Chapter 881 Black Sky Demon

"Black Sky Demon."


Staring at the black shadow behind Han Yuan and the throbbing murderous spirit it exuded, even Zhou Yuan felt a chill run down his spine.


The Sword Orb floated in front of Zhou Yuan, filling the area with powerful sword light before turning into an incomparably sharp sword shadow.




The sword shadow shot out like lightning, aiming directly at Han Yuan.


Han Yuan stood motionless in the void until the sword shadow was no more than a foot away from his face. He slashed through the air with the black sickle, striking the sword shadow. The beam of sword light shattered, and the Sword Orb trembled before shooting out.




The black sky demon disappeared.


Zhou Yuan stepped aside when he heard a loud whistling of wind in his ear. Then he saw the silhouette of the sickle cut close to his body and tear the void.


Unsuccessfully, the blade changed its attack once again. Wrapped in a strong murderous spirit, he moved in a complicated trajectory and swung towards Zhou Yuan's neck.


Zhou Yuan wrinkled his eyebrows. The Black Sky Demon's speed was astonishingly fast. He didn't know what it was, but seeing the sickle blade cut through the air in his direction, he didn't panic in the slightest. Instead, he clenched his hand and snow-white hair spread out, covering his fist like a glove.


Metalic sound!


A punch flew out and collided with the sickle.


The void rippled, and during that moment of collision, Zhou Yuan could feel a powerful killing intent emanating from the blade, wanting to rush into his body and wreak havoc.




But before the tyrannical power and killing intent could spread, the Heavenly Serpent Qi within Zhou Yuan's body shot out, quickly eliminating them.


But this exchange made Zhou Yuan understand that the Black Sky Demon possessed almost all of Han Yuan's powers, as well as innate tyrannical strength and killing intent. In terms of combat strength, he had even surpassed Han Yuan himself.


But after Han Yuan summoned the Black Sky Demon, his Genesis Qi was in deficit and he was unable to participate in the battle. Otherwise, Zhou Yuan would have been trapped in the situation of having to fight two.




The Black Sky Demon's figure moved like a ghost. The sickle blade in his hand turned into countless blade shadows and flooded towards Zhou Yuan like the tide.


Metalic sound!


Within a few seconds, Zhou Yuan and the Black Sky Demon fought for dozens of rounds. Each time, he was pushed back half a step. The Black Sky demon's combat strength was so incredibly fierce and tough that even he was at a disadvantage.


It was no wonder that Han Yuan saw this as his killer move.


But although the situation seemed disadvantageous to Zhou Yuan, his expression remained emotionless. Despite its fierce combat strength, it was impossible for the Black Sky Demon to possess the same battle awareness and understanding of the changing situation as humans do.


Metalic sound!


Another collision, but this time, Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed and he did not retreat an inch. Instead, he took a step forward, and his figure strangely approached the Black Sky Demon, appearing in the small blind spot where the sickle blade swung downwards. At the same time, with the clench of his hand, the Sword Orb transformed into a beam of sword light.




Zhou Yuan walked dozens of steps away, the beam of sword light pierced the Black Sky Demon's chest.


Commotion broke out in the outside world. The Black Sky Demon that Han Yuan had worked so hard to bring to light was simply eliminated like that?


However, even if his move was successful, there was no hint of joy on Zhou Yuan's face. Instead, a flash of suspicion appeared in his eyes because he discovered that the Black Sky Demon, which was pierced by his sword, was still as powerful as before. His strength had not weakened in the slightest.


In the air, Han Yuan smiled slightly, "Pavilion Master Zhou Yuan, your sword pill technique is indeed remarkable, but unfortunately it won't have much effect on my Black Sky Demon."


Zhou Yuan frowned and looked closely at the Black Sky Demon. A moment later, his heart shook when he discovered a wisp of Spirit hidden among the tremendous Genesis Qi that pulsed around the Black Sky Demon's body.


“Is the core of the Black Sky Demon a Spirit that controls Genesis Qi?”


Zhou Yuan's eyes widened in shock. It was no wonder that his previous sword strike had little effect: the core of the Black Sky Demon was a certain Spirit or Beast Spirit, and pure Genesis Qi attacks naturally had reduced effects on spirits.


Therefore, as long as the inner spiritual core remained, no matter how Zhou Yuan attacked, he could quickly recover. And if this continued, Zhou Yuan would die of exhaustion.


To destroy the Spirit core, he needed to attack with Spirit power, but it would be difficult to break the outer Genesis Qi defense with Spirit power alone.


This was the Black Sky Demon's troublesome nature.




But just when there were many thoughts swirling in Zhou Yuan's mind, there was a tyrannical aura rolling in like a storm. The tremendous shadow of the Black Sky Demon's body enveloped Zhou Yuan. Wrapped in deadly intent, the black sickle blade pierced through the void and madly slashed at Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan retreated frantically.




The black sky demon's sickle blade tore deep marks into the ground. Their attacks were ferocious.




As the offensive became more and more frantic, the Black Sky Demon raised its head and roared towards the sky, swallowing the Genesis Qi between heaven and earth. His body rose steadily and his offensive became even more terrifying. He continuously launched slashing attacks at Zhou Yuan.


As a result, Zhou Yuan seemed to be at an absolute disadvantage.


