Chapter 920 Curtain Lifted

As the nine regions tournament approached, countless forces in Hunyuan Heaven began to watch.


Everyone knew the importance of the nine regions tournament. From a different angle, the tournament was a contest and competition between the nine regions, and its outcome could shake the entire Hunyuan Heaven.


Therefore, these days, the nine regions tournament became the only topic discussed in Hunyuan Heaven, and the topic of who would become the final winner naturally started heated discussions.


"The final winner will definitely be Zhao Mushen from the Wanzu region."


“That's not necessarily the case. Wu Yao of the Wushen Region and Su Youmei of the Zixiao Region are not weaker than Zhao Mushen, and should not be provoked."


"I agree. Zhao Mushen can only sit stably in the first place because Wu Yao and Su Youwei don't value rank very much."


"Actually, Wang Xi from the Xuehai region is also not common."


"Haha, who among the top eight of the Divine Dwelling List is ordinary?"


"What about Zhou Yuan of the Tianyuan Region?"


“It is also a great pride of heaven, but unfortunately, it is still lacking. If he can connect with the ninth Divine Dwelling, he might have a chance to compete against them. But who doesn't know that the last two Divine Dwellings are the most difficult to connect? “He was born at the wrong time.”


"Yes, it is surprising that he beat Chen Xuandong, but it still depends on who he is compared to."


"The Tianyuan region will probably take last place again in this year's nine regions tournament."




Similar discussions occurred in all places in Hunyuan Heaven. It was clear that everyone thought highly of Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao, and Su Youwei, the famous super proud of heaven. They were as bright and dazzling as the sun.


And compared to them, Zhou Yuan was much darker and almost forgotten. When he was mentioned from time to time, everyone talked about him in a pitiful tone of voice. Some people even had a disdainful attitude towards him. After all, the nine regions were the overlords of Hunyuan Heaven, and the strength of the other eight regions was tyrannical and unbreakable. On the other hand, the position of the Tianyuan Region had become unstable following the disappearance of Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan. Therefore, there were many people who wanted to attack the Tianyuan Region while it was dormant.


Presumably, there were many forces in Hunyuan Heaven with this malicious mentality, and they hoped that the Tianyuan region would really deteriorate and they would have a chance to rise. After all, if they were to bite into a colossal monster like the Tianyuan Region, they would be filled.


It was under this kind of attention that the nine regions tournament finally arrived.


Wanzu region.


In a lush green bamboo forest, a figure stood with his hands clasped behind his back. He stayed there, tall as a pine tree. His face was beautiful and his facial features were sharp as if they were carved from stone. In the center of his eyebrows was a mysterious lotus flower mark. It just stood there, but it still looked like a dazzling sun and attracted everyone's attention.


It was Zhao Mushen, the person whom countless people of the Divine Dwelling stage in Hunyuan Heaven looked up to.


He looked ahead respectfully where a man held a carving knife in one hand and a bamboo stalk in the other. The knife came down and bamboo shavings swirled in the air.


The man looked extremely young and seemed to be of a similar age to Zhao Mushen. His face was pale and his appearance was far inferior to Zhao Mushen, but in front of him, Zhao Mushen revealed deep amazement and reverence on his face.


The person before him was the founder of the Wanzu region and one of the oldest saints of the Hunyuan Heaven, the supreme sovereign Wan Zu.


A moment later, Supreme Sovereign Wan Zu's knife finally stopped. He blew on the bamboo carving, sending the bamboo shavings spinning through the air, and then turned to Zhao Mushen.


Wan Zu's face was young, but his eyes at this moment were indescribably old.


"Mushen, in this nine-region tournament, if there is a chance, capture this person and bring him back secretly." He threw the bamboo sculpture in his hand to Zhao Mushen.


Zhao Mushen received it carefully. The bamboo carving was a realistic figure of a man he recognized. "Zhou Yuan of Tianyuan Region?"


I was a little surprised. He had heard of Zhou Yuan's name before, but he did not pay much attention to it because he considered Zhou Yuan's achievements insignificant.


Therefore, no matter how fierce the noise Zhou Yuan created these days, Zhao Mushen had never considered him an opponent.


However, Zhou Yuan's name had even passed into the ears of Supreme Sovereign Wan Zu, and he even personally ordered Zhao Mushen to capture him.


Supreme Sovereign Wan Zu looked at Zhao Mushen and said indifferently: "That Zhou Yuan comes from another heaven, and I suspect that he has something to do with Elder Cang Yuan."


Although Zhou Yuan's identity had not been exposed in any way, Supreme Sovereign Wan Zu was a little suspicious of Zhou Yuan, but his suspicion was not enough for him to do anything.


