Chapter 898 Hall of Thousand Techniques

"It seems that the situation is under control."


Zhou Yuan couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. He then smiled and received Yi Qiushui's report on the Fire Pavilion and the Mountain Pavilion.


This time it had been a huge operation. It might seem ruthless, but the truth is that he was still quite worried about how it would turn out. If there were too many objections or the matter escalated too much, it would surely cause problems for him. After all, the Heavenly Spirit Sect was currently quite unhappy with him.


Fortunately, the worst result did not occur. With his interference, Lu Xiao could no longer unify the Fire Pavilion, let alone pose a threat to the main pavilion master.


On the side, Yi Qiushui nodded slightly. Soon after, she asked, puzzled: “But this time there was no movement from Lu Xiao. Otherwise, our plan wouldn't have gone so well. Could you have hit him scared of you?”


Zhou Yuan chuckled and said, "Lu Xiao is not a cowardly weakling."


I already had a slight hint. The reason why Lu Xiao did not support or oppose him was probably because he had finally dissipated the nine-headed python bloodline in Lu Xiao's body.


The nine-headed python's bloodline had already fused with Lu Xiao's body and would affect Lu Xiao's mind in the future. In the worst case scenario, Lu Xiao would become a mindless snake demon.


Fortunately, Zhou Yuan's Dragon Resentment Qi was an existence greater than the nine-headed python's bloodline. Therefore, although Lu Xiao had been seriously injured, he had found fortune in the disaster and was saved from the aftermath of the nine-headed python bloodline.


From one point of view, this was a huge debt.


Of course, it was impossible for Lu Xiao to express his gratitude to Zhou Yuan. Therefore, he chose neither to support nor oppose Zhou Yuan's plan.


If it weren't for this, it would have been much more difficult for Zhou Yuan to split the Fire Pavilion. After all, Lu Xiao's years of influence in the Fire Pavilion would not be erased by a single loss.


"Qiushui, I will trouble you to guard the four pavilions." Zhou Yuan stood up as he flashed a fawning smile at Yi Qiushui.


The first thing he did as the main pavilion master was to transfer Yi Qiushui from the Wind Pavilion to his side. After all, a chief pavilion master had much more work than a wind pavilion master. Without Yi Qiushui's help, his head would explode from being overwhelmed.


From his appearance, Yi Qiushui knew that he wanted to slack off again. Therefore, he said sadly: "What are you doing now?"


Zhou Yuan’s face turned bitter as he said, “Was I not allowed to receive a small Saint Technique from the Hall of Thousand Techniques? "I've been too busy for the past few days, but now that there's finally some peace in the four pavilions, I should visit the place quickly."


Since his reason was acceptable, Yi Qiushui could not find any fault with him. He could only snort softly and let go this time.


Zhou Yuan hurriedly fled the room. Genesis Qi surged and his figure rose into the sky, transforming into a beam of light that quickly flew towards the Hall of Thousand Techniques.




The Thousand Techniques Hall was located in the central district of Tianyuan Utopia. It was an important place that ordinary people could not approach.


However, with the show of authority that Chi Jing gave him, Zhou Yuan successfully arrived at the front of the Thousand Techniques Hall, although he had been stopped twice by the guards.


The only structure on the island was a huge hall. An ancient melody seemed to resonate within its walls, and no one could tell how long the hall had been here.


Zhou Yuan landed on the platform and took a look at his surroundings, only for his heart to tremble slightly. He had sensed several extremely terrifying Genesis Rune boundaries embedded in the earth and air around him. Even a Nascent Source stage expert would be trapped if he was caught.


"These limits were set personally by our teacher."


A familiar voice rang. Zhou Yuan raised his head and saw a figure smiling at him. It was Chi Jing.


When he saw Zhou Yuan begin to scan the surroundings again, he waved his hand and said, “I have already extended my domain. No one can hear our conversation."


Zhou Yuan was somewhat surprised and alarmed. He was unaware that he had fallen into Chi Jing's domain. He couldn't help but sigh. The Domain of Law was too powerful. If Chi Jing had the slightest evil intention, he would have vanished from the face of this earth without any resistance.


Smiling, Zhou Yuan dismissed his thoughts. "Senior Sister Chi Jing."


Chi Jing’s long legs moved forward as he smiled and said, “You are quite capable. "I can't believe you have already started to integrate the four pavilions."


Evidently, he had been observing the four pavilions for the past few days. Zhou Yuan was his junior after all, and he did not want to see him knocked down from his position soon after achieving it.


However, Zhou Yuan's methods had surprised her a little: threatening with a large stick in one hand while dangling a carrot from the other. He had quickly mastered the Fire and Mountain Pavilions.


Zhou Yuan smiled modestly.


Chi Jing jokingly said, “Although you have defeated Lu Xiao, I did not expect you to be placed fourteenth on the Divine Dwelling List. Are you angry about that treatment?”


Zhou Yuan casually shook his head. “Rankings don't mean much, and having a lower ranking has its benefits too. "If I meet a strong opponent in the future, they might underestimate me."


"You're surprisingly open-minded." Chi Jing nodded slightly in recognition. Soon after, he sighed softly and said, “But this is not good news for our Tianyuan region. “That girl from the Xuanji region has no tact at all.”


He looked towards Zhou Yuan and continued, “When you meet that girl from the Xuanji Region at the Nine Regions Tournament, teach her a lesson in my name.”


Zhou Yuan was somewhat speechless. He knew that Chi Jing was referring to Jiu Gong, the six ranked cultivator on the Divine Dwelling List. But you are a powerful Law Domain stage expert… why are you fighting with a Divine Dwelling stage practitioner?


"Has the date of the nine regions tournament been set?" Zhou Yuan asked.


“It is already under discussion. There should be a result in two months.” Chi Jing looked at Zhou Yuan and chuckled. “However, you must pray for a little longer. Otherwise, he will not be able to stand out in the tournament given his current strength.”


“You should know Lu Xiao's previous ranking on the Divine Dwelling List. Therefore, defeating him does not mean that you will be able to compete with those great prides of heaven."


He wanted to punish Zhou Yuan.


Zhou Yuan nodded. The recent changes to the Divine Dwelling List allowed him to understand his place. However, he was not afraid. The top ranks had already linked their nine Divine Dwellings and polished them perfectly, while he had only linked seven. Once you are done with the bottom two, you may not be weaker than the top ranked ones.


"Isn't that why I ran for my reward the moment I found the time?" Zhou Yuan smiled.


He already intended to start studying the small Saint technique upon obtaining it, and if time permitted, he would also focus on the mountain spirit rune and the forest spirit rune and concentrate on unlocking the last two Divine Dwellings. .


Once he achieved all of this, he would be more than confident in taking on any rank on the Divine Dwelling List.


Chi Jing nodded. “Our master personally built the Hall of Thousand Techniques a long time ago. These Genesis Rune limits are his work.”


As he spoke, he turned around and started heading towards the grand old hall in the distance.


"Follow me. All these years, clan leader Mu Li has supervised the Hall of Thousand Techniques, and you will have to go through her to select a small Saint technique..."


He tilted his head back to show a playful smile at Zhou Yuan as his voice sounded, “So, you have to make her happy. If she is happy, you will get a good Saint technique. After all, you should know that even small Saint techniques have different ranks.”

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