Chapter 902 Exposed

On the tenth day after Zhou Yuan arrived at the Hall of Thousand Techniques, the statue-like figure before the stone pillar suddenly shook and its tightly closed eyes slowly opened.


His eyes were filled with wonder and ecstasy.


After ten days, he had finally imprinted the mark of the Yin Yang Genesis Lightning Rune technique on his Divine Dwelling. Although the process had been difficult, it went smoothly.


With a thought, Zhou Yuan immersed his mind into his Divine Dwelling where he found a black and white flickering lightning mark. The brand was complex and gave off a deep aura. Even after ten days, Zhou Yuan was still unable to fully decipher its essence.


Fortunately, once the mark was formed, he only needed to continuously polish it with his Genesis Qi and spirit to gradually bring out its power.


Of course, fully bringing out the power of Saint techniques was not something that a Divine Dwelling stage expert, or even a Heavenly Sun stage practitioner, could achieve. Only a Nascent Source stage or Law Domain expert could display his true power.


However, even without its full power, a small Saint technique was incomparable to a Heavenly Genesis technique.


Countless Genesis Qi stars shone in Zhou Yuan's Divine Dwelling. Starlight spread out, landing on the black and white lightning mark. The mark welcomed everything, like a black hole that endlessly devoured the boundless Genesis Qi.


Likewise, the Spirit between Zhou Yuan's eyebrows also infused and quickly poured Spirit power into the mark on his Divine Dwelling.


This was unique to the Yin Yang Lightning Rune. Other small Saint techniques only required the nourishment of Genesis Qi, but the Yin Yang Lightning Rune needed both Genesis Qi and spiritual energy.


Genesis Qi was his Yang, while Spirit was his Yin.


This was the understanding that Zhou Yuan had gained over the past ten days. In other words, it was necessary to fuse Genesis Qi and Spirit power to create this brand of Genesis technique. Alone, none could form the brand.


This technique was basically based on the ideas behind the Primordial Chaos Divine Whetstone Visualization Method.


“As expected from something my master created. He is so friendly to his disciples.” Zhou Yuan was deeply moved. He withdrew from his Divine Dwelling with satisfaction and bowed respectfully towards the speckled stone pillar.


The surrounding space began to undulate violently, indicating that he was leaving the hall. He remained calm and did not panic.


Space warps when the environment changes. A split second later, Zhou Yuan once again appeared in the study smelling of sandalwood.


When he appeared, the two figures in the room looked at him.


Zhou Yuan was somewhat taken aback. He could see some helplessness in Chi Jing's gaze, while Grand Elder Mu Ni had a disconcerting smile.


"Zhou Yuan, congratulations on obtaining an excellent Little Saint Technique." Mu Ni showed a wide smile.


Under Mu Ni's strange gaze, Zhou Yuan hurriedly said, "Many thanks to Grand Elder Mu Ni for his guidance."


Mu Ni smiled. “What is there to be grateful for? You should thank that teacher of yours instead.”


Zhou Yuan’s heart trembled, but his face remained unchanged as he replied, “My master? “My master is not in the Tianyuan region.”


"So where is he?" Mu Ni smiled slightly.


Zhou Yuan froze for a moment before forcing a smile. "Why is Grand Elder Mu Ni so worried about an unknown person like my master?"


“If someone like him is unknown, who in Hunyuan Heaven can boast of being famous?” Mu Ni snorted softly.


Zhou Yuan could only look towards Chi Jing. She showed an awkward smile and said, "Aunt Ni knows."


The corners of Zhou Yuan's mouth twitched. Had I been exposed?!


Chi Jing saw Zhou Yuan crumble inside as he helplessly said, “She wasn't sure before, but how can she not be when you obtained the Yin Yang Lightning Rune right before her eyes?”


Zhou Yuan was depressed, realizing that the Yin Yang Lightning Rune was a bait that Grand Elder Mu Ni had laid to discover his identity.


He smiled bitterly inwardly as he looked at the kind lady. After all, none of these Law Domain experts were easy to deal with.


However, although his identity had been exposed, Zhou Yuan did not panic. After all, although Chi Jing's expression was somewhat helpless, there was no worry in his eyes. Clearly, she did not feel that being discovered by Mu Ni would bring her trouble.


"Little guy, can you tell us where that old bastard is now?" Mu Ni elegantly picked up another tea leaf while smiling.


Embarrassed, Zhou Yuan said, "My master is fine, but he cannot return to Hunyuan Heaven due to certain reasons."


