan, the pavilion master who excelled in the Heavenly Flame Ritual, was quickly forgotten and only occasionally mentioned.


But as time passed, the names of Zhou Yuan, Lu Xiao, Han Yuan and Mu Liu had gradually unknowingly gained an interest in the Tianyuan utopia.


This was only due to the upcoming battle between the four pavilion masters.


The hierarchy in Tianyuan Utopia was incredibly strict. Besides the five great and powerful elders, the elders of the elders committee were the most respected. And even the five great elders would compete for a position on the elder committee.


In the absence of Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan, there was no one in the entire Tianyuan Region who had the final say on important decisions. Instead, those important decisions had to be voted through the elders committee, which clearly showed the importance of the elders committee in the Tianyuan region.


But to occupy an elder position in the Tianyuan region, the first condition was to reach the Nascent Source stage, and they also had to go through various tests. It cannot be said that the difficulty of this is low.


But there was one exception to this: the position of head pavilion master.


This position was extremely unique because the four pavilions represented the new blood of the Tianyuan Region in the future, so the main pavilion master was the only one who was not required to meet the condition of possessing the strength of the stage of the Rising Source. Still, the position was equivalent to an elder of the committee of elders, and the holder had the right to vote on important decisions.


Therefore, once one ascended to this position, one could say that he reached heaven in a single leap and was a well-deserved superior.


Therefore, the pavilion masters of the four pavilions, including Lu Xiao, would not attract much attention in the Tianyuan region. But if any of them were to ascend to the position of head pavilion master, even Heavenly Sun stage experts would not dare to be disrespectful to him, and would even be on the same level as some Nascent Source stage experts.


This was the status that the pavilion chief of the four pavilions had.


The four pavilion masters also aroused interest because the entire Tianyuan Utopia was vigorously discussing the main pavilion master's upcoming battle. The attention was far from what Zhou Yuan had experienced before, and even the Heavenly Flame Ritual had no such impact.


Tianyuan Utopia, in a large mansion on an island.


Bored, Yi Qiushui looked down from the upper levels of a building at the boys and girls who were laughing and chatting. They gave off an aura of liveliness and youth.


It was a meeting.


Yi Qiushui's grandfather, Yi Yan, was one of the elders and powerful ones who often had to attend many events, while Yi Qiushui usually spent most of his time in the Wind Pavilion. But since the Heavenly Flame Ritual, the four pavilions had been unexpectedly peaceful and Zhou Yuan had been in closed-door cultivation for many days, so he naturally returned home to accompany Yi Yan.


Of course, the most important thing was that his little sister Yi Dong'er had been taken to the Tianyuan utopia a few days ago. Worried that he would be bored, she agreed to let Yi Yan attend the day's banquet.


The boys and girls below were naturally not ordinary people. They, like her, possessed extraordinary backgrounds, but most of them were too young and had not reached the Divine Dwelling stage, so they were unable to join the four pavilions.


Of course, they were obviously very much looking forward to joining the four pavilions, so Yi Qiushui's presence naturally attracted a lot of attention, and in order to avoid being disturbed, she had to hide on the upper floor of the building.


"I wonder how Zhou Yuan is?" Yi Qiushui looked in the direction of Wind Island, a worried frown on his handsome face.


He knew that the pavilion master's upcoming battle brought great pressure to Zhou Yuan, and his closed-door cultivation was his hope of breaking through to deal with Lu Xiao.


Ye Qiushui couldn't help much in a battle of that level, and could only take care of the Wind Pavilion's many affairs for him so that he didn't have to worry and could focus on his advancement.


Yi Qiushui sighed softly in his heart, then suddenly noticed a commotion in the courtyard below. There seemed to be an argument, which he didn't care about until he heard a familiar voice. It was Dong'er.


Yi Qiushui's thin eyebrows furrowed into a frown, and her delicate body moved. Genesis Qi flashed as he appeared amidst many people.


At this moment, there were several young girls arguing. There were three on one side and one on the other. It was Yi Dong'er.


Yi Dong'er's face flushed with anger as she looked at the three bossy girls.


"Dong'er, what's wrong?" Yi Qiushui asked as he swept his gaze over the three girls. He recognized that they were all daughters of famous families in the Tianyuan utopia.


Yi Dong'er pouted. "They insulted Senior Brother Zhou Yuan and said he cheated."


Yi Qiushui realized that the families behind the three girls belonged to the Heavenly Spirit Sect. The sister of one of them was also the vice-master of the Fire Pavilion. Recently, the Wind Pavilion had repeatedly beaten the Fire Pavilion under the leadership of Zhou Yuan and made the Fire Pavilion lose face.


As people who were inextricably linked to the Heavenly Spirit Sect, they naturally did not have high opinions of Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan had saved Yi Dong'er's life before, so he had always liked and respected her. When he heard the insults directed at Zhou Yuan, he naturally had to retort.


Yi Qiushui coldly looked at the three pretty young girls. The three girls possessed the strength of the Alpha Origin stage, but they immediately felt a pressure that weakened their domineering attitude as he looked at them coldly.


Yi Qiushui, however, had a gentle nature and did not bother arguing. He stretched out his hand to support Yi Dong'er and turned to leave.


But just as he turned around, a mocking laugh sounded.


“Yi Qiushui, little children are simply telling the truth. Is it necessary to be so serious?"


Yi Qiushui stopped his steps and turned his head to see a tall, slender silhouette walking out of the crowd. He approached the three girls and looked at her provocatively.


"Zuo Ya?"


Yi Qiushui's pretty face was frozen. Of course he knew the tall girl in front of him: she was the vice-master of the fire pavilion.


Yi Qiushui looked at the three girls in front of Zuo Ya, knowing that Zuo Ya had most likely led the fight.


The confrontation between Yi Qiushui and Zuo Ya suddenly became the most eye-catching in the yard. Many boys and girls gathered around, looking at the two women with curiosity. After all, both Yi Qiushui and Zuo Ya were high-ranking members of the four pavilions.


Seeing more and more people gathered around, the corners of Zuo Ya's red lips curled upwards slightly. It is very likely that these little boys and girls will set foot in the Divine Dwelling stage in perhaps a year or so. Most of them have significant backgrounds and extraordinary talents, so it is worth making an effort to get them to join the side of the Fire Pavilion.


It was precisely because of this thought that shaped the current situation. He wanted to take advantage of the incident to attack Zhou Yuan and the Wind Pavilion, to create a bad impression of the Wind Pavilion in the hearts of the gathered seedlings.


With these thoughts in his mind, the smile on Zuo Ya's lips became more and more thoughtful. He looked Yi Qiushui square in the eyes, and his indifferent voice echoed in the courtyard.


“Aren't they okay? “Your pavilion master only luckily won against our Fire Pavilion using some underhanded methods.”

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