Chapter 885 Two Spirit Burial



Nine rays of purple light shot out from the top of the mountain, intertwining with each other, as if forming a huge prison. At that moment, the universe Genesis Qi within the huge prison quickly escaped, and in just a few seconds, the inside of the prison was free of Genesis Qi.


Countless people burst into exclamations when they saw this scene.


"It's the Nine Beast Genesis Sealing Formation!"


“It's a Heavenly Genesis Secret Technique of the Celestial Spirit Sect! It is said that once the formation is completed, it can block the Genesis Qi of the universe. Adding to this, the nine beasts, which are refined from countless beast spirits, possess astonishing combat powers. Once trapped in the formation, one would never replenish their Genesis Qi and would face the endless attack of the nine beasts. Sooner or later, one's Genesis Qi will be depleted!"


“Indeed, Lu Xiao is worthy of being called the leader of the Divine Dwelling stage in the Tianyuan Region. No wonder he previously let Zhou Yuan attack wildly; It's all because he was secretly preparing such a powerful killer move!"


“Zhou Yuan is still too young. Now that he's stuck in the formation, it's not looking good for him!"




On the Wind Pavilion side, Ye Bingling and Yi Qiushui's beautiful faces had changed, and their eyebrows were wrinkled in a worried frown. Naturally, they had heard of the Nine Beast Genesis Sealing Formation before, but they didn't know that Lu Xiao had cultivated this technique. It seemed that Lu Xiao was well prepared for battle.




At the top of the mountain where all eyes were fixed.


As Zhou Yuan watched the purple light prison engulf him, his expression became solemn. In fact, Lu Xiao was much more difficult to deal with than Han Yuan. It barely took him much effort to defeat Han Yuan, but now, in front of Lu Xiao, a bit of carelessness had led him to fall into his trap.


“The Nine Beast Genesis Sealing Formation…” Zhou Yuan’s eyes flickered.




Suddenly, deafening roars of beasts echoed in the sky. Zhou Yuan looked up to see nine giant beast figures in all directions, their eyes fixed on him. Powerful Genesis Qi pulsed around their bodies.




They roared through the air, their sharp claws glowing with icy light as they tore through the void and enveloped Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan clasped his hands in a sword seal, manipulating the Sword Orb to split into nine sword shadows for each deal with one of the nine charging beasts.


Metalic sound!


The clash caused Genesis Qi to erupt and the void to tremble.


From the first exchange of attacks, Zhou Yuan already sensed that the nine beasts' strengths were all at the advanced Divine Dwelling stage. Although their combat strength was not particularly abnormal, the problem was that all nine beasts had the same health, which meant that it was useless to kill one or two as they would recover in an instant.


Only when nine beasts were killed simultaneously would they all disappear completely.


But Genesis Qi was locked in the prison, and the longer the battle dragged on, the more Genesis Qi would consume Zhou Yuan. In the long run, even for someone with his Genesis Qi foundation, they wouldn't last long, not to mention that in addition to the nine beasts, there was also Lu Xiao staring at him like a tiger staring at its prey all this time.


Zhou Yuan wrinkled his brow. If he could not break through the formation, the situation would be incredibly unfavorable for him.


His eyes flashed and he backed away frantically.


In the void above, Lu Xiao watched the scene indifferently, and with a flick of his finger, the nine beasts charged and directly attacked Zhou Yuan.


Evidently, he planned to use the nine beasts to exhaust Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi first.


But Zhou Yuan didn't seem to want to waste his Genesis Qi on the nine beasts. Facing the pursuit of the nine beasts, he decided to retreat repeatedly. But under Lu Xiao's control, the nine beasts continued to attack fiercely and reduce the area that Zhou Yuan could retreat to.


As a result, the situation on the battlefield gradually changed towards Lu Xiao's side, and Zhou Yuan, under the siege of the nine beasts, looked somewhat miserable.


In the outside world, many members of the Fire Pavilion burst into cheers, while the Wind Pavilion side was particularly calm and tense.


“Senior brother Lu Xiao is preventing Zhou Yuan from escaping. Once Zhou Yuan no longer has a way out, it will be Senior Brother Lu Xiao's time to attack and defeat Zhou Yuan." Zhu Lian's eyes were burning. Although his Genesis Qi cultivation was said to be poor, he had a extraordinary vision and could see through Lu Xiao's intent with a single glance.


