Chapter 962 Split



As the Fallen Shadow charged towards the multiple boundaries, countless Genesis Runes appeared in the void under Jiu Gong's manipulation, as if forming countless Genesis Rune whips.


The long whips dangled, blocking all of Fallen Shadow's escape routes. They wrapped around Fallen Shadow's body and hands.




The Fallen Shadow suddenly erupted with a terrifying and violent gush of Genesis Qi, exploding and shattering layers upon layers of whips.


Jiu Gong's handsome face tensed and she frantically changed seals.




Those powerful Genesis Runes turned into a swamp, completely surrounding Fallen Shadow, making it difficult for him to move.




But faced with his obstacles, Fallen Shadow let out an enraged roar and launched multiple punches. Genesis Qi roared like a torrent, shaking the void as it destroyed the boundaries of the Genesis Rune.


In less than ten breaths, five of the eight boundaries were already destroyed!


Jiu Gong's handsome forehead was full of sweat, and he couldn't help but urge: "Zhou Yuan, why aren't you doing anything?"


Zhou Yuan had a solemn expression as he intently fixed his eyes on the Fallen Shadow creating havoc. “I only have one chance to attack. "It's not the best time yet!"


Jiu Gong gritted his teeth without saying anything else. After all, she was also a top celestial pride who possessed extraordinary talent and strength. Therefore, he understood the importance of timing. Any reckless move could make them miss their chance.


So, he continued to operate the remaining three limits to try to catch Fallen Shadow.




Above the frozen lake, the Fallen Shadow released a thunder-like roar. His Genesis Qi roared throughout the place, knocking down blocks of ice that hit the lake. The power was terrifying and it quickly began to break through the remaining three limits.


Out of bounds, Yuan Kun's face contorted in fear. He caressed the Divine Ox, whispering: "Brother Ox, the situation does not seem favorable, so prepare to flee."


Just now, the Fallen Shadow had almost killed him. I really didn't want him to be so close to death again.


The Divine Land Ox mooed in response.


Glossy beads of sweat rolled down Jiu Gong's blonde cheeks and chin. His bright eyes were bloodshot and he stared at the last boundary. It was about to break.


After a few seconds, he finally couldn't bear it, and shouted: “Zhou Yuan, this old lady can't bear the attack anymore! Can you do it or not?”


It was clear how much pressure she was under from the fact that she, an ice-coldly arrogant and elegant beauty, had called herself an "elder".


Zhou Yuan watched unblinkingly as the Fallen Shadow tore down the last boundary. During that moment, he vaguely felt the surging Genesis Qi around the Fallen Shadow freeze for a moment.


It was clear that after fighting Yuan Kun and destroying the eight boundaries, the Fallen Shadow Genesis Qi had taken a toll!


"Now is the time!" Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed. He turned to say to Jiu Gong, "I must tell you that you should not ask a man whether he can do it or not!"




He clasped his hands together in a hand seal, and a pillar of Genesis Qi shot out from the top of his head. Numerous fragments emerged from the beam of light and quickly merged to form a five-colored tower of light above the Fallen Shadow.


The tower of light pressed down like lightning and enveloped the Fallen Shadow.


Yuan Kun and Jiu Gong's eyes lit up.




Genesis Qi exploded violently within the tower of light, shattering the tower.


With an ashen face, Jiu Gong asked, "What happened? Did you fail?"


Zhou Yuan looked at the Fallen Shadow in the air. The Genesis Qi pulsating around him was gradually weakening, and there was a five-colored tower seal faintly formed in the space between his eyebrows.


Zhou Yuan smiled. "The label was successful."


With a wave of his sleeve, the fragments returned to the palm of his hand.


Zhou Yuan wrinkled his eyebrows. The fragments had become extremely boring, and it was obvious that Zhou Yuan had to store them in the Divine Dwellings for a while before he could use the technique again.




When the Fallen Shadow Genesis Qi weakened, Yuan Kun knew that the seal had been successful and burst into laughter. “The situation has changed. I'll beat you this time!"


He caressed the Divine Ox and, enveloped in a torrent of powerful Genesis Qi, charged towards the Fallen Shadow to kill it.


Once again a battle broke out between the two sides above. But this time, the arrogance that the Fallen Shadow exuded was gone. Zhou Yuan's Five Spirits Universe Tower's sealing technique had not actually sealed half of his Genesis Qi, but had reduced it by at least 30%.


Therefore, Fallen Shadow's Genesis Qi was not much weaker or stronger than Xuan Kun's. Furthermore, with the help of the Divine Earth Ox, they began to push the Fallen Shadow to retreat.


But this gentle fight did not last long. Yuan Kun was surprised to discover that the tower sealing rune between Fallen Shadow's eyebrows was gradually dimming.


Furthermore, Fallen Shadow's Genesis Qi was beginning to recover.


Yuan Kun jumped up and couldn't help but howl: “Zhou Yuan, is your seal of such poor quality?! How long is it going to last?!"


Zhou Yuan rolled his eyes. If seals could exist for a long period of time, wouldn't they be invincible?


“It's your fault for playing for so long,” Zhou Yuan grumbled, and immediately burst out with Genesis Qi. He sped through the air and joined the battle.


With the addition of Zhou Yuan, the Fallen Shadow could no longer resist the attack. Formed by three, the Fallen Shadow let out a prolonged miserable howl.




The two sides fought for some time, and when the sealing tower between Fallen Shadow's eyebrows flickered and was about to disappear, Zhou Yuan clenched his fist. Hair emerged from her skin and became like a glove.


Break Genesis!


The hair turned jet black. Zhou Yuan's face was frozen as he slammed his fist into Fallen Shadow's chest.


The Fallen Shadow stopped fighting. A crack slowly spread across his body before the Fallen Shadow burst into specks of light that filled the sky.


Zhou Yuan clenched his fist, grabbing an orb of light from his dispersing body. It was a fallen Genesis orb.


Sensing the power contained within the Fallen Genesis Orb, Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. He felt that if this Fallen Genesis Orb was refined, it should be able to greatly dissolve the barrier of the Ninth Divine Dwelling… and perhaps even connect through the Ninth Divine Dwelling.


Zhou Yuan threw the Fallen Genesis Orb into his hands and said to Yuan Kun and Jiu Gong, “This thing, I will exchange for a portion of Alpha Spiritium.”


They could only kill Fallen Shadow with the combined power of the three of them, so he was unable to keep the Fallen Genesis Orb for himself.


Yuan Kun and Jiu Gong exchanged a look and then nodded. They knew that the power contained within the Fallen Genesis Orb could help people connect Divine Dwellings, but they were now at the pinnacle of the Divine Dwelling stage, so they no longer needed it.


It was his gain if Zhou Yuan exchanged a portion of Alpha Spiritium for it.


Zhou Yuan stored the Fallen Genesis Orb, and then the three people shifted their fiery gazes towards the depths of the frozen lake where the ice lotuses shone.


They had gone through hardships in this mini domain, and now it was finally time to divide the spoils.

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