In the outside world, on the side of the Fire Pavilion, Zuo Ya couldn't help but laugh, "I thought Zhou Yuan was very capable, but Han Yuan forced him to such a shameful state."


Zhu Lian shook his head. “Pavilion Master Han Yuan hid his strength too well. No one has seen his Black Sky Demon before. Let alone Zhou Yuan, even big brother Lu Xiao would find it complicated and troublesome.”


Zuo Ya pursed his lips. "If Zhou Yuan is really blocked by Han Yuan, it would be very funny."


On the Wind Pavilion side, Yi Qiushui, Ye Bingling and the rest watched the battle on the square with solemn expressions. They couldn't help but marvel at Han Yuan's strength. As expected, none of the four pavilion masters of the four pavilions were ordinary.


But although Zhou Yuan seemed to be at a disadvantage right now, the two women were not too worried because they had confidence in Zhou Yuan.


They did not believe that Han Yuan could stop Zhou Yuan here.




The black sickle swung downwards and a deep crack spread across the plaza as smoke and dust filled the area.


Zhou Yuan quickly retreated.




But the Black Sky Demon was even faster. It appeared directly behind him, its sickle-shaped blade piercing through the void as it slashed towards Zhou Yuan's head.


A fierce glow flashed in Zhou Yuan's eyes, and snow-white hair emerged from his palms before quickly turning jet black.


Metalic sound!


He directly grabbed the blade with his hand, and smashed it against the jet-black hair, producing a screech.


"Hmph!" Han Yuan snorted coldly when he saw Zhou Yuan grab his sword. The sickle was filled with deadly poison, which meant that the longer the contact, the deeper the poisonous Qi would be corroded.


Black mist quickly spread along Zhou Yuan's arm, but his expression was as calm as ever. He waved his sleeve and a ray of dazzling sword light shot out, piercing the Black Sky Demon's body.


"It's no use!" Han Yuan's voice was indifferent. "Zhou Yuan, it seems like you are going to lose this time."


For this attack, Zhou Yuan had forcibly endured the corrosion of poisonous Qi. At this moment, black Qi was visibly flowing between his arms, and once the poisonous Qi spread throughout his body, he would no longer have the strength to fight.


"That's not necessarily the case." Zhou Yuan's voice also sounded.


Han Yuan frowned, but then, as if he suddenly detected something, he turned towards the sword light that pierced the Black Sky Demon's body.


The sword light gradually cracked and shattered, revealing a lantern-like silhouette.


Inside the lantern were burning flames.


That is-


"Spiritual Flame?!" Han Yuan's expression changed dramatically.


Zhou Yuan had hidden the Spiritual Flame within the sword light to deliver it to the Black Sky Demon core and destroy it.


"That wily!" Han Yuan quickly clasped his hands into a hand seal, manipulating the boundless black toxic mist to leave the Black Sky Demon's body and gush out towards the Spiritual Flame.


“But I have known for a long time that your Spirit is in the Transforming stage. But it won't be enough to destroy the core of the Black Sky Demon!"


There was a sinister glint in Han Yuan's eyes. How could he not be prepared knowing that Transformative stage Spirits could refine Spiritual Flame?


The black toxic mist hidden within the Black Sky Demon was enough to counteract the initial Transformation stage Spirit!


Zhou Yuan simply shook his head, seeing the black smog gushing out, and said loudly, “Spirit Lantern Art!”


The moment his voice faded, a raging spiritual flame roared out like a fire python and directly collided with the endless black mist. When the Spiritual Flame rose, it immediately incinerated the poisonous mist.


Han Yuan's pupils shrank and his body became cold. He discovered that Zhou Yuan's Spiritual Flame was incredibly powerful and was far beyond the level of the early Transforming stage.


The Spiritual Flame fire python burst out like lightning and coiled around the Black Sky Demon's body. As the shapeless flame rose, the Spirit core seemed to have vanished like smoke into the air.




The Black Sky Demon emitted a sharp cry, and the black mist around its body surged out frantically. In just a few seconds, it turned into a puddle of black ash.




Witnessing the destruction of the Black Sky Demon, Han Yuan, who was connected to it, spewed out a stream of blood and then retreated frantically.


But just as he took just a few steps back, a sword shadow pressed against his back, forcing him to stop. His sharp sword Qi pierced a hole in his back and blood gushed out from the wound.


The cold Qi penetrated deep into his body.


In the square, Zhou Yuan had neutralized all the poisonous Qi in his arms. He threw his hands out as he calmly looked at Han Yuan in the air.


He was satisfied with his counterattack. He had only used the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb and the Spirit Lantern Art to defeat Han Yuan's ultimate killer move. Therefore, his Genesis Qi consumption was not too much.


In the air, Han Yuan looked a little reluctant and disappointed. He had not expected that the last move he had hidden for so long would be buried before he met Lu Xiao.


The pavilion master of the Wind Pavilion was not simple.


Han Yuan wiped the blood from the corners of his mouth, landed under countless gazes, and then murmured after some difficulty: “Pavilion Master Zhou Yuan is really strong. I lost."


With a wave of his sleeve, Zhou Yuan eliminated the sword shadow behind Han Yuan, and the Sword Orb rushed towards Zhou Yuan. He opened his mouth, swallowed it, and then smiled.


"Thank you, Pavilion Master Han Yuan."


In the battle for the position of head pavilion master, Zhou Yuan had won the first match.

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