Chapter 891 Four pavilions stunned into submission

The entire place seemed to ripple when Chi Jing's voice rang out. His words rang in the ears of all the people in Tianyuan Utopia. The individuals in various places in Tianyuan Utopia raised their heads in unison, looking towards the same direction with amazement and surprise in their eyes.


The name of the new head pavilion master was a bit unfamiliar to them.


Evidently, the one who everyone had believed to be the Tianyuan Region's strongest Divine Dwelling stage pride of heaven had already lost to the dark horse named Zhou Yuan.


This result caused deep sighs from countless people and made them curious about Zhou Yuan. When Zhou Yuan became the top pavilion master, a position accompanied by great power and influence, he would be ranked among the upper echelons of the Tianyuan region.


On the top of the mountain, Zhou Yuan respectfully cupped his fists towards the five figures in the sky.


From the moment Chi Jing made the declaration, the position of chief pavilion master had become his, and no one could take it away.


In the sky, Sect Master Xuan Kun expressionlessly waved his hand. A torrent of Genesis Qi swept and lifted Lu Xiao from the rubble before throwing him towards the Fire Pavilion. Zhu Lian and the others hurriedly grabbed his body, their faces full of terror, not daring to say anything.


They could feel Sect Master Xuan Kun's anger from their actions.


Numerous Fire Pavilion Heavenly Spirit Sect disciples sighed bitterly inwardly. It seemed like none of them could escape being reprimanded in the future. Given Sect Master Xuan Kun's temperament, he might even reduce his future cultivation resources as punishment.


Chi Jing paid no attention to Sect Master Xuan Kun's anger. He looked at the remains of the majestic peak and pointed towards it.


A mystical power arose.


Under shocked gazes, the many giant cracks on the peak began to rapidly close. The fallen rocks rose into the air, returning to their original locations. In less than a few dozen breaths, the destroyed mountain recovered its original appearance.


Chi Jing's power also surprised Zhou Yuan. One must know that there was a huge difference in cultivation level between those who wielded the power of destruction and creation.


This was the power of the Law Domain stage experts.


Within the Domain of Law, all things moved according to one's will.


“Zhou Yuan, it was mentioned earlier that whoever becomes the main pavilion master will be rewarded with a small Saint technique. In the future, you can find some time to select one in the Thousand Techniques Hall.”


Countless gazes were instantly filled with envy. That was a small holy technique. Although it was preceded by the word small, it was already in the realm of Saint techniques. A Genesis technique of that level was very attractive even to some Nascent Source stage experts.


Happiness and surprise flooded Zhou Yuan's heart. He had almost forgotten about this reward.


A small Saint Genesis Technique was something Zhou Yuan had never seen before in his many years of cultivation. Although it was said that the seven Cangxuan Arts could be fused into a true Saint Genesis technique after being mastered, Zhou Yuan had learned only four of the seven arts: the Omega Holy Spirit Art, the Mythical Saint Body, the Sword Orb technique. Devil's Sweep and the Spiritual Lantern technique.


Among them , only the Omega Holy Spirit art and the Mythical Saint Body had barely reached the advanced stage, while there was still a lot of room for improvement regarding the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb art and the Spiritual Lantern Art. Furthermore, there were still three of the seven arts that he had yet to touch. Who knew when the Saint Cangxuan technique would finally appear in the world again?


As a true saint technique, its power would undoubtedly surpass a small saint technique. But when it was divided into its seven individual parts, none of its parts could match a small Saint technique.


Therefore, if Zhou Yuan managed to learn this Little Saint Technique, his combat strength would increase greatly.


Although he had defeated Lu Xiao and taken the position of head pavilion master, Zhou Yuan did not relax. Instead, he felt even greater pressure. Their goal was the nine regions tournament, an event in which all of Hunyuan Heaven's top super prides would surely appear.


For example, Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao, and even Su Youwei.


One must know that even though Lu Xiao was strong, he was only ranked ninth on the Hunyuan Heaven Divine Dwelling List. It was even rumored that his rank was partly attributed to his status as a member of the Tianyuan Region, one of the nine regions. From this, one could see how terrifying the top-ranked people on the Divine Dwelling List were.


It had been a bitter fight for Zhou Yuan to defeat Lu Xiao. As such, Zhou Yuan was unsure about facing those ranked above Lu Xiao.


Given the background and talents of the top ranked ones, it is likely that they possess small Saint techniques and other secret arts.


