Chapter 956 Jiu Gong Attacks

As Zhou Yuan broke through the golden light boundary, a dazzling ray of light flashed in front of his eyes. In his field of vision was an expanse of golden light that covered everything.




Suddenly, there was a strange energy fluctuation coming from the boundary. The void rippled. Streams of golden lights descended from the sky as if these lights were made of real substance. They reached every corner of the border.


Zhou Yuan carefully studied the golden light that resembled solid objects. A special power was contained within the light.


The Golden Meridian Light Boundary had begun to operate.


Once the golden light touched one's body, it could freeze and control one's spirit, making it difficult for the body to move an inch.


The teams that entered through the boundary had to rush towards the golden light.


Zhou Yuan took out a mirror from his sleeve. Multiple points of light flickered on the mirror, each representing a member of the team.


The light spots had dimmed because the members had sealed their Spirits, making it impossible for the Golden Spirit Dispersing Light to harm their Spirits.


But at the same time, his perception of the outside became extremely slow and weak.


Although they could seal their Spirits to avoid being attacked by the Spirit Dispersing Golden Light, as their leader, Zhou Yuan could not do the same. Otherwise, everything would be over.


There was not a wave of expression on Zhou Yuan's face as he looked at the descending golden light. When he raised his hand, multiple Genesis Rune rays rose from his palm.


The Genesis Runes quickly formed a barrier of light around his body, and as the Spirit Dispersing Golden Light descended, the multiple Genesis Runes quickly melted and dissolved the light. However, the amount of Genesis Rune was also reduced. As a result, Zhou Yuan had to constantly replenish them.


Somewhere on the edge, Xue Jingtao sneered as he looked at them. “Did everyone seal their Spirit? Is this your method to break through? Ridiculous."


The team members had basically gone blind and deaf after sealing their spirits, so Xue Jingtao couldn't understand what the use was of them entering the boundary! Was it to act as cannon fodder?


Xue Jingtao's eyes flashed. “Tell the people to prepare to attack. Remember to specifically target the people of the Yushou region.”


His method was ruthless. Zhou Yuan was leading the attack, so if something happened to the people of the Yushou Region while the people of the Tianyuan Region were left unscathed, it would inevitably arouse suspicion, and the fragile cooperation would be broken without Xue Jingtao doing anything.


Someone immediately responded to his command and disappeared into the golden light.


Zhou Yuan breathed a sigh of relief as he watched the Golden Spirit Scattering Light filling the sky. The first wave of attack had been resolved. He should make a move next.


Grabbing the mirror, Zhou Yuan carefully looked at the specks of light.


"Team 3, take a hundred steps to the right and attack west with all your strength."


"Team 8, advance three hundred steps in a straight line and attack towards the south."


"Team 5, stay where you are and attack the northeast."




Zhou Yuan issued order after order in an orderly manner, and the mirror transmitted the orders to the ears of the many teams within the golden light barrier.


The teams hesitated a bit, but finally took action and followed Zhou Yuan's order.


When they arrived at the designated location, they fixed their gazes on the direction Zhou Yuan specified. However, the area was enveloped in golden light and seemed no different from other places.


"Attack," Zhou Yuan's voice sounded again from the bamboo scrolls in his hands.


Everyone gritted their teeth and circulated their Genesis Qi. The next moment, torrents of Genesis Qi roared out, fiercely bombarding the golden light in front of them.




Waves of Genesis Qi spread out and golden light rippled where it was hit. Then, the light retreated, gradually revealing the original appearance of the boundary.


On a mountain cliff covered in snow and ice, the Zixiao Region disciples looked at the nearby team with a look of surprise. They couldn't understand why their opponents could find out where they were.


Suspended above the Zixiao Region disciples was a mirror that was emitting golden light.


“Destroy them and break the golden mirror. It is a boundary node,” Zhou Yuan’s voice rang out from the bamboo leaves in his hands.


The team members were shocked for a moment before their faces lit up with surprise and satisfaction. The teams from the Yushou region seemed especially pleased. They had attempted to break up once before on Yuan Kun's orders, but the result had been tragic. If Jiu Gong had not suppressed their strength, they would have paid a greater price.


But still, they could not locate any boundary node.


However, Zhou Yuan could easily find a perfectly hidden node within the boundary. In comparison, Zhou Yuan's method of breaking the formation was superior to Yuan Kun's.


This undoubtedly gave everyone great confidence, and they without reservation activated all of their Genesis Qi and launched a terrifying attack as they rushed towards the Zixiao Region team.


The teams that entered the boundary consisted of the core elites of the Tianyuan and Yushou regions, while the Zixiao region team was only led by Xue Jingtao. So when the two collided, the result was undoubtedly devastating.


Although the Zixiao Region team fought with all their might, in the end they were beaten until they vomited blood and collapsed.




Multiple torrents of Genesis Qi roared in the suspended golden mirror.




The golden mirror, attacked from all sides, shattered.


Zhou Yuan tilted his head, listening to the subtle devastating sounds. The corners of his mouth curved upwards into a smile.


When the node shattered, the golden light boundary was no longer perfect and revealed its flaws.


The initiative was passing into his hands.


Somewhere within the boundary, Xue Jingtao's face turned pale because he had sensed that the node his team was protecting had been destroyed.


Within the golden light boundary, the lights were shaking, which was a sign that the boundary was beginning to crumble.


"How is this possible?"


"How could he break through the golden light boundary so quickly?"


Xue Jingtao couldn't help but let out a roar. When Yuan Kun tried to break through, he was forced to retreat in shame, but why was the result different with Zhou Yuan, who was ranked below Yuan Kun?


His expression changed drastically and he shouted, "Attack now!"


Golden light rippled and many figures disappeared.


Zhou Yuan's eyes flickered. As the nodes were destroyed, the operation of the golden light boundary became much clearer to him.


He tilted his head slightly, feeling the subtle fluctuation of energy within the boundary. A smile tugged at the corners of his lips. "Fools".


“Team 5, be careful with the left and prepare to counterattack.”


“Team 3, move back ten meters.”




The teams unhesitatingly operated their Genesis Qi and attacked in the directions he ordered.




Genesis Qi exploded, and the figures were attacked with shame. Their screams echoed throughout the golden light boundary.


Zhou Yuan's expression remained indifferent. Xue Jingtao was clever in planning a sneak attack, but that couldn't save the situation. Instead, he accelerated the pace of Zhou Yuan discovering the other nodes.


"Continue destroying the nodes."


Another series of orders sounded, resulting in the destruction of more and more nodes.


Space trembled within the boundary as if it was about to break.


Xue Jingtao's entire body shook as he watched the situation spiral out of control. His scalp went numb. Zhou Yuan had destroyed such a powerful boundary in less than half an hour?


As it did?!


On the top of the ice mountain, Jiu Gong, who was sitting cross-legged lazily, suddenly straightened her back and stared at the light screen in front of her. The specks of light inside were becoming dimmer.


“This guy has such a deep mastery over Genesis Rune. Xue Jingtao is so incompetent. He thought that he could operate other powers at the limit to launch an attack. He has no brain." Jiu Gong lightly licked his red lips with the tip of his tongue, a fiery battle intent gushing from his beautiful eyes. "But this is quite interesting."


Jiu Gong clasped her beautiful hands into a hand seal and slowly closed her eyes. The confusion within the golden boundary gradually decreased.


Within the boundary, Zhou Yuan's eyes suddenly flashed fiercely. He looked into the depths of the boundary.


He knew that Jiu Gong had regained control of the golden light boundary.


The greatest heavenly pride of the Xuanji region finally couldn't help but take action.

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