But if he did something himself, it would have too big an impact. Therefore, he could not act personally. After all, even though Cang Yuan had disappeared, there were still people in Hunyuan Heaven who were dedicated to him.


Zhao Mushen's eyes narrowed slightly. He didn't ask much before taking the bamboo sculpture and accepting the order. "Okay."


His tone was indifferent, as if he was crushing an ant.


As the leader of the Divine Dwelling List, he had that qualification.


Supreme Sovereign Wan Zu nodded and said nothing more. If it weren't for the fact that Zhou Yuan might be connected to Cang Yuan, how would Zhou Yuan have caught his attention given his strength? And that Wan Zu personally gave the order to capture him? That was impossible if it weren't for this.


Zhao Mushen bowed respectfully. "Then, I will depart now."


It was only after Supreme Sovereign Wan Zu nodded again that Zhao Mushen turned and left the bamboo forest.


Outside the bamboo forest were tens of thousands of figures standing in order, all emitting a tyrannical Genesis Qi. They gestured in frantic excitement when they saw Zhao Mushen coming out.


Zhao Mushen's eyes swept across the crowd and waved his hand.


"Come on!"


In the next instant, the thousands of figures rushed in like clouds.


In the bamboo forest, Supreme Sovereign Wan Zu looked in the direction they left. After a long moment, his voice suddenly spread throughout the bamboo forest.


"Cang Yuan, you always ruin things!"


Supreme Sovereign Wan Zu's face was devoid of expression, and only a ripple of energy spread from his body.




The bamboo forest thousands of miles away turned into nothing as if it had never existed.


The power that had destroyed the forest was silent but incomparably terrifying.


Looking at the empty land, Supreme Sovereign Wan Zu let out a sigh and his expression gradually relaxed. With a wave of his sleeve, the Genesis Qi between heaven and earth began to gather, turning into splashing dewdrops.


Green shoots grew from the ground at an astonishing speed.


Thousands of miles of bamboo forests were restored in seconds.


He was able to destroy with one hand and create with the other.


The power of a supreme sovereign was remarkable.


"Cang Yuan, I want to see how long you can hide!"


Wushen region.


Wu Yao's red dress fluttered in the wind as she looked at the thousands of disciples gathered before her. They were the elites of this generation in the Wushen region. They simply stood there, but their presence caused the Genesis Qi in the entire world to bubble.


Thousands of the elites of the Wushen region looked at the powerful and domineering Wu Yao in amazement.


Behind Wu Yao were two tall and imposing figures.


One was Lan Ting, and the other was a handsome man whose presence was in no way inferior to hers. If Zhou Yuan were here, he would have identified him at a glance, because when Wu Yao returned to the Great Wu, this person had followed her and even attacked Zhou Yuan from behind.


His name was Zhao Yunxiao.


And at this moment, as they looked at Wu Yao's back, the depth of their eyes shone with admiration.


Then, they exchanged a look with each other. In their indifferent and calm expressions they revealed competitiveness.


“Junior Brother Yunxiao, your closed-door cultivation this time was not short. I wonder if your ranking on the Divine Dwelling List will remain at 19th this time?” Lan Ting asked with a smile.


For the nine regions tournament, the Wushen region had hidden its strength very well. Lan Ting was incredibly strong but was not ranked on the Divine Dwelling List, and Zhao Yuanxiao had remained at the 19th position.


That was why Zhao Yunxiao had the nickname Zhao Nineteen within the Wushen region.


Only people who were familiar with the situation knew that Zhao Yunxiao's 19th position was only for outsiders to see. In terms of strength, he did not give any importance to the people ranked above him, except for the top eight.


Zhao Yunxiao calmly replied, “After the nine regions tournament, big brother, you should no longer have to hide your strength. I wonder what their ranking will be.”


The two men's gazes collided and sparks flew.


Wu Yao did not pay attention to the fight between the two. She raised her beautiful hand and transformed into a ray of light in the blink of an eye.




Following closely behind her were the many elites of the Wushen region.


Zixiao region.


On a cloud platform, Su Yuwei looked at the impressive-looking flag in front of her. That day she was dressed in a long purple dress, and her long black hair was tied up, revealing her beautiful glowing face.


He raised his head, looking into the distance, and the corners of his lips curved into a subtle arc.


That moment surprised everyone present.


"Your Highness, I can finally see you again."


Xuehai region.


Shengwen region.


Xuanji region.


There were powerful figures rising into the sky from the nine regions of Hunyuan Heaven.


And after that, countless forces also quickly followed.


The curtain of the grand event that belonged to the young generation of Hunyuan Heaven finally rose.

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