Chapter 919 Foundation Soars

Ten days later.


A remote mountain somewhere in the Four Spirits Origin Tower.




The powerful Genesis Qi erupted like a volcano and eventually turned into layers of Genesis Qi clouds floating overhead. There seemed to be a blue Serpent Dragon that moved through the layers of clouds and produced deafening roars.


The terrifying Genesis Qi pressure spread frantically.


In the distance, the members of the four pavilions who were training turned puzzledly to look in the direction they came from. They couldn't help but scream when they felt a familiar Genesis Qi fluctuation. "Is the pavilion head training right now?"


"How powerful Genesis Qi!"


"It's much stronger than before!"


They were shocked because even from that distance, they could clearly feel tremendous pressure, something that Zhou Yuan could not cause previously.


"It seems that the main pavilion master has made great progress during this closed-door training!" they exclaimed, their eyes filled with wonder. The Nine Regions Tournament was near, and Zhou Yuan's improvement was undoubtedly good news for the Tianyuan Region. After all, there is no doubt that there were super fierce people in the nine domain tournament.


Although Zhou Yuan had defeated Chen Xuandong, it was well known that there was still a huge gap between Chen Xuandong and the super proud celestials of the other eight regions.


Under those distant gazes of wonder, the clouds of Genesis Qi above the towering mountain peak dissipated.


They revealed the figure of Zhou Yuan sitting cross-legged.


His eyes slowly opened and he spat out a mouthful of cloudy Qi.




Turbid Qi shot out thousands of feet like an arrow, creating a thunderous sound.


Zhou Yuan immediately inspected the interior of his Divine Dwellings. His eyes widened in surprise and his breathing became labored.


He discovered that within the Divine Dwellings, there were 38 million flickering Genesis Qi stars!


The boundless and powerful Genesis Qi was filling the Divine Dwellings, making the interior appear incredibly bright.


In other words, in this breakthrough, his base had increased by 15 million stars?


That was too scary.


It must be said that the foundation brought about by seven Divine Dwellings only had 23 million stars, but now, by adding the eighth Divine Dwelling, their foundation had increased its stars by more than half!


“No wonder the last two Divine Dwellings are so difficult to polish. Since it gives such a remarkable result, regardless of its difficulty, it is still worth it!" Zhou Yuan finally calmed his emotions after a long while. Given his current foundation, if he were to face Chen Xuandong again, he was confident of defeating him without the help of the four spiritual runes.


Although Zhou Yuan was not sure what kind of Genesis Qi foundation Heaven was proud of among the top eight he possessed, the eighth Divine Dwelling had given him a lot of confidence. On top of this, he still had the ninth Divine Dwelling!


Once the ninth Divine Dwelling was opened, Zhou Yuan was confident that he would not be weaker than anyone else.


Zhou Yuan stood up and scanned the distance. He could sense that his advancement had attracted a lot of attention. He pondered for a moment, then walked away, leaving the mountain.


Ten minutes later, he stopped and, after checking the surroundings, his Spirit ran out and headed upwards.


The Spirit traveled through the terrifying clouds and arrived in the chaotic void.


His line of sight was immediately attracted by the silver liquid suspended in the air. The silver liquid slowly flowed in the void, as if it mysteriously possessed some kind of life force.


Compared to the past, a bright light flickered within the silver liquid, making it appear more eye-catching.


A kind of spiritual nature seemed to have awakened in the silver liquid.


"Did it succeed?"


Zhou Yuan's eyes lit up with surprise. He beckoned and the silver liquid immediately flowed out, quickly gathering into a silver ball as smooth as a mirror in the palm of his hand.


Zhou Yuan carefully examined the silver ball and faintly saw the countless ancient Genesis Runes contained within. The Genesis Runes had come together to form an exquisitely perfect connection. It was clear that the fusion made up for Silver Shadow's previous incomplete state.




Zhou Yuan suddenly screamed because he discovered that there seemed to be some kind of mysterious pattern on the surface of the silver ball. It exuded waves of energy that did not match that of the silver ball, and was clearly not a product of Silver Shadow.


He reflected seriously and his Spirit returned to his body with the silver ball in his hand. He squeezed his hand tightly and whispered, "Silver Shadow."




The silver ball directly transformed into liquid form, rapidly spreading from Zhou Yuan's palm. In the blink of an eye, he formed a nearly perfect silver armor that covered every part of his body. From a distance, he resembled a silver god of war and exuded a cold and oppressive presence.


Above the peak of the mountain, the silver-armored figure stood tall in the air, radiating an icy silver light. Covered in silver armor, Zhou Yuan felt the majestic Genesis Qi between heaven and earth being swallowed, transformed, and proportioned into a constant and endless flow.


Zhou Yuan clenched his hand, gathering indescribable power.


Silver Shadow's power finally returned!


The evolution was successful!


Zhou Yuan was ecstatic. Immediately, he discovered that the mysterious patterns on the silver armor faintly resembled a mottled divine whetstone.


The patterns exuded energy waves invisible to the naked eye and seemed to be forming an invisible force field that enveloped his entire body.


"What is this?" Zhou Yuan sounded surprised.


The force field was clearly not a power that Silver Shadow possessed, suggesting that it was the work of the Divine Stone elder while helping Silver Shadow evolve.


While he was in deep thought, the void stirred. The Divine Stone elder was sending out a thought.


Zhou Yuan listened carefully, and after a moment, his eyes flashed. “Divine Whetstone Force Field? Can it prevent the Spirit from being corroded?”


Zhou Yuan scratched his head in puzzlement. It was a bit unusual since it was not a Genesis Qi corrosion defense, but a spiritual one. Regardless, it was an unexpected joy. In fact, it was the right decision to ask the Divine Stone Elder for help.


"Thank you, Elder Divine Stone." Zhou Yuan bowed respectfully.


The void was silent and there was no other movement.


Zhou Yuan didn't care. He flicked his sleeve and put away Silver Shadow before rising into the air and heading towards the exit of the Four Spirits Origin Tower.


Now that everything was ready, he only needed to wait for the nine regions tournament.


Zhou Yuan had been waiting for this day for too long.

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