Due to these reasons, Zhou Yuan still had a long way to go if he intended to become the champion of the nine regions tournament. He couldn't allow himself to relax even in the slightest.


In the sky, the figures of three great elders, Xuan Kun, Bai Ye, and Bian Chang, vanished into thin air as the matters of selecting the head pavilion master were concluded. They had no intention of delaying any longer.


The Mu Ni clan leader nodded to Chi Jing before disappearing as well.


It was not appropriate for Chi Jing to talk more with Zhou Yuan in that environment. Therefore, she gave him a nod of encouragement before turning to leave.


As the five great elders left, the pressure enveloping the area instantly disappeared. The atmosphere instantly livened up as countless gazes looked towards Zhou Yuan's figure with curiosity and excitement.


Zhou Yuan jumped down from the peak.


But before he could return to the side of the Wind Pavilion, numerous figures surrounded him.


“Hehe, Chief Pavilion Master Zhou Yuan, I am the head of the Chen clan. The main pavilion master is a promising young man. Will you have time to grace us with your presence in the Chen clan?”


“Pavilion Chief Master Zhou Yuan is very young. Do you have plans to get married?"


“Pavilion Chief Master Zhou Yuan, I am the prefecture lord of Shanling Prefecture…”




The sudden surge of friendly voices caught Zhou Yuan off guard, and he soon found himself surrounded. He felt his head swell at the noise flooding in from his surroundings.


Fortunately, a slender hand reached out and pulled him by the wrist. A soft voice sounded, “Everyone, you can pay a visit to the Wind Pavilion if you have time in the future. Our main pavilion master is not in the best condition after such a tough battle today, so I hope everyone can forgive us for this.”


After Zhou Yuan was pulled out of the crowd, he finally saw that his savior was Yi Qiushui.


The others felt somewhat regretful about this result, but tactfully did not pursue them.


"I didn't expect a pavilion boss to be so welcome." Zhou Yuan sighed. He had never received such treatment during his tenure as the wind pavilion master.


Yi Qiushui chuckled. "How can these two positions be compared?"


The position of chief pavilion master was equivalent in rank to an elder of the elder committee, and carried tremendous weight. Let alone the previous group, even the five great elders could no longer ignore Zhou Yuan. Otherwise, Sect Master Xuan Kun would not have planned to obtain this position for many years.


After all, there were limited seats in the elder circle, and under the Nascent Source Stage, only the main pavilion master could reach such a high-ranking position.


The two returned to the side of the Wind Pavilion as numerous members of the Wind Pavilion rushed to greet them.


"Our pavilion master is formidable!"


"The pavilion master is invincible!"


The members of the Wind Pavilion could no longer hide their excitement and joy as they began to cheer successively. The gazes that looked towards Zhou Yuan were filled with respect and admiration.


On the Fire Pavilion side, several members left dejectedly with the still unconscious Lu Xiao. Zhou Yuan had been promoted to head pavilion master and was now his direct superior. How could they dare to offend him? Even the unreasonable and spoiled Zuo Ya could only leave in a dejected manner.


However, not everyone from the Fire Pavilion left. A portion of the members remained where they were as they looked towards the side of the Wind Pavilion.


Although these individuals were members of the Fire Pavilion, they were not disciples of the Heavenly Spirit Sect. They had joined the Fire Pavilion to receive better cultivation conditions. With the changing tides, the Wind Pavilion would slowly grow stronger, and they naturally did not wish to leave a bad impression of themselves to the pavilion's new head master, Zhou Yuan.


After all, the main pavilion master had great power in the four pavilions and even had the right to remove or promote any deputy pavilion master. In fact, even the four pavilion masters might be forced to resign if a suitable reason were found.


While the Fire Pavilion showed slight signs of fracture internally, Mu Liu led the deputy forest pavilion masters to congratulate Zhou Yuan without any hint of discomfort.


Han Yuan hesitated a little, but finally brought his members along as well. He had no choice but to bow down when he was under someone else's roof.


The Fire Pavilion members who had stayed behind also hesitated for a bit before finally deciding to go.


Ye Bingling and Yi Qiushui looked at each other and smiled, secretly sighing in relief.


They knew that from that moment on there would be a huge change in the four pavilions.


After many years, their four pavilions had finally welcomed a powerful main pavilion master once again!


Yi Qiushui couldn't help but sigh in astonishment as he looked at Zhou Yuan. She had personally witnessed his rise from an unknown youth in the Tianyuan region to the head pavilion master in a single year.


This guy is really amazing.

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