Chapter 974 The Battle of the Three Kings

In the ancient stone statue in the depths of the starry sky.


It was wider there than the place where Zhou Yuan and the others were. The top of the ancient stone statue was like a huge endless plain, and only the starry sky above it shone brightly.


On the plain, Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao, and Su Youwei stood facing each other in a triangular formation.


Zhao Mushen stared at the two remarkably dazzling and elegant women. A flash of admiration appeared on his handsome face, which looked as if someone had carved it with a knife. He had never thought that of all the people of his generation, there would be two women of incomparable beauty who could compete with him.


Even Zhao Mushen, who was incredibly proud, thought highly of them.


"Do you two have to fight me over this statue?" Zhao Mushen said softly. “If you withdraw now, then I, Zhao Mushen, owe you two a favor. If you need anything in the future, please let me know.”


Although his voice was soft, it cut across the plain and clearly reached the ears of the two women.


Wu Yao raised her beautiful eyebrows. "What? The person who ranked first on the Divine Dwelling List, the so-called king of the Divine Dwelling stage, doesn't even have the courage to fight?"


Wu Yao's voice was slightly hoarse, and compared to the voice of an average woman, it was not soft, but hard and deep.


"We've come all this way, is there any reason not to fight?" Su Youwei asked. His voice was gentle and soft, as if it made others feel wrapped in a spring breeze. His voice contrasted sharply with Wu Yao's.


Zhao Mushen was not the least bit angry at being teased by the two women. He smiled helplessly. “You two are thinking too much. I feel that since you two are as beautiful as goddesses, other people would feel sorry for you when you are tragically defeated at my hands.”


He shook his head. "But since you two are not interested in my suggestion... let's fight."


As Zhao Mushen's voice faded, he gently waved his sleeve and burst out with thousands of rays of light. The void shook violently.


Countless Genesis Qi stars emerged in the space above him. The total was at least 75 million!


The appearance of such a terrifying amount caused even the Genesis Qi universe to surge violently. The roar of Genesis Qi collision echoed throughout the area.


Many people in the outside world watched carefully as the stars formed and couldn't help but gulp. A foundation of 75 million... and it was achieved without the help of any foreign media!


An ordinary expert who had just reached the Heavenly Sun stage would only possess 100 million Genesis Qi stars at most! Zhao Mushen was only at the peak of the Divine Dwelling stage, yet he had almost reached this number. The upper sky pride with the title of Little Heavenly Sun was indeed incredibly terrifying.


Even Yuan Kun and Jiu Gong would feel a sense of helplessness when facing experts with a Genesis Qi base of that level.


On the other hand, Wu Yao and Su Youwei did not reveal a wave of excitement on their stunning faces. They remained as calm as a lake while facing Zhao Mushen.


Wu Yao clasped her slender and beautiful hands in front of her chest, forming a hand seal. A black lightning bolt rumbled from the top of his head, and countless Genesis Qi stars emerged within the lightning bolt.


74 million!


It was only a million stars less than Zhao Mushen! Its founding was equally amazing.


Countless people marveled at the sight before they simultaneously cast their gazes towards Su Youwei. In Hunyuan Heaven, based on Genesis Qi foundation alone, everyone knew that no one could compare to Su Youwei.


Under countless gazes, millions of purple light spots emerged behind Su Youwei, transforming into a purple starry sky. Its stars, dazzling and beautiful, twinkled incessantly.




Countless gasps of astonishment sounded one after another throughout the world.


Eighty-three million Genesis Qi stars shone in the purple starry sky behind Su Youwei.


83 million!


The sight suffocated many people, and such a terrifying base of Genesis Qi made them feel desperate.


A ten-heaven Divine Dwelling was truly terrifying!


It wasn't just them. Even Zhao Mushen and Wu Yao felt jealous when they saw the purple starry sky behind Su Youwei, their eyes shining with envy. They knew the difficulty of increasing one's Genesis Qi base when one reached their level.


Despite the difficulties, Su Youwei was able to surpass 80 million!


The variant Ten Heaven Divine Dwelling, which was rarely seen in the world, gave Su Youwei a great advantage. However, it was still impossible to predict the outcome of such a high-level battle with just this, even though the difference of millions of Genesis Qi stars was advantageous.


As the ultimate celestial prides of each region, their hidden trump cards were the turning points that would determine the outcome of the battle.


The millions of Genesis Qi stars shining brightly above the plain turned the Genesis Qi universe into a raging storm, and an oppressive feeling filled the air before the battle began. Even extraordinary Heavenly Pride experts would not dare to take a step on the battlefield of the three.


Their gazes collided, and the void even trembled at that moment.




The countless Genesis Qi stars vibrated and three silhouettes shot out almost at the same time. They moved at lightning speed, making it impossible for many people to see them.


The three of them crossed the vast and endless plain in just a few breaths and collided at its center like three meteors.


Terrifying Genesis Qi shockwaves spread in all directions like thousand-foot-high waves.


Wu Yao clenched his slender and beautiful hand, and the black lightning quickly materialized into a lightning whip resembling an enraged Dragon. The lightning whip whizzed out, enveloping Zhao Mushen and Su Youwei. During the process, even the void cracked and shattered.


The destructive power of the whip was terrifying.


Zhao Mushen opened his mouth and released a beam of light that met the storm head-on. The beam of light transformed into a golden halberd engraved with sparkling inscriptions and various Dragon patterns. The Dragons within the patterns were intertwined with each other and looked like real living creatures.


As the golden halberd was formed, a Dragon's roar resounded in the sky and a terrifying pressure filled the air. It was one of the best Celestial Genesis weapons!


Zhao Mushen tightened his grip, then suddenly lowered the golden halberd. His slash shattered the void and shattered the whip of black lightning that was heading towards him. He also took advantage of the moment when Su Youwei was hit by the force of the whip to hit her.


A screech sounded with his rod.


With lightning speed, Su Youwei folded her hands in a hand seal. Genesis Qi gathered frantically and formed two wheels of purple light in his palms. More than 80 million stars shone inside the wheels. It was a magnificent spectacle.


He raised his hands, bringing the two purple light wheels to meet the lightning whip and the golden halberd at the same time.


Metalic sound!


Terrifying sounds sounded as Genesis Qi shockwaves erupted.


The plain below was collapsing!


The two purple light wheels spun wildly, countering the two terrifying attacks. As the shockwave passed through them, the three stopped for a moment, but soon shot at each other again.


The golden halberd, black lightning whip, and purple wheel collided repeatedly, and each collision caused a violent storm.


Under the starry sky, countless people fixed incomparably shocked gazes on the depths of the starry sky, where the chaotic battle between the three was occurring. Even though a Genesis Qi barrier enveloped the area with a film of light, it still could not conceal the earth-shaking movements occurring on the stone statue.


This could be said to be the fiercest battle of the Divine Dwelling stage in Hunyuan Heaven!


Countless people felt their scalps go numb and couldn't help but shudder.


In fact, it was worth coming here to witness the battle between three kings!


They trembled even more intensely as they thought about the announcement of the final winner...


Without a doubt, they would witness the birth of an era.

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