Mu Ni pursed her lips. Zhou Yuan could tell that his body had relaxed a little, probably because he finally verified that Cang Yuan was alive.


"I know he's up to something big and we can't interfere." Mu Ni sighed softly. How could he not know that only forces beyond his understanding could cause someone as powerful as Cang Yuan to be unable to return to Hunyuan Heaven? He didn't know what level of power struggle it was, but he understood that he couldn't interfere until he entered the Saint stage.


Zhou Yuan nodded. "Great Elder Mu Ni..."


Mu Ni gently said, "Since you are Cang Yuan's disciple, please call me Aunt Ni as Chi Jing."


Zhou Yuan looked at Chi Jing. Seeing the latter nod, he said, "Aunt Ni."


Meanwhile, he was wondering in his heart, the Mu Ni clan elder seems to have some kind of relationship with Master Cang Yuan…could she be his companion?


"Aunt Ni, my identity must be kept secret, or it will bring unnecessary trouble," Zhou Yuan warned.


Aunt Ni nodded slightly, indicating that she understood.


"Since Aunt Ni realized my identity, do you think Sect Master Xuan Kun and the others have also sensed something?" Zhou Yuan couldn't help but ask. It didn't matter if Aunt Ni knew his identity, but if Sect Master Xuan Kun and the others found out, it would be difficult for him to relax.


Mu Ni laughed softly and said, “It is unlikely that they know. The reason I was suspicious is because I had already studied the Primordial Chaos Divine Whetstone Visualization Method and am quite familiar with it. What’s more, Chi Jing’s inexplicable concern for you made me want to confirm my suspicions.”


"And the result... seems to have exceeded my expectations in a good way." At this point, he couldn't help but laugh.


Zhou Yuan felt his face burn. His previous caution and manners must have seemed very foolish.


Mu Ni glanced at Zhou Yuan before taking out a green stone pendant from his sleeve. Extremely concentrated life energy pulsed from the green stone.


“I can tell that you have cultivated a Genesis technique that requires life energy. This is my specialty. This is a special life stone that I made by hand and contains unlimited life energy. You can use this instead of ancient wood essence in the future.”


"Hmm, here it's a little reunion gift."


Zhou Yuan couldn't help but swallow as he looked at the green stone pendant. The Life Energy Genesis Technique that Aunt Ni referred to should be the Taiyi Green Wood Mark. Although it did not improve his combat power, it gave him an amazing regenerative ability.


Without this technique, Zhou Yuan would not dare to be so fierce in battle.


However, ancient wood essence vital energy was needed to continually replenish the green wood mark of the technique, which made it quite troublesome. With Mu Ni's life stone, he wouldn't have to worry about collecting ancient wood essence for some time.


Therefore, it was impossible for him to refuse!


Zhou Yuan respectfully received the life stone and wore it around his neck. He said seriously: "Aunt Ni, having a close companion like you is really my master's blessing."


Mu Ni covered her mouth, but her eyebrows betrayed her attempt to hide her smile. She was evidently very pleased with Zhou Yuan's sweet words.


At the side, Chi Jing shot a furious look at Zhou Yuan. This guy is too good for flattery.




A beam of light suddenly pierced through the air and plunged into Chi Jing's head.


Chi Jing's eyes narrowed slightly as his eyes flashed dangerously.


"What is it?" Mu Ni asked.


Chi Jing frowned and said, “The circle of elders informed me that the Three Mountain Alliance is up to something. But we don't know what."


Mu Ni's eyebrows wrinkled. “The Three Mountains Alliance has become increasingly bossy over the years. When Cang Yuan was around, they didn't even dare to jump without his permission."


Chi Jing said: “They cannot cause splashes. "I will resolve this as soon as I can."


He stood up and looked towards Zhou Yuan. “Since you obtained the Yin Yang Lightning Rune, use the time you have to study it properly. You can't slack off your cultivation either. Since the discussion regarding the nine regions tournament is already underway, it won't be long before the details are decided.”


“Your opponent in the nine regions tournament are existences that Lu Xiao cannot even compare with. "You can't underestimate them."


Zhou Yuan nodded as his expression turned solemn. It seemed that he needed to devote himself to isolated cultivation soon.


The mountain spirit rune, the forest spirit rune, the polishing of his Divine Dwelling, and the newly obtained Yin Yang Lightning Rune required him to invest his time and energy.

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