Chapter 890 Pavilion Master Chief

"Congratulations, Chief Pavilion Master!"


"Congratulations, Chief Pavilion Master!"




The shouted congratulations and applause echoed in the sky and spread to a great distance as if they could be heard throughout the entire Tianyuan utopia.


Without a doubt, such a battle was great.


Countless eyes widened in admiration as they looked at the young figure on the mountaintop. That day's pavilion master's main battle opened their eyes, and made them realize what kind of people the exceptional heavenly prides ranked on the Divine Dwelling List were.


The previous fierce combat was enough to make most of the advanced Divine Dwelling experts feel inferior and dejected.


On the mountainside, both Mu Liu and Han Yuan looked at the ruined mountain peak with complex expressions. The outcome of the battle was equally unexpected for them. Even though Mu Liu had a strong intuition, when this result appeared in front of them, he still found it hard to believe.


After all, Zhou Yuan's opponent was Lu Xiao, the most outstanding Divine Dwelling stage talent in the Tianyuan region. He also had a notable reputation throughout Hunyuan Heaven.


That day, however, this proud heavenly pride was defeated.


And he was replaced by someone who was still a nobody a few months ago.


Whether it was Mu Liu or Han Yuan, when they met Zhou Yuan, they had never thought that the young man who had suddenly appeared would surpass Lu Xiao and become the leader of the young generation of the Tianyuan region.


"Lu Xiao's era is over." Mu Liu sighed.


Mu Liu was also quite a proud person. All these years, he had clashed with Lu Xiao repeatedly and naturally considered him his greatest opponent. However, he was inferior to him in every confrontation and was therefore clear about Lu Xiao's strength.


But now, even Lu Xiao was defeated in Zhou Yuan's hand.


Furthermore, it was a defeat after Lu Xiao had done his best… this was enough to shut anyone's mouth.


Zhou Yuan's victory was very impressive.


Therefore, Mu Liu knew very well in his heart that, from that day on, Lu Xiao's era had passed and Zhou Yuan's was beginning; In the future it would be Zhou Yuan ruling the young generation of the Tianyuan region.




At a place near the foot of the mountain where the people of the four pavilions were standing.


While the world reverberated with applause and congratulations, this place had fallen into a strange silence.


On the Fire Pavilion side, everyone was in a trance. Lu Xiao's defeat had caused such a huge shock that they still couldn't believe the result in front of them, it was a nightmare.


After all, the Fire Pavilion was the leader of the four pavilions all these years, which had caused the arrogance of the Fire Pavilion members. But now, the Fire Pavilion pillar was completely defeated in front of them.


His pride, his pillar, had collapsed.


Countless members of the Fire Pavilion did not know whether to laugh or cry. Their expressions were extremely strange.


Zhu Lian turned pale upon seeing Lu Xiao's defeat. He knew that the good days of the Fire Pavilion had come to an end. It was not that he had never thought that the Fire Pavilion would fall, but that he did not expect that everything would end up in Zhou Yuan's hands.


A few months ago, they had ridiculed the Wind Pavilion for constantly provoking the Fire Pavilion under the leadership of their new pavilion master. But at that moment, they had never thought that the clown in their eyes would be the one to shatter their arrogance.


Zhu Lian turned his head and looked at a person next to him. It was the vice-master of the fire pavilion, Wang Chen.


When Zhou Yuan first arrived at the Wind Pavilion, Wang Chen was the first person to take care of him.


When Wang Chen felt Zhu Lian's gaze, the corners of Wang Chen's mouth twitched slightly. He understood Zhu Lian's meaning from his expression, but what could he say? He wasn't the only blind one: everyone in the Fire Pavilion, including Lu Xiao, ignored Zhou Yuan as an even opponent.


And in the end, they paid a high price for it.




A strange noise sounded from the other side. Zhu Lian tilted his head to see Zuo Ya slowly collapse to the ground, his face deathly pale and his eyes lifeless.


"How is it possible?!"






She continued mumbling. She had never thought about this result.


He was still thinking about how he should mock Yi Qiushui when Zhou Yuan lost, but now, this whole fantasy had come to an abrupt end. Therefore, he suddenly collapsed when he remembered the price he had to pay.


Not to mention the huge bet of 10,000 Origin Coins he had made, his actions alone would probably become a joke within his social circle.


No one paid attention to Zuo Ya because the Fire Pavilion's morale had fallen to a terrifying level, and its depressed atmosphere made everyone feel extremely dejected.


Compared to the oppressive silence on the Fire Pavilion side, the silence on the Wind Pavilion side seemed much happier.


Many members of the Wind Pavilion exchanged glances with each other; his eyes seemed to be silently communicating.


"Did our pavilion master win?"


"That seems to be the case since Lu Xiao's Genesis Qi has disappeared."


"Are you congratulating our pavilion master on becoming the main pavilion master?"


"It should be?"


"Then, what are we going to do?"


"Don't know…"




Everyone, including Yi Qiushui and Ye Bingling, didn't know what to do because they weren't really prepared, so they just remained silent in the end.


However, the corners of Yi Qiushui and Ye Bingling's lips curled upwards slightly, revealing the joy and excitement in their hearts.


The people from the Mountain Pavilion and the Forest Pavilion were a little better in comparison. The result of the match impacted them much less than the Fire Pavilion and the Wind Pavilion. Complex expressions crossed their faces, but in the end they gradually accepted the result and understood that the future of the Wind Pavilion would no longer be the same.


It would be unwise for him to maintain his previous arrogance.


They had to change their mentality.


After all, the Wind Pavilion would be the overlord of the four pavilions in the future.




In the void, the five figures exuding great and powerful power were also silently observing the scene.


There was not a hint of joy or sadness on Sect Master Xuan Kun's face. His eyes sank, but the movement of his eyebrows revealed his inner anger. It was just that his identity and status meant that he couldn't release his anger.


The other two great elders, Bai Ye and Bian Chang, stared blankly at Sect Master Xuan Kun without saying anything. After all, someone had defeated Lu Xiao quite a bit, and they couldn't deny the outcome of the battle for any reason. Therefore, Sect Master Xuan Kun could only blame himself for his failed plan.


This was the rule. Even if they were great elders, they had to obey the rules.


The elder of the Mu Ni clan looked at the young figure on the top of the mountain, a flash of surprise in her beautiful eyes. He had not expected that Chi Jing would find such a talented young Heavenly Pride.


It seems that this little girl has good eyes.


The four great elders remained silent, while Chi Jing smiled lightly, her burgundy hair floating in the air. Looking at Zhou Yuan's figure, a look of joy and satisfaction flashed across the depths of his eyes. The next moment, his clear voice echoed throughout the world.


“The outcome of the pavilion master’s main battle is out.”


“As of today, the main pavilion master of the four pavilions is…”


"The Zhou Yuan of the Wind Pavilion!"

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