Chapter 963 Super Domain

Out of the ice mountain.


Zhou Yuan gently patted the space bag on his waist, unable to hide the satisfied smile on his face because there were four strands of Alpha Spiritium inside.


Four strands of Alpha Spiritium were worth more than 4,000 ordinary Spritium strands, a loot that far exceeded anything they had previously collected.


He raised his head and looked at Yuan Kun and Jiu Gong. Two teams had already gathered behind them, ready to leave at any moment.


Zhou Yuan smiled and said, "It's been great working together."


Yuan Kun smiled and bumped fists with Zhou Yuan, while Jiu Gong seemed indifferent. He had regained his previous cold and proud look, but after some hesitation, he said, “I have something to tell you. I met Xu Ming at one of the previous domains. He had eliminated one of their teams and wounded or killed a dozen members in the process. The leader of that team should be the mountain pavilion master, Han Yuan.”


As someone from the Xuanji Region, Jiu Gong was very knowledgeable about the Tianyuan Region. Therefore, it was not strange for her to recognize Han Yuan.


The smile on Zhou Yuan's face stiffened. Normally speaking, although they were all fellow competitors in the tournament, most of the top teams had their pride and wouldn't take things too far.


Like Xue Jingtao of the Zixiao region, Zhou Yuan had met before. Although Zhou Yuan did not appreciate it, he had not eliminated his entire team or taken their lives. This was not solely because of Su Youwei, but also because it was an unspoken rule among the participants.


Top teams should face other top teams, and there was no need to be too ruthless towards the other teams unless the other party had no contact.


Given Zhou Yuan's understanding of Han Yuan's character, he was definitely someone who could endure humiliation and would certainly give in against someone like Xu Ming.


Despite this, Xu Ming had eliminated the entire team and even caused them to suffer some losses.


This was really too much.


Was it because of the slight disagreement they had earlier? Xu Ming is really cruel and arrogant to the limit...


Zhou Yuan sighed. The truth was, with the exception of a few members of the Wind Pavilion, he was not very familiar with the others. It was highly unlikely that he felt much for them. However, he was the head pavilion master of the Tianyuan region and the leader of his generation; therefore, he was responsible for its protection.


Xu Ming's actions were probably a provocation.


Zhou Yuan lowered his gaze before looking towards Jiu Gong and said, “Thank you.”


His tone was calm, but Jiu Gong and Yuan Kung's pupils shrank slightly. They could hear a chilling killing intent in his voice. Xu Ming's actions had evidently angered him.


Yuan Kun commented, "Xu Ming is still as unscrupulous as before."


Jiu Gong looked at Zhou Yuan and said, "Don't blame me for standing idly by when the time comes."


If the time came, she would naturally have the power to stop them, but she would not do so because she was not obligated to do so. Furthermore, everything between them was a joint operation. It was not enough reason for her to confront Xu Ming.


Although it wasn't pleasant to hear, it was the truth.


Zhou Yuan shook his head and said, "I'm not that delusional."


Jiu Gong nodded. Zhou Yuan was not someone who did not understand his circumstances, after all. She said, “This domain has already been cleared, so let's part ways here. "Who knows if we will be enemies or allies the next time we meet."


They had chosen to cooperate in this domain because the Fallen Shadow stationed here was too powerful. If it weren't for his presence, Jiu Gong would definitely have monopolized everything, and a tough fight would probably have awaited Zhou Yuan and Yuan Kun if they wanted to compete.


Therefore, who knew if they would be friends or enemies the next time they met.


"We will see each other again." Zhou Yuan nodded.


Jiu Gong decisively turned around and quickly left with his team.


Yuan Kun smiled and said, “Zhou Yuan, if we meet Xu Ming together, we can join forces and beat him up. "It's been an eyesore for a long time."


Zhou Yuan nodded slightly in response.


After a little more conversation, Yuan Kun left without worries.


Zhou Yuan was silent for a while as he watched the two teams leave. He did not plan to leave immediately because he wanted to absorb the Fallen Shadow Genesis Orb to see if he could unlock his ninth Divine Dwelling.


With this decision made, he turned around and sat on the top of the ice mountain. He adjusted his condition in preparation to absorb the Fallen Shadow Genesis Orb.


Yi Qiushui spread out the team, placing them around Zhou Yuan.


He passed half a stick of incense. However, just as Zhou Yuan was slowly entering a calm state of mind, he suddenly heard sounds of alarm and panic and a strange disturbance.


His eyes widened abruptly.


"What's going on?" He immediately looked towards Yi Qiushui as Genesis Qi surged around him.


Yi Qiushui was looking at the sky in panic. Numerous other members were doing the same. Zhou Yuan immediately raised his head and looked at the sky, only for his pupils to shrink.


A huge spatial crack was slowly opening in the sky, looking like a sinister giant mouth. An almost solid wind howled within it and devastated the surroundings.


On closer inspection, it was not wind but Genesis Qi that had condensed to the limit!


“This is…” Zhou Yuan looked grimly at the giant spatial crack. After a bit of silence, he said slowly: "Is a super domain opening?"


"Superdomain?!" Yi Qiushui and the others shouted in surprise.


The Fallen Abyss was divided into numerous mini domains like the one Zhou Yuan and his team were currently located at. Above the high-class mini domains was the super domain.


It was said that the super domain would only open once a certain number of teams obtained Alpha Spiritium. In other words, the spatial rift above their heads had probably appeared above other teams that had Alpha Spiritium. This meant that numerous strong teams could enter the super domain through the giant spatial rift.


Of course, the opportunities and resources in the super domain were not simply limited to Alpha Spiritium.


The opening of the super domain symbolized that the nine regions tournament had entered its second phase. The clashes in the superdomain would determine the final classification of the tournament.


Zhou Yuan concentrated on the spatial crack as excitement burned in his eyes.


Compared to the super domain, the domain he was currently in was destitute.


Of course, with so many strong experts gathered, the competition would intensify beyond imagination.




Zhou Yuan suddenly heard the wind blow and looked up to find Jiu Gong and Yuan Kun running with their teams. Even from a distance, he could still see the joy and excitement on Jiu Gong and Yuan Kun's faces.


Evidently, the opening of the super domain was also beyond his expectations, and its opening meant that the biggest battles of the tournament would soon begin.


Zhou Yuan couldn't help but laugh, "It seems like it's not time for us to part yet..."




Meanwhile, outside the Fallen Abyss.


The dozen Law Domain stage experts suddenly widened their eyes. They looked at the compass in front of them, their expressions trembling for an instant. Then they waved their sleeves, and light burst out from the compass and slowly formed a giant screen.


Within the screen there seemed to be a vast ancient domain.


The Law Domain experts narrowed their eyes, which flickered with a hint of interest.


"The super domain finally opened?"


"Hehe, the good part is finally about to begin..."

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