Chapter 878 Second round

Around the mountain, countless surprised exclamations continued to sound.


Obviously, it was an extremely rare sight to see two people, Zhou Yuan and Lu Xiao, reach the top simultaneously. The countless exclamations were largely directed at Zhou Yuan.


After all, the outside world had clearly witnessed Zhou Yuan's imposing manner when he caught up with Lu Xiao.


Seeing the competition, even the experts of the Heavenly Sun stage, and those of the Nascent Source stage, were a little surprised by Zhou Yuan's performance on the cloud ladder. After all, his opponent was the well-known Lu Xiao.


Although the Wind Pavilion had previously shown signs of rise due to Zhou Yuan's leadership, in terms of fame and strength, Zhou Yuan was still inferior to Lu Xiao. Therefore, almost everyone thought that the pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion would lose in the battle of the main pavilion master. But unexpectedly, the dark horse was still as fierce as before and refused to give in even in front of Lu Xiao.


After this, countless people thought a lot more about Zhou Yuan.


Based on the performance on the cloud ladder, the pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion had the ability to compete against Lu Xiao for the position of chief pavilion master.


On the Wind Pavilion side, everyone was cheering excitedly. Even Yi Qiushui and Ye Bingling revealed surprised looks on their faces. They were evidently delighted that Zhou Yuan had managed to catch up with Lu Xiao and reach the peak at the same time.


The depressive atmosphere of the Wind Pavilion had become fiery at this moment.


On the other hand, many people on the Fire Pavilion side looked at each other in dismay and remained silent for a long time.


Zhu Lian and Zuo Ya didn't look very good either. It was only after a long time that Zuo Ya grumbled, “This is just the beginning. When Zhou Yuan really faces Senior Brother Lu Xiao on the battlefield, he will know why he shouldn't be provoked!"




Standing on the top of the mountain covered in clouds and mist, Zhou Yuan took a deep breath. The powerful Genesis Qi within his body gradually decreased. During his eruption of strength, he had also activated his Genesis Qi to its peak.


But in the end, he did not surpass Lu Xiao and instead rose to the top at the same time as him.


Zhou Yuan felt a little regretful about this result, but he was not disappointed. He had been able to test Lu Xiao's background and found that without relying on any foreign objects, his Genesis Qi base was around 23 million.


This was more than his 20 million foundation, but fortunately, Zhou Yuan possessed the world-dominating Snake Qi and was able to regain some face by reaching the summit at the same time as Lu Xiao.


Therefore, without the use of any external means, the two sides were evenly matched.


Of course, this comparison was unrealistic. When the difference between each other's base was not particularly large, the outcome of the battle would depend on what other means they had.


But at least, when Zhou Yuan faced Lu Xiao again, he would no longer be as afraid as when he met him a few months ago.


That was his progress.


And this speed of progress would make any enemy of his a little fearful.


As these thoughts churned in Zhou Yuan's mind, time passed quickly and the Genesis Qi of the universe suddenly began to pulse. The main pavilion master token on the top of the mountain hummed, and the clouds around the top became denser.


Seeing this change, Zhou Yuan knew that Mu Liu and Han Yuan had also reached the top of the mountain.


The first round of the main pavilion master's battle had come to an end.


The fog in front of him thickened and finally swallowed his figure, but he did not panic. He could feel the surrounding space beginning to undulate, so he did not dare to move carelessly.


After waiting silently for a while, he felt the fog lift away.


"This is the battlefield?"


Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed. Since the venue has changed to such a place, the next round should be the climax of the pavilion master's main battle.


Chi Jing's clear voice sounded from the void.


“The second round of the main battle of the pavilion master, the battle of the four pavilions!”


"Because Fire Pavilion Master Lu Xiao and Wind Pavilion Master Zhou Yuan reached the top at the same time, the two will be separated in the first round and will be randomly assigned another opponent."


On the Fire Pavilion side, Zuo Ya pursed his lips. “That boy is lucky. “If he faced Senior Brother Lu Xiao in the first round, he would be dispatched immediately and the people of the Wind Pavilion would no longer be able to act arrogantly.”


While standing on the white jade square, Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed. Did he avoid Lu Xiao in the first round? If another opponent was randomly assigned, it should be Mu Liu or Han Yuan, right?


I hope it's not Mu Liu. After all, we are considered friends. It would be better if it was Han Yuan. This guy is always following Lu Xiao and creating trouble for the Wind Pavilion. It's like a poisonous snake hiding in the dark.


Furthermore, that guy has also abused Senior Sister Chi Jing's trust in the past. Although it cannot be considered a betrayal because he was only a small Divine Dwelling expert back then and did not really have the qualification to be truly valued by Senior Sister Chi Jing.


Since Chi Jing had not mentioned much about this matter, it was clear that he did not attach much importance to Han Yuan. But even if Chi Jing didn't care, Zhou Yuan wanted to help his older sister get revenge if he had the chance.


As Zhou Yuan thought about this, at the other end of the square, the fog stirred violently and subtle footsteps could be heard as a figure slowly walked forward.


He was dressed in a black robe with powerful black Genesis Qi rising from his body, and he gave off a chilling aura.


Who else would it be besides Han Yuan?


Han Yuan walked out of the mist, and seeing Zhou Yuan on the other side, the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.


Zhou Yuan also revealed a wide smile. He stole a glance at the void above. In fact, he was facing Han Yuan as he wished. He wondered if the arrangement was truly random or if his older sister had manipulated the outcome.


But it was useless to think about it. Since he was going to face Han Yuan, he should fight without distractions.


And presumably Mu Liu must have met Lu Xiao now, right? I hope it can last. Although he knew that Mu Liu was not weak, it was unlikely that he could defeat Lu Xiao.


Metalic sound!


A melodious bell suddenly rang throughout the world.


Chi Jing's voice rang directly again, "The second round of the pavilion master's main battle."


“Zhou Yuan, the pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion, will face Han Yuan, the pavilion master of the Mountain Pavilion!”


"Lu Xiao, the pavilion master of the Fire Pavilion, will face Mu Liu, the pavilion master of the Forest Pavilion!"


The atmosphere in the outside world began to vibrate again. Countless people looked and stared at the two squares that were formed on the towering mountain. Everyone understood that only the two people who emerged victorious would have the eligibility to compete for the main pavilion master token!


The real spectacle of the main pavilion master's battle was finally going to begin.

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