Chapter 939 Mini Domain

As Zhou Yuan entered the Fallen Abyss, he felt the surrounding space begin to violently undulate as the Genesis Qi around him became extremely volatile.


It felt like heaven and earth were being torn down and it was very uncomfortable.


Fortunately, the feeling didn't last long. After several dozen breaths, Zhou Yuan felt his feet touch the ground. He immediately scanned the surroundings and a mysterious land came into his sight.


It was a barren land covered in weeds and there were hardly any other signs of life.


Thick clouds floated in the sky, giving one an immeasurable feeling. From time to time, giant rips ripped through the ground, as if an earth-shaking battle had once occurred in the mini domain.


Furthermore, the domain felt unstable and the space foci would distort from time to time.


Zhou Yuan looked at the barren land for a while before turning around. Nearly five hundred figures appeared one after another behind him, each with slightly lost but cautious looks as they looked around.


This was the team that Zhou Yuan led, and Yi Qiushui and a few familiar figures were at the front of the group.



Shang Xiaoling, Ling Feng, Yuan Tiegang… these were the people Zhou Yuan had personally recruited into the Wind Pavilion. They currently held the high-ranking positions of deputy pavilion master, and Zhou Yuan had placed them in his team during the distribution of members.


Seeing Zhou Yuan's gaze, Sheng Xiaoling and the others showed respectful looks. After all, Zhou Yuan's status was now much higher than when he had recruited them.


Of course, status wasn't the only thing that had changed; his strength had also skyrocketed greatly.


"Zhou Yuan, the Genesis Qi here is very crazy." Yi Qiushui walked over with his brow furrowed in worry.


Zhou Yuan nodded. The Genesis Qi in Fallen Abyss was extremely crazy. Therefore, it took much longer to absorb than in Hunyuan Heaven.


In other words, ordinary Divine Dwelling stage experts could not recklessly use their Genesis Qi. If one took two hours to completely replenish the Genesis Qi in the Hunyuan Heaven, it would take at least six hours in the Fallen Abyss.


This would undoubtedly stop one in battle.


Zhou Yuan pondered for a moment. With a thought, he absorbed some Genesis Qi into his body and quickly activated the Ancestral Dragon Scriptures. The faint roar of a Dragon resonated through his body as his channels vibrated.


Several breaths later, the crazy Genesis Qi was refined into a wisp of pure Heavenly Serpent Qi, and flowed into his Divine Dwelling.


Zhou Yuan raised his eyebrow, somewhat surprised. The Ancestral Dragon Scriptures did not take any longer to refine the Genesis Qi.


Was it because the Ancestral Dragon Scripture was too tyrannical and could ignore the sliver of madness within the surrounding Genesis Qi?


A trace of joy emerged in Zhou Yuan's eyes. This was good news for him. At the very least, he had a unique advantage in Fallen Abyss.


Zhou Yuan put aside this good news for the moment as he looked towards the five hundred figures before him. “We have already entered Fallen Abyss. “The nine regions tournament has finally begun.”


“There may be another team that has entered this mini domain, and if we encounter them, we are in for an intense battle.”


The hundreds of members fell silent, their expressions exceptionally solemn. They clearly understood that the Tianyuan Region was currently the weakest of the nine regions.


On the positive side, the participants from the nine regions were divided into numerous teams. With Zhou Yuan leading them, as long as the Tianyuan region did not encounter the main team of the other eight regions, they could fight against the other sub-teams.


Furthermore, who could say that he wouldn't encounter a team from the Tianyuan region in this mini domain?


It wasn't impossible. There were numerous mini domains in Fallen Abyss, and even with several tens of thousands of people entering, they might not encounter another team in each mini domain.


However, Zhou Yuan could not be as optimistic as the leader, and needed to be prepared for everything. He looked towards Sheng Xiaoling and said, “Xiaoling, take twenty members to search for space cracks. Let us know when you find one."


Space rifts were the exits from mini domains and were used to travel to other mini domains.


Of course, the space rifts could also be used as an escape route if the team encountered a strong enemy.


Shang Xiaoling nodded and quickly led away twenty members.


"Ling Feng, take eighty members to explore the area and see if other teams have entered this mini domain."


The latter recognized the order and quickly left with his group.


“As for the rest, follow me to search for places with higher concentration of Spiritium.” Zhou Yuan looked towards the remaining three hundred members as his eyes became sharp. “The Fallen Abyss is full of danger. There are not only many powerful enemies waiting in the darkness, but also numerous hidden dangers. Therefore, everyone must follow my orders correctly. "I will severely punish anyone whose recklessness causes losses to the team!"


Everyone's hearts shook at Zhou Yuan's stern words, and people respectfully responded: "Understood!"


Zhou Yuan nodded approvingly and said, "Let's go!"


He led the way, flying in the air at a low altitude as three hundred figures followed closely behind him.




When Zhou Yuan began to sweep the mini domain with his group, several hundred figures were standing at the foot of a hill in another corner of the mini domain.


These figures were dressed in mysterious yellow robes, and powerful Genesis Qi undulations were surging around them. A single glance of their powerful auras was all it took to know that they were elites. They were all advanced Divine Dwelling stage experts!


What should have been an indomitable group was a group of elites who looked respectfully towards the top of the hill. There, a tall figure stood with his hands behind his back. He had an indifferent expression as a throbbing pressure slowly spread from his body, making the hundreds of figures below feel tremendous pressure.


This figure was the stage king of the Hunyuan Heaven Divine Dwelling, Zhao Mushen!


No one would have imagined that Zhou Yuan would meet the strongest contender in the first round.


Zhao Mushen looked at the billowing clouds in the sky as he muttered softly to himself, “Master-Uncle Zhao, there is no need for you to do this… Is a mere Zhou Yuan worth such an effort?”


He paused as he shook his head. “It doesn't matter, since I'm already here, I will complete the supreme sovereign's mission first. “Anyway, it’s convenient.”


His gaze turned to the figures below when an indifferent voice rang out, "Go, find the other team in this mini domain... and destroy them."




Several hundred figures instantly rose into the sky, accompanied by cold killing intent.

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