Chapter 938 Split into teams

The area containing the world of Fallen Abyss showed signs of distortion, forming a clear boundary with the outside world. It was locked for the entire year, but the Law Domain experts from the nine regions were using their power to force it open.


As Zhou Yuan watched the crack widen, his eyes lit up. I was very interested in the Alpha Spiritium found in the Fallen Abyss. After connecting his nine Divine Dwellings, he should also think about advancing to the Heavenly Sun stage.


Naturally, an ordinary grade of the Heavenly Sun stage could not satisfy his appetite.


In the void above, Zhao Xiansun said indifferently: “There were originally two more small steps in the three tests, but now it doesn't seem necessary. So, after much deliberation, we are opening the Fallen Abyss.”


Zhou Yuan pursed his lips because he felt like he was being targeted.


Among the three tests, the most difficult was Nine Dragon Slashes. Was Zhao


It was as if Zhao Xiansun couldn't wait to see something bad happen to the Tianyuan region.


Zhou Yuan's mind was racing, but he remained calm and collected. It didn't matter if other people wanted misfortune to befall the Tianyuan region; the Tianyuan region just needed to go all out. After all, it was a good thing that two of the three tests were eliminated, as that would save them some of their strength.


“The Fallen Abyss has opened, and I think everyone knows the rules. Everyone go and prepare,” Zhao Xiansun said.


His voice faded and a commotion broke out among the people of the nine regions.


Many Law Domain experts had perished in the Fallen Abyss, and when they died, their Law Domains collapsed and greatly impacted the rules and regulations of the world, thus forming many strange spectacles.


Therefore, many independent spaces had formed within the Fallen Abyss, each one like a mini domain with its own mystery.


And it was in these mini domains that the power of the Domain of Law accumulated and gave rise to a large amount of Spiritium.


The Nine Regions Tournament was a competition for these mini domains.


The more mini domains one had, the more espiritium one would earn. This was a great opportunity for anyone. After all, wasn't the fierce battle in the Fallen Abyss for Spiritium?


Furthermore, Alpha Spiritium was also born in dangerous mini domains in which the top heaven prides ranked on the Divine Dwelling List would compete.


Zhou Yuan turned to say to Lu Xiao and the others, "We will divide into five groups led by me, Lu Xiao, Han Yuan, Mu Liu, and Ye Bingling."


The moment they enter the Fallen Abyss, they would be randomly teleported to many different mini domains. Generally speaking, the more teams teleport to a mini domain, the greater the danger and the likelihood of more Spiritium.


This meant that the nine regions had to split into several groups and take various routes to compete for the most mini domains and obtain the most Spiritium.


Of course, the group size couldn't be too small; Otherwise, it would be impossible to compete with groups from other regions.


Based on what happened in the past, the number of people in each team was between 400 and 700, which was the most suitable range.


The Tianyuan Region only had 2,000 people, so Zhou Yuan divided them into five groups, each containing around 400 people.


The other eight regions had much more people. The Wanzu region, which had the largest number of people, could have been divided into ten larger teams. This would certainly give them an advantage from the beginning because the amount of Spiritium obtained would determine the final ranking in the nine regions tournament.


In truth, Zhou Yuan would like to split into more teams, but doing so would only weaken the strength of each group and would not bring much benefit. Dividing the people of the Tianyuan region into five groups was already the limit.


Zhou Yuan held the light scroll, which was the step to enter the Fallen Abyss. He instilled Genesis Qi into it and it immediately burst out with specks of light. The specks descended on the 2,000 people of the Tianyuan region.


“These brands are very sensitive. If you are in danger of death, you can break them." Zhou Yuan scanned the crowd and slowly added, "Everyone, although the Spiritium is good, don't be too greedy. The most important thing is your life."


Once one destroys the mark, one is sent out of the Fallen Abyss and disqualified. Therefore, everyone was always reluctant to break them, and if they didn't, the price they would have to pay in the end would be their own lives.


In the nine regions tournament, to fight for Alpha Spiritium, no one would stop.


Everyone nodded.


In the void above, Zhao Xiansun looked at the scroll in Zhou Yuan's hand, a strange look appeared in his eyes. His eyes widened and his indifferent voice sounded again: “If all parties are ready, then come in.”




The moment his voice faded, Zhao Mushen accelerated, followed by the large number of people from the Wanzu region.


The thousands of people rushed through the crack and disappeared in the blink of an eye, as if they were instantly swallowed up by the tremendous space.


The movement of the Wanzu region immediately broke the peace. The other regions also went into action, causing the universe's Genesis Qi to surge violently.


"Come on!" Zhou Yuan thundered and accelerated, Lu Xiao and the others quickly followed. Their 2,000 people glided through the air and then disappeared without a trace as they passed through the crack.


When the countless people from the nine regions entered the Fallen Abyss, the world fell silent.


Zhao Xiansun smiled. “Everyone, the nine regions tournament has truly begun. "We'll all be waiting here."


He waved his sleeve, gathering powerful Genesis Qi to form a compass-like shadow in the void. It was a compass-like mirror, and multiple points of light appeared within it. The specks were each a different color, representing the people of the nine regions.


Although they were unable to interfere with the operation in the Fallen Abyss, the Law Domain experts of the nine regions had refined the passes so that they could roughly detect the changes occurring within.


The other Law Domain experts also sat cross-legged in the air. Genesis Qi turned into clouds beneath them, and the Genesis Qi of the universe gathered around their bodies. It was as if many strange and mysterious sights were happening.


"I'm very curious to know which region will be removed first." Zhao Xiansun chuckled, looking at Chi Jing not far away. An imperceptible smile curved his lips.


In the distant Fallen City, countless people reluctantly withdrew their gaze from the empty mirror in the sky. They knew that the battle that was about to happen in Fallen Abyss would be truly wonderful. It would be the true tournament of the nine regions, but they could not see or enjoy it.


It did not matter. When the final result came out, it would still cause an uproar.


Therefore, numerous people in Fallen City began to guess the final tournament ranking of the nine regions. As expected, Wanzu Region and Zhao Mushen topped the list, followed by Wu Yao and Su Youwei.


As for Zhou Yuan and the Tianyuan region, they were still very unpopular.


Even after his astonishing achievement in the Nine Dragon Slashes round, the vast majority were still not optimistic about Zhou Yuan and the Tianyuan Region because their opponents were the other eight regions.

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