Chapter 918 Seek help

What should I do?


Looking at the silver liquid and crystal powder in front of him that refused to integrate, Zhou Yuan felt a headache coming. He did not think that the Spirit of the initial transforming stage would not be strong enough.


But it was not easy to further enhance a stage of the Spirit of Transformation.


Although the Spirit of Transformation stage was simply divided into three levels: initial, intermediate, and advanced, the gap between them was akin to an abyss. A spirit of the intermediate transforming stage was similar to the Heavenly Sun stage, while one of the advanced transforming stage was similar to the Nascent Source stage. It was said that when a Spirit reached the Divine stage, it was equivalent to the Law Domain stage!


The three levels of the Transformative stage were not simply three small levels. The gap between them was similar to that between the Divine Dwelling, Heavenly Sun, and Rising Source stages.


This was the reason why Zhou Yuan had not reached the mid-transformative stage despite training his Spirit non-stop.


According to his own estimate, if he wanted to break through to the middle transformative stage, he would still need a training period. Breaking up suddenly like this was impossible.


Since he couldn't depend on himself, it was time to seek help.


Zhou Yuan took out a jade tablet and crushed it.


It was to communicate with Chi Jing.


In just a few breaths after he crushed the jade tablet, the space stirred within the training room and Chi Jing's long leg took a step forward.


"Please help, Senior Sister Chi Jing!" Zhou Yuan smiled bitterly.


Chi Jing glanced at the flowing silver liquid in front of Zhou Yuan and immediately saw the countless subtle Genesis Runes contained within it. A look of surprise appeared in his eyes and he couldn't help but ask, “Is this some kind of puppet? It's so intricate. Is it a product of the Yaogui region?"


The Yaogui region was one of the nine regions of Hunyuan Heaven, and its puppet refining technique was unique in the world.


“But the puppet doesn't seem complete. Are you trying to perfect it?”


Zhou Yuan nodded. “Unfortunately, my Spirit is not strong enough and I cannot complete the final step of integration.”


Chi Jing frowned. "I can not help you. Although my Spirit is strong enough, I am not proficient in this, and if I were to force it, I am worried about instantly destroying your puppet.”


His spirit was strong, but the inside of the silver liquid was too complex. Integrating it with the crystal dust would require someone specialized in Spirit cultivation. Although Chi Jing had practiced the Primordial Chaos Divine Whetstone Visualization Method, his main focus was still on the cultivation of Genesis Qi.


Zhou Yuan was dumbfounded. He didn't expect that even Chi Jing couldn't help.


"So what should I do?" Zhou Yuan looked incredibly distressed.


Do I have to wait for the next opportunity? But the nine regions tournament is near, and without a trump card like Silver Shadow, my path will undoubtedly be more difficult.


"Although I can't do anything, there is something that can," Chi Jing said suddenly.


Zhou Yuan raised his head abruptly, looking at Chi Jing with fiery eyes, and then he noticed something strange. "Is there anything I can?"


Chi Jing smiled. "You've seen it before too."


Zhou Yuan was taken aback for a moment before asking, “Do you mean the divine whetstone from the Four Spirits Origin Tower?”


Chi Jing nodded with a smile. “Don't underestimate Elder Divine Stone. It is a sacred object. In the entire Tianyuan Region, in terms of proficiency in spirit cultivation, besides our teacher, Elder Divine Stone ranks first.”


"If you can get me to help you, maybe your puppet can evolve perfectly."


With a fiery look in his eyes, Zhou Yuan threw down his sleeve and immediately put away the silver liquid in front of him. Without saying anything else to Chi Jing, he turned into a beam of light and ran out of the training room, heading straight for the Four Spirits Origin Tower.


Immediately after entering the tower, he found a quiet place to release his spirit, which he enveloped in the silver liquid of Silver Shadow. His Spirit rose into the sky, passed through the numerous obstacles, and arrived at a familiar chaotic void.


There, a gigantic divine whetstone rotated slowly as if it had done so since ancient times.


Zhou Yuan immediately sent a request for help.


The divine whetstone quickly responded and agreed. After all, it was a small matter, and Zhou Yuan was a disciple of Cang Yuan, so of course he would take care of him. If it weren't for this fact, Zhou Yuan would not have been summoned when he initially entered the Four Spirits Origin Tower.


"Thank you, old man!"


Zhou Yuan was delighted.


The next moment, a vast and powerful force swept out and enveloped the silver liquid.


While enveloped in that powerful force, Zhou Yuan could clearly see that the crystal powder inscribed with Genesis Rune was beginning to melt within the silver liquid and merge with it.


Zhou Yuan also noticed that the fusion was extremely perfect. There were countless connection points, all incredibly harmonious.


This would undoubtedly make Silver Shadow even more perfect.


Zhou Yuan marveled at the sight. This control of the Spirit's power was extraordinary. No wonder Chi Jing said that his mastery of spiritual power was inferior to that of the Divine Stone elder.


But the integration that occurred within the silver liquid was unexpectedly slow. It seemed that for Silver Shadow to complete his evolution, it would take a while even with the help of the Divine Stone elder.


But Zhou Yuan was not worried at all, because judging from the smoothness of the process, there would be no accident if he left Silver Shadow under the care of the Divine Stone elder.


Zhou Yuan breathed a long sigh of relief and bowed respectfully to the whetstone before returning to his real body.


Sitting cross-legged on a towering mountain, Zhou Yuan calculated the time until the nine regions tournament. There was less than half a month left. Now that Silver Shadow's problem was resolved, it was time to further enhance his Genesis Qi.


His eyes flashed, and with the wave of his sleeve, a jade box emerged in front of him. The jade box opened, revealing a sapphire-like fruit that gave off a strange aroma.


It was an Immeasurable Fruit of Divine Dwelling.


Zhou Yuan originally planned to save the fruit for his final Divine Dwelling, but during his training, he came to understand that he had underestimated the difficulty of connecting the last two Divine Dwellings.


He had already tried to polish the eighth Divine Dwelling with all his might, but there was still not much improvement.


It was much more difficult to connect through the eighth Divine Dwelling than to connect the seven Divine Dwellings completely.


This situation was not unusual. It was the same for everyone who had opened nine Divine Houses. After all, once the latter two were connected, the improvement brought about was incomparable to any previous increase in strength. The higher the ranking of the Divine Dwellings, the more difficult it was to connect the last two. At the same time, the benefits would be much greater once he succeeded.


According to Zhou Yuan's estimate, if he didn't use the Immeasurable Fruit, it would most likely take another two months for him to connect to the eighth Divine Dwelling, but he didn't have time. The Nine Regions Tournament was near and there would be several powerful enemies there. Even if Silver Shadow had evolved, it was still not entirely certain.


Therefore, he had to at least connect the eighth Divine Dwelling and then wait for an opportunity to complete the last Divine Dwelling in the nine regions tournament. Only then would he finally enter the pinnacle of the Divine Dwelling stage!


At that time, if he obtained enough Alpha Spiritium, he could break through to the Heavenly Sun stage.


“Without any investment, how would there be profits? It is just an immeasurable fruit of the Divine Dwelling. “I shouldn’t be so stingy and treat it like a precious treasure!”


"If the old does not go, the new will not come."


With a resolute gleam in his eyes, Zhou Yuan extended his hand and the jewel-like Immeasurable Fruit landed on his palm. He immediately squeezed his hand and crushed it.




The immeasurable fruit shattered. The azure mist whistled out and enveloped Zhou Yuan's body in a cloud.


I must successfully connect with the eighth Divine Dwelling!


For the upcoming nine regions tournament, Zhou Yuan had already done all kinds of preparation!

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