Chapter 947 Negotiations Fail

"As for you...none of you are getting anything!"


When Zhou Yuan's voice rang, Liu Qingshu and Zhao Yunxiao's faces changed clearly, especially Liu Qingshu's. His eyebrows arched almost vertically and frost covered his face.


She was a celestial pride of the Wanzu region. Although he was just below the top ten, he was still one of the shining pearls of the Wanzu region with countless admirers.


Even Zhao Mushen would adopt a soft tone when talking to her.


Therefore, he had a sense of superiority over Zhou Yuan from the beginning. In his eyes, a prestigious person like her was already being very respectful by inviting him to discuss things.


Never in her wildest dreams would she have imagined that Zhou Yuan would dare to be so rude to her!


To think that he even had the nerve to say such crude words! He's basically an ungrateful, ungrateful fool!


Liu Qingshu shot Zhou Yuan an icy glare. “Pavilion Chief Master Zhou Yuan is very bold to speak so rudely to my Wanzu Region. You're the first person to do it in many years!"


Liu Qingshu was evidently not easy to deal with. Zhou Yuan's words were clearly directed at her, but she had twisted it to become the Wanzu Region.


If word of this spread, the entire Wanzu region would be hostile to Zhou Yuan.


She sneered and said, “If I meet Senior Brother Zhao later, I will tell him what you said word for word.”


This was an attempt to intimidate him using Zhao Mushen's name.


Contrary to his expectations, Zhou Yuan simply chuckled and said, “Zhao Mushen, huh? Don't worry. There is already a debt to settle between us. I already found it in the first mini domain, and it is indeed very formidable."


These words surprised Liu Qingshu and Zhao Yunxiao. Had Zhou Yuan met Zhao Mushen in the first mini domain?


So why might it keep showing up here?


Could he have escaped from Zhao Mushen's hands? But the team he brought didn't seem to have suffered many losses.


Liu Qingshu frowned. “Full of nonsense. I'm starting to think you talked your way into becoming ward boss. "If you really met my first big brother, how could you have escaped given your abilities?"


In his heart, Zhao Mushen was an invincible existence in his generation. Zhou Yuan, on the other hand, was someone no one in Hunyuan Heaven had heard of before a year ago.


Although others said he was a super dark horse, was there any lack of super dark horses over the years? Despite this, all of these super dark horses could only become stepping stones for true monsters like Zhao Mushen, becoming mere paragraphs of his invincible legend.


Therefore, Liu Qingshu did not believe a single word that Zhou Yuan said.


On the side, Zhao Yunxiao also laughed and sneered, “You are full of talent. To think that he would even resort to those means to try to improve his reputation. How immature".


Liu Qingshu shook his head as a faint trace of coldness filled his voice. “Zhou Yuan, I have no interest in playing those games with you. Since you refuse to acknowledge the outcome of our discussion, please leave this mini domain with your team.”


Zhou Yuan looked at the couple as if he was looking at two idiots. "Go out? Do you think you are Zhao Mushen?"


The mockery in his words made Liu Qingshu's face become even more icy. "It seems like you want to use force?"


Amused, Zhao Yunxiao said, "Although your team is made up of the elites of the Tianyuan region, if you act rashly, the two of us will have no choice but to join forces and teach you the rules."


As he spoke, his figure moved behind Zhou Yuan, blocking his path of retreat.


At the same time, Zhao Yunxiao exchanged a glance with Liu Qingshi and both of them waved their hands.




Majestic Genesis Qi immediately surged out from the two teams behind them. More than a thousand figures shot out, landing directly between Zhou Yuan and the Tianyuan Region team.


Meanwhile, Yi Qiushui also felt the change of atmosphere. A fierce look emerged in his eyes as he immediately gave an order. Torrential Genesis Qi exploded from the Tianyuan Region group as they faced the other two teams.


"It seems that the negotiations have failed." Shang Xiaoling's expression was grave.


Yi Qiushui nodded. "Act according to the plan."


On the way here, Zhou Yuan had already anticipated this outcome and devised a countermeasure.


"Are we really going to release all of our Genesis Qi when we fight?" Shang Xiaoling was a little hesitant. After reaching the Fallen Abyss, it had become quite difficult to replenish their Genesis Qi, causing them to use it sparingly. However, Zhou Yuan's plan was for them to use their Genesis Qi without reservation.


But if they did, although their battle power would be greater, what would they do with their Genesis Qi consumption? They would undoubtedly waste a lot of time if they had to stay here to recover.


Yi Qiushui was silent for a moment before saying, “Do as he says. Only by getting past now will we have a next time."


Shang Xiaoling did not say anything more on this topic and quickly spread the instructions.


Genesis Qi unfolded as the three parties clashed.


On the hill, Zhou Yuan also sensed the confrontation behind them. He tilted his head, cast a glance at Zhao Yunxiao, then turned to Liu Qingshu with a smile. "Are you two planning to attack me together?"


Liu Qingshu showed a faint smile and replied, “After all, Head Pavilion Master Zhou Yuan is the number one Divine Dwelling expert of the Tianyuan region. Isn't it logical that we give him so much respect?


She was very clever. Although he seemed to have nothing but disdain for Zhou Yuan's status, he did not hesitate to use the numerical advantage against him.


She was completely oblivious to the mockery in Zhou Yuan's words.


The prettier a woman was, the more dangerous she was.


Zhou Yuan's expression remained indifferent. "Is this your final decision?"


Zhao Yunxiao let out an icy laugh. “Zhou Yuan, are you still going to perform at this time? Do you really think your ninth rank has any value in our eyes?”


"I may not have been able to kill you with one hit back then, but you can try again today!"


Zhao Yunxiao was very envious of Zhou Yuan's current state. After all, the Tianyuan Region was still one of the nine regions, no matter how much it had fallen. As someone who could become the core of one of the nine regions, Zhou Yuan's status was essentially the same as Wu Yao's, the same status that Zhao Yunxiao had failed to achieve even after working hard for many years.


And yet, this hillbilly from the Cangxuan Heaven country, whom he only despised, had actually achieved it!




Genesis Qi abruptly rose into the sky. Genesis Qi flashed in the air, revealing countless stars. There were a total of 33 million!


Such Genesis Qi foundations were stronger than those of Lu Hai and the others. From this, it could be seen how much strength the celestial prides of the Wushen region had hidden. It was all to amaze everyone in the nine regions tournament.


When Zhao Yunxiao felt the boundless power in his body, his heart overflowed with confidence. He cast a disdainful glance at Zhou Yuan and shouted, “Zhou Yuan, since you cannot appreciate our kind gesture, I will make you understand that you do not even have the qualifications to negotiate with us!”


"Since you spit in our faces, don't blame me for trampling your face in the mud!"

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