Chapter 969 I can't hide anymore



Twelve flashes of gold quickly grew in Zhou Yuan's eyes. The wild aura that assaulted his senses made him feel as if real beasts were charging straight at him. A storm of devastating Genesis Qi was unleashed, causing Zhou Yuan's skin to tighten abruptly. He felt a slight stabbing pain throughout his body.


He had no intention of underestimating his opponent. With a deep breath, he clenched his hands and 58 million Genesis Qi stars flashed and surged behind him, rippling the surrounding space.




One of the golden beasts arrived, its sharp claws cutting through the air, opening small cracks in the fabric of space. The claw descended like a cannonball and exploded in the air.


With a solemn expression, Zhou Yuan gasped the sword light in his hand and slashed down mercilessly.


Metalic sound!


The sword light and the sharp golden claw collided in a flurry of sparks, the surrounding air trembled.




At the moment of impact, Zhou Yuan clearly felt a terrifying power flow towards him. The force violently shook his entire body.


Metalic sound! Metalic sound!


Before Zhou Yuan could return to his senses, the attacks of the other eleven golden beasts came. The claws seemingly filled the sky as they descended, heading towards Zhou Yuan's vitals.


Even Zhou Yuan did not dare to face the onslaught of attacks. His figure receded in an instant, becoming blurry as he hastily retreated.


However, the twelve golden beasts followed like shadows. Wave after wave of attacks left Zhou Yuan with no chance to catch his breath.


Clang clang clang!


Sparks flew in all directions as Zhou Yuan's figure was repelled with every blow. The excellent teamwork of the twelve golden beasts almost suffocated him.


In the starry sky, the members of the various regions secretly licked their lips at this scene. The puppets from the Yaogui region were truly terrifying. Even Yuan Kun, Jiu Gong, and other similar veteran practitioners would be hard-pressed by such an attack.


Yuan Kun had a rather serious expression on his greasy face. How could he not tell that Xu Ming's attacks were full of killing intent? He clearly planned to seriously injure Zhou Yuan. If Zhou Yuan didn't have anything else up his sleeve, it would be highly unlikely for him to return.


Since Yuan Kun was able to come to such a conclusion, the proud heavens of the other regions were naturally able to do so as well.


Jiu Gong shook his head inwardly. Although Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi had reached 58 million through the four spirit runes, something seemed to be lacking in terms of technique.


"What a pity. Zhou Yuan has extraordinary potential and will probably trample Xu Ming once he opens his ninth Divine Dwelling..." Jiu Gong felt quite regretful. Perhaps Xu Ming also understood this and thus repeatedly provoked Zhou Yuan. hoping to eliminate him before he could unlock his ninth Divine Dwelling.


Regarding Zhou Yuan, there was a deep sense of fear and envy in Xu Ming's heart. After all, Zhou Yuan could already compete with an expert at the 9th Heaven Divine Dwelling stage like him at the 8th Heaven Divine Dwelling stage. This point alone was enough to prove that Zhou Yuan's talent far surpassed his own.


Wu Yao calmly watched the fight on the head of the giant stone statue. Behind her, Zhao Yunxiao watched closely with wide eyes and clenched teeth, as if he could not wait for the moment when Zhou Yuan would be destroyed.


On the Zixiao Region side, Xue Jingtao was secretly excited seeing Xu Ming completely suppress Zhou Yuan. He looked towards Su Youwei and said in a serious voice, “Junior Sister Youwei, you have already offended Zhao Mushen. You can’t interfere later if Xu Ming eliminates Zhou Yuan!”


"Even our Zixiao Region will not be able to handle the offense of both the Wanzu Region and the Yaogui Region together." He did everything he could to persuade her.


Su Youwei silently looked at Xue Jingtao with her clear eyes. Unnaturally, he looked away as he said, "I'm trying to think about our Zixiao region."


A sliver of disdain passed through the depths of his eyes. She said indifferently: “Don't worry. “He won’t lose to Xu Ming.”


A strange anger surged in Xue Jingtao's heart when he heard Su Youwei's trust in Zhou Yuan. He sneered and said, “Oh? It is currently being hit unilaterally. "I don't see any chance of it changing things."


Su Youwei replied indifferently: "That's because the gap between him and you is too big."


Veins appeared on Xue Jingtao's forehead. He almost couldn't contain his anger. Sarcastically he said, “Is that so? Well, then I will happily wait to see how things will change.”




Metalic sound!


The sword light spread out and slammed into five golden beasts. The dazzling sword light shattered forcefully, bursting into countless spots of light.


Zhou Yuan's figure was thrown back, his feet leaving long marks on the ground.


The Genesis Qi in his body was somewhat unstable. The battle power of these twelve golden beasts had surpassed his expectations. Furthermore, they had perfect coordination, and it was very difficult for Zhou Yuan to fight, given his base of 58 million Genesis Qi.


Zhou Yuan frowned slightly. It seemed that he could not underestimate any of the other eight regions' proud sky veterans. Such power, technique, and tactics were truly a headache.


It seems he had no choice but to get serious. He could no longer hide all his cards.




The twelve golden beasts suddenly roared during Zhou Yuan's brief distraction. Gold flashed, and they appeared around Zhou Yuan, taking twelve different positions and sealing off any escape path.


Golden light surged from their bodies and chased away the shadows, greatly weakening Zhou Yuan's Heavenly Shadow Art.


The dark golden light frantically converged towards their mouths, rippling with terrifying pulses. The surrounding space began to warp a little.


Nearby, Xu Ming smirked as he looked at Zhou Yuan and sighed. “Zhou Yuan, I can't believe you let yourself be distracted. Since you made such a silly mistake, don’t blame me for not showing mercy.”


"Go away with all your people."


Abruptly, he clasped his hands, a low voice ringing out, “Twelve Golden Armaments!”




Boundless golden light erupted from the mouths of the golden beasts. It frantically converged, turning into twelve different shining golden weapons.


Sword, spear, axe...


Each weapon flashed with utmost clarity. They charged forward, piercing the air like an unstoppable army.


The twelve golden weapons were as fast as lightning, and many spectators could only make out flashes of gold. However, this did not stop them from feeling a sharp aura that made their scalp numb.


Everyone knew that Xu Ming had brought out his killer move. His attack was enough to seriously injure, or even kill, Zhou Yuan!




When the golden light swept towards him, it seemed impossible for Zhou Yuan to dodge. In the end, he could do nothing as the twelve golden weapons struck his body with devastating force.




The golden light exploded and a golden shockwave unfolded.


Lu Xiao, Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui and the others shivered and paled substantially.


If Zhou Yuan received such an astonishing attack, he would surely suffer serious injuries!


The corners of Xu Ming's mouth rose at an angle. He lazily stretched his body and muttered to himself: "Trash that can only depend on words..."


He raised his head, looked towards Su Youwei, and smiled as he wordlessly conveyed, “Su Youwei, I already told you that you couldn’t protect this trash!”


This stone statue was his!


While Xu Ming was smiling from ear to ear, he suddenly heard several gasps.


The tips of his eyebrows trembled as he violently shook his head in Zhou Yuan's direction. The golden light gradually faded, revealing a silhouette.


His pupils shrank abruptly. A silver-armored figure stood silently amidst the fading gold, slowly exuding an indescribably terrifying aura.


His twelve golden weapons fell around Zhou Yuan, broken and shattered, turning into specks of light that soon dissipated into the air.


All of this was reflected in Xu Ming's eyes as he looked at the silver-armored figure emitting a chilling aura. The corners of Xu Ming's mouth twitched slightly. An inexplicable chill crept into his heart.


What the hell is that?

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