Chapter 923 See Su Youwei again

Xu Ming looked at Zhou Yuan from the towering tree, his expression indifferent.


The expressions of the members of the four pavilions changed abruptly when they heard Xu Ming's words, and their faces turned red with anger. Xu Ming was, indeed, as the rumors said: extremely arrogant.


Zhou Yuan, the head pavilion master of the Tianyuan region, had a high and powerful status, while Qiu Jiu was simply a nobody from the Yaogui region. How could Zhou Yuan apologize to him?


Xu Ming's words were an insult to the Tianyuan Region.


Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. “Did you finally show up? “So what’s up with the business of you taking our building?”


Xu Ming tilted his head slightly, staring coldly at Zhou Yuan. “Don't you understand what I said? “I told you to let them go and apologize.”


Zhou Yuan shook his head. "It seems that you don't plan to solve the problem."


He waved his hand. "Take them down and hang them at the city gate."


The Tianyuan Region disciples immediately began to undress. The expressions of Qiu Jiu and the others changed drastically as they called for help. They would lose all face if they were hanged naked.


There was an icy gleam in Xu Ming’s eyes as he said, “How dare you not give the Yaogui Region a face! Give me back my people!"


The hundreds of figures behind him were ready to act.


“Disciples of the Tianyuan Region, listen to my order. Get in formation. Whoever dares to come forward, kill him!" Zhou Yuan thundered.




The 2,000 disciples responded immediately. Powerful Genesis Qi erupted as they carefully observed the movements among the people of the Yaogui region.


With 2,000 people staring at them, even those from the Yaogui region were a little afraid to move because they were outnumbered. They only had 100 people with them.


Gasps of astonishment sounded throughout Fallen City.


No one had thought that Zhou Yuan would be so fierce. Did he really intend to start a fight?


Xu Ming's eyes flashed fiercely at Zhou Yuan's actions. “Is it correct to say that the Tianyuan Region plans to fight the Yaogui Region before the nine regions tournament begins? It's not that I look down on you, but you and your people are no match for my Yaogui Region!"


Three thousand people from the Yaogui region had come to the tournament and were generally much stronger than the Tianyuan region. There was no doubt that they would dominate the battle.


"Don't worry. You don't have to be considerate of us. Both sides would suffer in the end. My Tianyuan region was last in the previous nine regions tournament, so our results cannot be worse than before."


"In other words, if we dragged your region with us, it would be a gain over last year."


The eyelids of countless people trembled. The head pavilion master of the Tianyuan Region indeed had a fierce temper, but what he said made some sense. The Tianyuan region was last in the previous tournament, so how could they do worse? As they said, the man with nothing fears no one.


The Yaogui region was indeed stronger overall, but they would suffer a huge loss even if they won. As a result, they may not make it through the next three rounds.


On the contrary, their fight would benefit the other superior forces.


Within Fallen City, the eyes of the people from the other top forces lit up and the onlookers repeatedly shouted in their minds: “Fight! Struggle!"


Xu Ming's eyes became colder and colder. He evidently did not expect Zhou Yuan to threaten him like this!


If they were alone, he would have gotten rid of Zhou Yuan that day no matter what the means. But Xu Ming now had an important responsibility. He didn't know if Zhou Yuan would really dare to fight them at the door, but he couldn't take the risk. Once a large-scale battle broke out, there would be inevitable losses.


It would only benefit other people in the end.


But if Xu Ming ignored Zhou Yuan's threat, wouldn't it make him look weak? He was a top celestial pride ranked on the Hunyuan Heaven Divine Dwelling List. He had notable battle achievements! But what about Zhou Yuan? He had only defeated Chen Xuandong, so how could he compare to him?


He originally thought that Zhou Yuan would be humiliated when he appeared. But unexpectedly, Zhou Yuan, who was recently promoted to ninth place on the Divine Dwelling List, acted arrogantly in front of him. Xu Ming could no longer contain his anger.


That arrogant thing!


Xu Ming took a deep breath, raised his palm, and stopped the Yaogui Region experts who were waiting for his signal to fight.


When passersby saw his actions, disappointed sighs sounded throughout Fallen City. In the end, Xu Ming remained rational and did not go crazy on Zhou Yuan.


Studying Zhou Yuan carefully, the corners of Xu Ming's lips curled up into a sneer. “Zhou Yuan, we all have great responsibilities and there is no need to scare people with your reckless threats.”


"What do you say? Do you accept the challenge?"


A commotion broke out in the surrounding area. Xu Ming was really cunning. He wanted to force Zhou Yuan to fight. Although Zhou Yuan had defeated Chen Xuandong, no one thought that he had the strength to compete with Xu Ming, a top celestial pride of the nine regions.


