Chapter 977 Investment Art

Amidst countless horrified and stunned gazes, Zhao Mushen fell from the sky and crashed onto the plain with a loud crash.


Clouds of dust and smoke filled the air.


There was absolute silence under the entire starry sky.


Even Wang Xi, who was outside the barrier composed of Genesis Qi, stared at the deep pit in shocked disbelief.


Yuan Kun, Jiu Gong, and Li Tonshen, who were engaged in a fierce battle on a distant stone statue, also stopped for a moment and watched with ever-changing expressions.


No one thought that Zhao Mushen would be the first to fall in the battle of the three kings!


It was Zhao Mushen, the strongest person in the Divine Dwelling stage in the Hunyuan Heaven. All these years, even with Wu Yao and Su Youwei, the peerless couple, competing for the top position, he still stood firm at the top. His position was unwavering.


For many people in the Divine Dwelling stage, Zhao Mushen was always their goal.


Although Wu Yao and Su Youwei's appearances in the nine regions tournament could pose a challenge to Zhao Mushen, in truth, more than 80% of the people still believed that Zhao Mushen would be the final winner.


This was because it was Zhao Mushen!


Therefore, everyone was surprised to see Zhao Mushen surpassed by Wu Yao and Su Youwei. It was true that the more beautiful a woman was, the more deceitful she was!


Wu Yao and Su Youwei were floating in the void with a considerable distance between them. Powerful Genesis Qi surged around their bodies. It was obvious that they were keeping an eye on each other.


They looked at the place where Zhao Mushen had fallen, and then their gazes collided. In their looks, there was no friendship derived from their previous cooperation. Instead, his eyes were filled with caution and vigilance.


Wu Yao raised his eyes and said, "It seems like it's our turn next?"


"I've wanted to have a real fight with you for a long time." Su Youwei's face shone with a faint purple light, making her look even more pure and beautiful.


Wu Yao's red lips moved slightly. "Just because of Zhou Yuan?"


Su Youwei said, “Your blessing is from His Highness, isn't it? The reason you were able to get to where you are today is, of course, because of your exceptional talent, but that blessing must have also played a huge role."


Wu Yao nodded and did not deny it. She extended her slender and beautiful hand, and a mysterious Qi flowed around her fingers. There was a hint of indifference and disgust in his eyes.


“Don't even think I like this thing. If it weren't for that, my mother wouldn't have died." He looked at Su Youwei and said, "But you shouldn't naively try to persuade me to return it to its original owner either. If Zhou Yuan has the ability to take it from me, I wouldn't mind, Even if he kills me, just like I have no resentment towards him for killing Wu Huang and destroying Great Wu .”


“However, the strongest is always the king.”


“The reason why my father took the Holy Dragon Blessing from his body is because he was strong and Great Zhou was weak.”


“Then Zhou Yuan retaliated and destroyed the Great Wu. This was because he was strong and Great Wu was weak.”


“So if you have the ability to take back what belongs to you, you can move forward. Of course, if he can't, don't blame me for removing the last part of the Holy Dragon Blessing from his body."


Su Youwei was silent for a moment and then said, "In that case, I will help Your Highness recover what belongs to you."


Wu Yao stared at her for a long while and said, “I really don't understand what charm he has that makes it worth it for you to do this for him. "I originally thought we could be friends."


Wu Yao had never hidden his admiration for Su Youwei. Unfortunately for her, Su Youwei had never paid attention to her kindness, and it seemed that Zhou Yuan was the reason.


Su Youwei said indifferently: “What you admire is only the current Su Youwei, but the former Su Youwei was not as bright and dazzling as now. She was just a girl from humble origins. Without him, there would be no present Su Youwei.”


"My grandfather always told me to pay someone back for their kindness."


He raised his beautiful hand, and purple light-like stars flowed within the palm of his hand, turning into a star-like sword.


The tip of the sword was pointed directly towards Wu Yao.


"Let's do it," Su Youwei said.


Wu Yao sighed inwardly without a ripple of emotion on his jade face, and then his Phoenix eyes gradually became fierce. Since they couldn't reach an agreement, it was better to resolve it with a fight.




The powerful Genesis Qi gradually spread from Wu Yao and Su Youwei's bodies, causing the sky and the ground to tremble violently.


The atmosphere became extremely tense as if a battle could break out at any moment.


But just as the two women were about to make a move, a strange sound suddenly sounded in the tense atmosphere.


"Ha ha."


Wu Yao and Su Youwei's pupils suddenly shrank. They simultaneously turned to look at the huge pit that was originally filled with smoke and dust.


Zhao Mushen lay silently in the huge pit, his eyes wide open, looking at the two women with a strange smile.


A lotus mark seemed to emit a faint light from the center of his eyebrows.


A gruesome wound covered almost half of his body, but he didn't seem to care. Instead, the smile on his lips intensified. And, most unexpectedly for Su Youwei and Wu Yao, their Genesis Qi had not weakened at all.


He did not appear seriously injured.


But how was that possible? They had not held back any of their forces in their previous attack. It would have been impossible for anyone else to resist his attack!


"Let's join forces to get rid of him!" Wu Yao roared. Zhao Mushen's strange smile made her feel a little uneasy.


Su Youwei's beautiful and delicate face also assumed a serious expression. When he heard Wu Yao's voice, he immediately activated his Genesis Qi without hesitation and shot towards him.


Wu Yao similarly charged towards Zhao Mushen.


Zhao Mushen stood up in the deep pit. Seeing the two women charge at him in a murderous manner, he simply gave them a smile. “You tried to plot against me. Do you think I won't do the same?”


He reached out and stabbed the wound on his body.


When he took out his blood-soaked fingers, there seemed to be two subtle waves of Genesis Qi.


They were the Genesis Qi belonging to Su Youwei and Wu Yao.


Zhao Mushen folded his blood-dripping hand into a hand seal at lightning speed.


The smile on his lips became more and more strange, and the lotus mark between his eyebrows began to glow. The lotus flower slowly bloomed and a strange wave of energy surged into the world.


His hoarse voice slowly echoed across the plain.


“Sacred Lotus…”


"Investment art!"


When Wu Yao and Su Youwei dove down from the void above, their expressions changed dramatically. A strange force descended on their body, forming two lotus-shaped silhouettes beneath them.


The lotus flower, vivid and lifelike, radiated mysterious power.


The figures of Wu Yao and Su Youwei froze in midair, like butterflies trying to dance gracefully in amber.


Even the air itself froze. But the strangest and most enormous wounds were spreading across Su Youwei and Wu Yao's bodies, and the marks were identical to Zhao Mushen's!


Zhao Mushen smiled at the two beautiful figures motionless in the void, letting blood flow wildly from his wound. He suddenly opened his arms and smiled.


“What a beautiful scene. Two butterflies are in my hands."


Under the starry sky.


Countless people were even more stunned by this scene. Who would have thought that Zhao Mushen, who they thought had fallen into a desperate state, could reverse the situation?


Countless people's expressions became complicated and they secretly shook their heads. The king of the Divine Dwelling stage truly deserved his title.


On the Wanzu Region side, Liu Qingshu and the others finally relaxed their tense bodies and burst into cheers. Their cheers echoed throughout the starry sky and penetrated one ancient stone statue in particular.


On this stone statue, Zhou Yuan was sitting cross-legged with his eyes closed, and as if he had sensed something, his eyes slowly opened.

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