Chapter 975 Joining Forces



As the monstrous shockwaves of Genesis Qi swept across the plain, the entire world trembled violently.


At the origin of the shock waves, three silhouettes crossed paths repeatedly like lightning. Each collision caused movements that shook the earth. The countless people watching from the outside world inhaled deeply.


Although another battle was occurring under the starry sky and involved the top prides of heaven such as Li Tongshen, Yuan Kun, and Jiu Gong, more than 90% of the people were attentively watching the battle atop the largest stone statue.


This was because the battle was too intense.


If they didn't know better, the spectators would have thought it was a battle between three Heavenly Sun stage experts.


The brilliance of the three fighters almost overshadowed everyone else.




Genesis Qi crashed again and again like enormous waves, and the three figures stopped simultaneously for a moment.


Wu Yao's handsome face was full of fierceness. She had attacked continuously in the previous round and had made no defensive moves. Furthermore, the black lightning he cultivated possessed the most destructive power among them.


Wu Yao's Phoenix eyes became increasingly fierce as the battle progressed. He couldn't remember the last time he had experienced such a satisfying battle.


"Since we are fighting, bring out everything you have!" Wu Yao roared, bringing his beautiful hands together in a hand seal. An endless ray of light suddenly erupted from his graceful body.


"Wushen Art!"


Her imposing aura soared dramatically and light shone on her red dress. His Genesis Qi stars skyrocketed from 74 million stars to 93 million!


His foundation had increased by an incredible 19 million!


She had used one of the secret arts of the Wushen Region.


Wu Yao clenched his hand and two black lightning bolts fell from the sky, pierced through the void and rushed towards Zhao Mushen and Su Youwei. They were thousands of feet long.


A look of caution crossed Zhao Mushen's face when he saw the lightning roaring like a black Dragon. He didn't dare to be careless. With a slam of his feet, the air around him exploded with a deafening sound.


"Ancestral Spirit Law!"


An illusory silhouette suddenly emerged from his body. He was still faceless and radiated an indescribable ancient aura.


The silhouette sank, tunneling into the center of Zhao Mushen's eyebrows.




Zhao Mushen's Genesis Qi also skyrocketed, increasing from 75 million to 95 million in the blink of an eye!


Su Youwei's body also burst out with intense purple light almost at the same time.


"Zixiao Star Formation!"


Purple light rushed forward and filled the sky, gathering into a starry formation. As the formation illuminated the area, it formed many Genesis Qi stars in the void behind Su Youwei.


His 83 million star Genesis Qi foundation also skyrocketed.


Countless people cast their gazes towards her because they were curious as to what kind of level Su Youwei's powerful Genesis Qi base would reach after a secret art strengthened it.


Could it exceed 100 million?


But no Genesis Qi star had passed the 100 million mark in the Divine Dwelling stage because there seemed to be a limit that prevented it from happening.


The Genesis Qi stars behind Su Youwei continued to rise amidst countless curious gazes, but when the number reached 98 million, it stopped abruptly.


Sighs of disappointment echoed throughout the world. In fact, it was extremely difficult to increase the number of Genesis Qi stars when one's foundation approached the limit of 100 million. One hundred million seemed to be the limit of the Divine Dwelling stage.


Even so, very few people in the entire Hunyuan Heaven had been able to bring their Genesis Qi foundation closer to the amount of 100 million in the past. Based on this fact alone, Su Youwei's name would be remembered in history.


As the audience sighed in disappointment, Zhao Mushen and Su Youwei had made their move. The powerful Genesis Qi shot into the sky, blocking the black Dragon-like lightning immediately.




It was as if two mushroom clouds of Genesis Qi were spreading out from the ancient stone statue. The shockwaves hit the Genesis Qi barrier surrounding the statue, causing it to ripple continuously.


Sitting cross-legged outside the Genesis Qi barrier, Wang Xi turned his blood-red eyes towards the three people fighting. He was full of bitterness and desire.


He also wanted to participate in a fight of that level to prove his worth.


However, he knew that he was still lacking compared to them. Therefore, he needed to increase both his Qi and his killing Qi. Although he had fought countless battles over the years, the murderous Qi was sealed in his Divine Dwellings and its release would take a period of time.


He believed that he could participate in the battle once he lifted the seal!


He wanted to prove to everyone that the kings of Hunyuan Heaven were not just those three! He, Wang Xi, was not inferior to anyone else!


The huge clouds of Genesis Qi gradually diminished.


Zhao Mushen stayed floating in the air, looking at the 98 million extremely dazzling Genesis Qi stars behind Su Youwei. His eyes narrowed and his lips moved slightly as a voice passed into Wu Yao's ears.


“Wu Yao, Su Youwei’s Genesis Qi is terrifying. If this three-person battle continued, it would only benefit her. There also seems to be a big gap between you and her. "I suggest we join forces to eliminate her first."


Wu Yao's Phoenix eyes flashed, and a voice wrapped in Genesis Qi replied, "Okay."


The two had reached an agreement in an instant. Their figures flashed and appeared in front of Su Youwei as if they had teleported.


His actions caused a stir in the outside world. No one expected that Wu Yao and Zhao Mushen would be the first to join forces!




Wu Yao performed a hand seal at lightning speed. A fierce look crossed her beautiful face, and endless black lightning gathered behind her, gradually forming a black lightning egg. On the surface of the lightning egg, cracks spread rapidly.




A clear and resounding Phoenix cry suddenly sounded, and a black Phoenix lightning shattered the shell and flapped its wings. Black lightning struck and split the void.


Small Saint Art, Descending Lightning Phoenix!


"Come on!"


He moved his finger and sent the black lightning phoenix filled with destructive power towards Su Youwei.


Zhao Mushen raised his head and roared towards the sky, summoning a gigantic golden light formation. The light formation rotated and an ancient voice sounded. A pale yellow mottled hand extended from the formation.


The huge hand was formed from Genesis Qi, but for some reason it exuded a pulsating aura.


Little Saint Art, Ancestral Spiritual Hand!




The old man's hand reached through the void and grabbed Su Youwei. It was impossible to escape while shrouded in its shadow!




In the outside world, countless people lost their voices. Zhao Mushen and Wu Yao were ruthlessly trying to kill Su Youwei with two small saint arts!


In such a situation, Su Youwei could be eliminated with the slightest carelessness!


Countless people cast pitiful glances at the small and beautiful figure in the middle of the two terrifying attacks. Who would have thought that Su Youwei would be the first to fall into a crisis?

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