Therefore, if a fight broke out between the two, Zhou Yuan would suffer a huge loss.


Countless eyes turned to Zhou Yuan, waiting for his response.


Zhou Yuan's expression remained unchanged under those watchful gazes. "How do you want play?"


The corners of Xu Ming's mouth pulled up slightly. She removed a strand of white beads from her wrist and, with a flick of her finger, broke five white beads. A dazzling light burst out, and the beads rose and transformed into five white jade giant beasts tens of meters tall.


Their bodies were covered in mysterious Genesis Runes. Its claws and teeth were dangerously sharp and exuded a ferocious and merciless aura.




The beasts let out a deafening roar. Sound waves swept out, causing the void to vibrate.


Countless eyes were filled with fear when they saw the giant white jade beasts.


“Those are the white jade puppets of the Yaogui region. It is said that each one is as strong as an advanced Divine Dwelling stage expert, and anyone with a base of less than 18 million Genesis Qi stars cannot win against them!” someone exclaimed.


Xu Ming looked at Zhou Yuan and said jokingly, "If you can beat my five white jade puppets in less than half an hour, you win."


His words immediately drew exclamations from the audience.


Mu Liu wrinkled his eyebrows. “The white jade puppets are very powerful, and with five of them together, their combat power will be even greater. Even if Chen Xuandong was here, the five white jade puppets would destroy him.”


"Zhou Yuan, the puppets of the Yaogui region are very powerful, don't fall into their trap!" Yi Qiushui said.


As Zhou Yuan looked at the five lifelike white jade puppets, his eyes flashed fiercely. The puppets were actually very strong. As Mu Liu had said, even Chen Xuandong wouldn't have much of an advantage when facing five. However, Zhou Yuan had become much stronger since his battle with Chen Xuandong.


Xu Ming was so proud that he did not want to fight Zhou Yuan directly, so he wanted to embarrass him with his five puppet beasts.


How arrogant!


Xu Ming uttered indifferently: “Well, then, do you dare?”


There was no wave of emotions in Zhou Yuan's eyes as he stepped forward.


A sinister cold smile curled up on Xu Ming's lips. Does this idiot really believe that the conditions I propose are that simple?


Of course, Xu Ming could feel that Zhou Yuan seemed much stronger than Chen Xuandong, and if Zhou Yuan fought with all his might, the five white jade puppet beasts might not be able to stop him. Unfortunately for Zhou Yuan, his five puppet beasts were engraved with dark web boundaries that could drag and trap enemies within them.


The white jade puppet beasts were not known for their fighting power but for their ability to trap people!


Zhou Yuan was not weak, but it shouldn't be too difficult to catch him for half an hour.


A mocking look flashed across Xu Ming's eyes. Zhou Yuan is a stupid man and easily fell into my trap.


He performed a hand seal with one hand, and the five white jade puppet beasts suddenly shot out.


When Zhou Yuan saw them move, powerful Genesis Qi surged from his body.




But just as he was about to counterattack, he felt an extremely powerful stream of Genesis Qi erupt, and his expression changed drastically.


A tremendous torrent of dark purple Genesis Qi roared from the sky, like a purple waterfall.


It was so strong that even Zhou Yuan's pupils shrank.




But what surprised Zhou Yuan was that the powerful torrent of Genesis Qi was not aiming at him. It directly bombarded the heads of the five white jade puppet beasts. In just a few seconds, the puppets were torn apart.


Fragments were spinning in the sky.


The sudden scene surprised everyone.


Five powerful white jade puppet beasts were destroyed in seconds!


Even Zhou Yuan and Xu Ming were surprised. Then, Xu Ming's face turned pale and he asked, "Who is it?!"


Zhou Yuan and Xu Ming almost simultaneously looked towards a place not far from them. They were both dumbfounded.


A beautiful figure in a purple dress floated above a towering tree! His clothes fluttered as if riding in the wind. She was elegant and her face was beautiful and as dazzling as jade.


Everyone's eyes lit up when they saw such exceptional beauty.


But very quickly, countless people recognized the impressive figure and exclaimed in disbelief, "That's Su Youwei from the Zixiao Region!"


A commotion broke out within the city. It must be said that compared to Zhou Yuan, Su Youwei's reputation in Hunyuan Heaven was many times greater.


Amidst countless stunned gazes, Su Youwei smiled and then apologetically said to Xu Ming, “Oh, I'm so sorry. “My Genesis Qi suddenly went out of control.”


He didn't care about Xu Ming's response and shifted his clear eyes towards Zhou Yuan. She bit her red lips and didn't say a word. With the sunset reflecting in her beautiful eyes, her eyes seemed to shine.


That's how he looked at him silently, like back then in Great Zhou when they separated.

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