Chapter 94 - The Ceremony

“Young Master, this is the Nine Chi and Bear Bladder Soup, boiled with nine types of Lingzhi and supplemented with the gall of the Red Spirit Bear, a foreign beast, it is most tonic for deficiencies.”


"And this spirit fruit steamed rice, using many spirit fruit hanging juice, the rice is March spirit, after ripening, the need to be in a high energy place, exposure to the sun for three months before the finished product."


"And that..."


In the dining room of the mansion, Li Luo, Jiang Qing'e, Cai Wei, and Yan Lingqing were present, and then he was stunned to see Niu Biao Biao serving a table full of meals, each one emitting a tempting aroma.


"This, this is too tonic." Li Luo cried and laughed. He thought Niu Biao Biao was joking, but it turned out that he had really made a table of large tonic dishes.


"Young Master is growing now, it is always right to eat more tonic." Niu Biao Biao said with a smile.


"Thanks to Uncle Biao, eat."


Jiang Qing'e was not surprised, and after saying a word to Niu Biao Biao, she was the first to start.



Seeing this, Li Luo followed suit and took a big bite of the delicious food, which was difficult to enjoy in South Wind City, and, satisfied, gave a thumbs up to Niu Biao Biao, indicating that it tasted good.


Only after the big tonic meal was in his stomach, he always felt a heat rising in his body, causing Li Luo's body temperature to rise a little.


And Biao Biao's cooking skills were actually far superior, so even Jiang Qing'e and Cai Wei, who wanted to maintain a certain decorum, sped up their meal.


Niu Biao Biao stood beside him, laughing and feeling satisfied as he watched a few people saying goodbye.


Only after he had eaten and drank his fill did he greet the waiters, clear the table, and serve each of them a cup of aromatic tea.


"This is the Hundred Flowers Spiritual Tea, after taking a great tonic, you still need something warm and moist to calm the agitation and fire."


Li Luo drank this Hundred Flowers Spiritual Tea in one go, and then felt the growing dry heat of his body gradually calm down, and the resonance power that had gathered within the Resonance Palace seemed to have vaguely strengthened in this moment. moment.


"Uncle Biao is really good at his craft." Li Luo exclaimed.


Niu Biao Biao let out a big smile and said, “Young master is overrated, from now on I will prepare it for him every day and help him make up for it.”


After saying that, he gathered his things and left.


Li Luo looked at Niu Biao Biao's sturdy back, but his heart moved slightly, this Uncle Biao Biao, he always said that he was a little weak and needed a tonic...


It's a joke?


Or is it that... Do you know something?


Two months ago, after he had refined the Houtian resonance, he was really short of essence and blood, and even his lifespan had begun to have an expiration date... But he didn't even tell Jiang Qing'e, so as not to worry her. .


And this Uncle Niu... Could it be that he felt it? It just can't be.


Li Luo turned his head, looked at Jiang Qing'e who was carrying fragrant tea, tasting it elegantly, and muttered, "How's Uncle Biao's strength, huh?"


Jiang Qing'e raised her eyes to look at him and said, "I have seen him use his resonance power occasionally before, and it was only around the Resonance Master realm."


Li Luo was a little puzzled, it was such an ordinary force...


Jiang Qing'e seemed to know what he was thinking and said indifferently: "There is no need to think too much, anyway, all we need to know is that Uncle Biao is trustworthy, and that is enough."


Li Luo thought about it and also nodded, sure enough, there was no need to chase him too much, it didn't matter whether this Uncle Biao had the strength or not, since he had no idea what to say, there was no reason for them to force others, after All in all, the fact that his father and mother were able to deliver things like food and drink to him at the Luo Lan House headquarters was enough to show their trust in him.


Jiang Qing'e drank her fragrant tea leisurely, then stood up and said, "Come on, it's time."


When Li Luo heard this, he also stood up, and immediately breathed heavily, because this meeting was a kind of announcement, announcing to everyone in the Luolan Mansion that he, the young master of the Mansion who used to have little presence in Luolan Mansion. South Wind, he was really going to return to the Luolan Mansion.


In the future, he will be one of the drivers here.


It was a seemingly simple, but important ceremony.


Li Luo calmed down, then followed Jiang Qing'e out of the living room, through the corridor, and finally pushed the door of the council room and entered.


Inside the council room, the lights were bright and dazzling, causing Li Luo's eyes to narrow slightly.


And when he opened it, he saw that behind the long tables on both sides of this council room, a figure was sitting silently, and at this moment, the gazes of all of them, with complex emotions, fell on his body.


The atmosphere in the council room was a bit stagnant for a while.


That was until Jiang Qing'e's voice rang out: "Hasn't everyone seen the young master of the house?"


Inside the conference room, one figure after another stood up, arching their hands and saying respectfully, “Greetings, Young Master.”


Li Luo also smiled and nodded in greeting: "Li Luo has met you all."


One of the gazes stopped on Li Luo's face. In this unusually handsome face, they saw the shadows of Li Taixuan and Tantai Lan, except that the young man before them did not have the brooding aura and oppression of those two, but only the youth of a teenager.


For Li Luo, the young master of the Luo Lan Manor, many of the senior members of the Luo Lan Manor had, in fact, somewhat forgotten about him since the news of his void resonance had spread, after all, Although Li Luo was the most orthodox young master of the Luo Lan Manor in terms of succession qualifications, the void resonance had almost pronounced his death knell.


I'm afraid that not many in the Luolan House would be willing to let a young master with little potential take the helm.


So during these years, they had consciously or unconsciously forgotten about the young master of the House in South Wind City, yet now, this young master, who was regarded as the pet of the Luo Lan House, had come to them.


Only now, he was no longer the so-called Void Resonance, he had become the first place winner of the Tian Shu County Grand Examination, and had equally obtained the qualification to enter the Xuan Xing Sacred Academy to cultivate.


Although she is still far away from Jiang Qing'e, she is no longer useless with no potential. In the future, if Li Luo and Jiang Qing'e consummate their marriage, there should still be hope for House Luolan when they join forces.


The audience in the hall had mixed feelings and once again bowed to Li Luo with their fist.


"This is the Pavilion Master of the Ninth Pavilion, Lei Chang, you should have met him before, he is the only Pavilion Master staying at the Luo Lan Mansion headquarters, and he is also in charge of security matters at the headquarters." " Jiang Qing'e's jade finger pointed to the most forward seat on the left, where there was a middle-aged man, when that Pei Hao had come to negotiate at the old mansion before, Li Luo had also met this Pavilion Master. Lei Chang.


"This is the owner of the Resonance Tool Workshop, Yuan Jin."


When Li Luo looked at him, he was a slender middle-aged man, who would not have been expected to be a master of resonance tools.


"And the owner of Dan workshop, An Hongyan."


An Hongyan is a beautiful woman with a white robe and a light and elegant air.


"Greetings, young lord of the house."


The three people appointed by Jiang Qing'e, who were considered very high-ranking heads of the Luolan House headquarters, bowed to Li Luo.


Li Luo nodded his head in greeting, not showing any approach, but not too distant either.


And as Jiang Qing'e introduced the three, Li Luo realized that something was wrong, because he discovered that there was no head of the Xi Yang House headquarters.


His gaze shifted to Jiang Qing'e, whose stunningly beautiful face also reflected a slight coldness in the light, and then a cold voice rang out.


"Where is President Han Shik of the Xi Yang House?"

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