Chapter 899 Source of Law Domain

When Zhou Yuan followed Chi Jing through the thick ancient doors of the Hall of Thousand Techniques, he felt faint spatial ripples. When he regained his concentration, he found that he was in a wooden study room with a relaxing atmosphere.


Behind the desk, a beautiful woman in a green dress was smiling slightly at them.


No Genesis Qi rippled from his body, but Zhou Yuan could feel an indescribable pressure as if everything was under his control.


This feeling made Zhou Yuan extremely uncomfortable. Law Domain stage experts were too terrifying. Simply standing before them would result in being easily engulfed by their Domain of Law. Within the Domain of Law, he was a mortal, while they were gods.


Within their Domains of Law, even self-destruction would be a nearly impossible feat. The feeling that one's life was not in one's hands was truly unbearable.


The beautiful woman before him was naturally the leader of the Mu Ni clan.


“Great Elder Mu Ni, I brought the new Head Pavilion Master to receive a small Saint Technique.” Chi Jing looked towards the Mu Ni Clan Leader and smiled.


Mu Ni nodded. “The little one is surprisingly patient. Ordinary Divine Dwelling stage practitioners would have come on the same day if they had been granted a small Saint Technique, and yet, he managed to hold out for several days.”


Zhou Yuan smiled uncomfortably. The truth is that he had wanted to come as soon as possible, but he could not free himself due to the troublesome problems in the four pavilions. That's why it had been delayed for several days.


Mu Ni had a gentle expression, showing no signs of the usual arrogance of a great elder. He looked at Zhou Yuan and smiled. "Chi Jing's discernment is not bad this time."


Zhou Yuan could sense a hint of friendship in Mu Ni's voice, probably because he saw him as Chi Jing's subordinate. However, he only responded with an honest smile.


"You haven't come into contact with any small Saint technique before, right?" Mu Ni asked.


Zhou Yuan nodded. A Genesis technique of such rank was something he had never seen before, even in the Cangxuan Sect. Of course, the Cangxuan Sect definitely had some, but he had only reached the Alpha Origin stage back then and did not have the qualifications to access such power.


"Do you know the difference between small Saint techniques or Saint techniques compared to ordinary Genesis techniques?" Mu Ni smiled.


Zhou Yuan understood that the Mu Ni clan leader wanted to teach him and therefore shook his head. "This young man doesn't know."


“The difference is actually very simple. There is only one condition to create a small Saint technique or something of higher rank. It requires at least the power of Law Domain.”


“The reason why the Saint level has unlimited power that can destroy heaven and earth is because Saint Genesis techniques have a core of power that Heavenly Genesis techniques do not have. This power is known as the source of the domain of law."


"Source of law domain?" Zhou Yuan's heart shook slightly. This was the first time someone explained the origin of the Genesis Saint Techniques.


“Yes, the Law Domain Source is the core of the Law Domain, and it is essential for all Law Domain stage experts while they are building their Law Domain.”


"Only when a Genesis technique is created with the Source of Law Domain at its base, will it be able to reach the Saint level."


Zhou Yuan was struck by a flash of understanding. No wonder only Law Domain stage experts can create saint level techniques. It turns out that this source of mastery of law was a necessary ingredient.


“A large amount of Source Law Domain will be consumed when creating a Saint Genesis Technique. Therefore, Law Mastery stage experts will not create one by chance. Furthermore, even if they do, they will not impart it so easily. After all, Source of Law Domain is extremely important for any Law Domain stage expert.”


“Furthermore, if you obtain a small Saint Genesis Technique, you will have to comprehend its Source of Law Domain to learn it. Remember this well, you need to form a Genesis technique mark in your body before the Source of Law Domain is depleted. Once the Genesis technique mark is created, it will be similar to planting a seed. You only need to continuously polish the mark with your Genesis Qi to slowly bring out the power of the small Saint Genesis Technique.”


"What happens if I fail to form a brand before the source of the domain of law is exhausted?"


Mu Ni said calmly, “Then you will have failed. You only have one chance to learn the small Saint techniques in the Thousand Techniques Hall. Failure will mean that your talent and luck will be insufficient; although there is no one to blame for it. After all, even law domain experts will not easily waste their law domain source to assist you in your training."


Zhou Yuan secretly wet his lips. It was no wonder that Saint-level techniques were so strictly controlled in the Cangxuan Sect and Tianyuan Region. It was because of the preciousness of the Source of Law Domain.


“I will send you to the small Saint technique hall, where all of our small Saint techniques of the Tianyuan Region are stored. You can select whatever you want, but the way you do it will depend on your own destiny and luck.” After finishing, Mu Ni gently waved her sleeve.


Before Zhou Yuan could ask anything else, the surrounding space began to warp as it swallowed his figure.


The darkness lasted for several breaths before the light abruptly chased it away.


Zhou Yuan turned his gaze over the area and found that he was in a large hall. It was a simple looking place, and there were no decorations, just pillar after pillar of ancient mottled stone.


When Zhou Yuan looked towards a pillar, countless points of light suddenly converged towards him, culminating in a ball of light that silently floated above the pillar.


Zhou Yuan's heart trembled as he approached one of the pillars. He looked at the glowing ball and found what appeared to be a red bead that glowed faintly. Sparks of flame continuously emerged from the glowing bead, seemingly possessing a life of their own as they slowly merged into a series of ancient letters.


"Nine-star fire refining art."


Evidently, the glowing bead contained a small saint technique known as the Nine Star Fire Refining Art.


These flames seemed small but gave off an extremely terrifying feeling and seemed to be a power that was far beyond his current cultivation. If Zhou Yuan was not mistaken, it was most likely the so-called Source of Law Domain.


"So this is a small Saint technique..."


Zhou Yuan's eyes burned with excitement as his heart filled with desire. Even without coming into proper contact with it, he could already sense that the power of this Little Saint Technique far surpassed the seven Cangxuan arts he currently possessed.


Zhou Yuan licked his lips. He hesitated for a moment in front of the stone column before walking away. Although the Nine Star Fire Refining Art was powerful, he felt nothing towards it. This meant that his affinity was not high and he might not be able to learn it even if he obtained it.


Therefore, he threw away his hesitation and began to slowly walk forward.


There were a total of thirty-nine stone pillars in the hall, in other words, thirty-nine small Saint Genesis Technique.


Zhou Yuan was full of expectations. He was also dying to know what kind of small Saint technique he would obtain in the Hall of a Thousand Techniques.

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