Hearing this, Zuo Ya breathed a sigh of relief and said, “Zhou Yuan is quite capable as he could annoy Senior Brother Lu Xiao a lot.”


"Unfortunately, today is destined to be Lu Xiao's stepping stone."




Metalic sound!


The sword shadow hummed and Genesis Qi filled the area.


The nine beasts rushed through the void, frantically attacking Zhou Yuan and forcing him to retreat again and again. At the same time, Zhou Yuan's retreat area within the prison became smaller and smaller...


It was also at this time that Lu Xiao, standing outside the prison, disappeared.




The nine beasts roared, striking at Zhou Yuan, who no longer had any room to escape.


As the nine beasts accelerated from all directions, their figures were reflected in Zhou Yuan's eyes. At this very moment, Zhou Yuan could sense intense danger. This danger did not come from the nine beats, but from Lu Xiao, who had disappeared and was hiding in the darkness like a poisonous snake, waiting for the opportunity to launch a fatal attack.


"Is the time..."


Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed, and with the squeeze of his hand, the Sword Orb emerged in his palm, and he quickly drew his sword.


As the sword slashed, the wind whistled loudly, but no one saw that the sixth ancient Genesis Rune on the Heavenly Yuan Brush within Zhou Yuan's body was shining brightly.


"Spiritual burial!"




A huge arc of light spread out, enveloped in a majestic force, mercilessly slashing at the nine approaching beasts.




The nine beasts let out a tragic cry before they all exploded at the same time.


At the same time as the nine beasts were annihilated, the nine beasts prison was destroyed. The Genesis Qi between heaven and earth rolled in again.


Having destroyed the nine beasts and broken the Nine Beast Genesis Sealing Formation, Zhou Yuan did not relax; instead, his eyes became colder. He clenched his hand and beast spirit crystals from two grade 6 Genesis beasts emerged in his palm. The snow-white hair burst out, enveloping the crystal before swallowing the beast spirits.


Within his body, the sixth Genesis Rune, Spirit Devouring, of the Heavenly Yuan Brush shone again. The brightness was much greater than on any of the previous occasions!


After all, he had absorbed the beast spirit crystals of two Grade 6 Genesis beasts, which was equivalent to the spirit of two Heavenly Sun Experts!


"Spirit Eater!"


Zhou Yuan's eyes became bloodshot as he once again activated Spirit Devourer. A mad beast roar echoed in his mind, shaking his spirit and causing the veins on his forehead to swell.


Absorbing two grade 6 beast spirit crystals was also Zhou Yuan's limit. If there were more, the setback would be unbearable even for his Spirit, which was in the initial transformative stage.




"Spiritual burial!"


Zhou Yuan's face twisted and the sword light in his hand fiercely swept into the void.




As the sword swung downwards, a majestic torrent roared and the intensity of the attack directly shattered the void. Countless space debris rotated in the air and were engulfed by the torrent, strengthening its power to a terrifying level.


This was the most terrifying offensive Zhou Yuan had launched since the main pavilion master battle began!


In the void where the torrent raged, a figure appeared. It was Lu Xiao. At this moment, when he saw the power of the torrent, his expression changed. He didn't know if Zhou Yuan had been pretending to retreat previously!


Lu Xiao was trying to find Zhou Yuan's flaws to launch a fatal blow, but it seemed that Zhou Yuan had deliberately shown flaws to lure him closer and launch a deadly attack!


The power contained in the surging torrent made even Lu Xiao's scalp go numb.


This was obviously the killer move that Zhou Yuan had kept hidden for a long time!




But at this moment, it was too late to regret his actions. Lu Xiao could only madly activate his Genesis Qi as he roared, “Unmoving Purple Light King Barrier!”


When the purple light barrier appeared around Lu Xiao's body, the powerful torrent was already pouring down the mountain.




The void shattered and a series of spatial cracks appeared. Lu Xiao's body was directly destroyed, leaving a mark of thousands of meters on the top of the mountain. The huge rocks shattered, and beneath the smoke and dust, it was unknown whether he survived or not.


The monstrous commotion in the outside world suddenly stopped.


Countless people were dumbfounded.

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