Chapter 981 Zhou Yuan vs. Zhao Mushen



The moment Zhao Mushen acted, universe Genesis Qi rolled like dark storm clouds and spread towards Zhou Yuan's direction.


The void trembled incessantly.


Zhao Mushen turned his hand, gathering endless Genesis Qi in his palm as a nine-colored light shuttle took shape. The light shuttle shook with endless sharp Qi, which cut small traces in the surrounding air.


The Nine-Colored Light Spear was not unknown to Zhou Yuan. Zhao Mushen had used it the first time Zhou Yuan met him in a mini domain. But this nine-colored light shuttle was clearly much stronger than the previous one.


"Nine Spirit Soul Breaker Shuttle!"


Zhao Mushen moved his finger and released the nine-color silhouette. He passed through the void and approached Zhou Yuan!


Where the light shuttle passed, a sonic boom sounded.


Zhou Yuan's face did not waver as he watched the nine-colored rays of light rapidly expand before him. Zhao Mushen is quite interesting. The battle is beginning with this Genesis art. Do you want to remind me how embarrassing I looked during our previous meeting?


In the void behind Zhou Yuan, the astonishing Genesis Qi swallowed the 99.99 million Genesis Qi stars flickering brightly.


Zhou Yuan did not take out any Genesis Technique to counter the attack, and instead let the nine-colored silhouette approach him. Then, he stretched out his hand and wrapped his arm with powerful Genesis Qi, forming a layer of scales like blue gold armor.




He directly grabbed the nine-color light shuttle with one hand.




The nine-color light shuttle madly released a powerful force into Zhou Yuan's hand, but his fist was motionless like a rock. The light shuttle looked like a fish caught in an eagle's claw. No matter how he struggled, he couldn't move.


Expressionlessly, Zhou Yuan clenched his hand.




The nine-colored light shuttle exploded and filled the sky with specks of light.


Zhou Yuan looked at Zhao Mushen indifferently and said, “If you wanted to use this to irritate me, instead, you have made me look down on you, the Hunyuan Heaven King Divine Dwelling stage.”


As Zhou Yuan raised his palm in the air, a sword orb slowly rose up. Because Zhou Yuan had opened the nine Divine Dwellings, the sword orb had also undergone considerable changes. It had become crystalline, like a diamond, and its new quality made the orb seem indestructible.


This transformation was a sign that he had mastered the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb.


"Sword Orb, difference."


With a light touch, the sword orb trembled and transformed into hundreds of sword orbs. Then, as they shot out, enveloped in sword light, they took the form of hundreds of light swords.


His sharp sword Qi roared throughout the world.




Hundreds of sword lights lit up simultaneously, each with tremendous power exceeding the original sword orb!


The hundred beams of sword light pierced the sky in a terrifying formation. Zhao Mushen stood still for a moment. Zhou Yuan now had the support of a powerful Genesis Qi foundation, and every attack from Zhou Yuan was terrifying.


Zhao Mushen shook his hand and a golden halberd appeared. He let out a long roar and met the attack head-on.


Metalic sound!


The golden halberd burst out with dazzling rays of light and repeatedly collided with the many sword lights, causing metallic sounds throughout the world.


The two fought hundreds of rounds in just tens of seconds.


Zhou Yuan's sword light offensive was fierce, but Zhao Mushen's golden halberd was indestructible. No matter how the hundred sword lights hit, they could not break the defense of the golden halberd.


Zhou Yuan couldn't help but marvel at Zhao Mushen's strength. Zhou Yuan should have had the advantage based on the strength of his Genesis Qi base, but Zhao Mushen did not seem to be at a disadvantage.


"Sword Orb, gather!"


Zhou Yuan formed a seal with one hand and gathered the hundred sword orbs that gathered together again to form a thousand-foot-long light sword in the void above him. The sword hummed and vibrated constantly as it released a terrifyingly sharp aura.


This was the first time Zhou Yuan had truly displayed the great power of the sword orb since he began cultivating the Devil Sweeping Sword Orb.




The thousand-foot-long sword light slashed downwards, shattering the void, and leaving a thousand-foot-long sword mark on the plain below.


The power of the slash caused even Zhao Mushen's expression to change slightly. The fierceness of Zhou Yuan's sword light, coupled with his 99 million Genesis Qi base, made Zhao Mushen dare not underestimate him.


Zhao Mushen formed a seal with both hands at lightning speed.


"Ancient Spiritual Hand!"


The golden light formation in the void behind Zhao Mushen suddenly flashed. Then, an ancient mottled hand stretched out and clenched into a fist, like a fist of the gods. Engulfed in a terrifying storm of Genesis Qi, he collided with the sword light slashing with devastating power.




The violent shockwaves from the impact were like tremendous 300 meter waves. They tore through the void and hit the Genesis Qi film outside the stone statue, causing it to ripple frantically.


An alteration of this scale caused countless people's scalps to go numb.


The ferocity of the battle between Zhou Yuan and Zhao Mushen had exceeded the chaotic battle between the three kings before.




Storm-like shockwaves of Genesis Qi enveloped Zhao Mushen. His face remained indifferent as he constantly made slashing movements with the golden halberd in his hand to forcibly destroy the many terrifying waves.


However, at this moment, Zhao Mushen's pupils suddenly shrank because he saw a shadow crossing the void in front of him. A ghostly figure was charging towards him.


It was Zhou Yuan!


Zhao Mushen had experienced Zhou Yuan's shadow-form body technique during their first encounter, but because Zhou Yuan's strength had skyrocketed, the body technique was much faster and stranger than before.


Zhou Yuan transformed into a shadow, and the sword orb in his hand turned into a three-foot blue sword wrapped in powerful sword Qi.


Zhao Mushen's eyes were piercing and cold. He formed a seal with one hand, and a giant speckled hand extended out again from the golden formation in the void behind him. The giant hand covered Zhao Mushen like an indestructible fortress.


At the same time, Zhao Mushen quickly changed his seal, preparing an even stronger counterattack.


The sword orb in Zhou Yuan's hand shot out and repeatedly bombarded the speckled ancient hand. But this only caused strong vibrations and failed to detach the giant hand. Zhao Mushen had clearly strengthened his defenses.


At the same time, Zhou Yuan could feel that powerful Genesis Qi was gathering in the giant hand. His eyes flashed, he sped up and appeared right before the giant speckled fist.


"Let's see how hard your turtle shell is!"


With a loud roar, the more than 99 million Genesis Qi stars in the void burst out with dazzling rays of light, and a silver liquid leaked from his body. In just a few breaths, the liquid transformed into a majestic silver battle armor.


Zhou Yuan's imposing aura continued to rise.




He clenched his hand and punched the old fist.


His punch did not contain any striking movement, but the tremendous force caused the void to shatter into countless fragments.




Along with the deep rumble, a ripple spread out from the ancient giant fist. The void seemed to freeze for a moment. Then, the giant fist exploded into pieces.


Zhao Mushen's body was directly exposed. He, who had always remained calm and collected, revealed a look of horror. He did not expect Zhou Yuan to successfully break through his defense.


But he did not react slowly and retreated quickly like lightning.




But when he moved, a silver armored figure appeared behind him like a ghost.


"For that Spear some time ago... I'll give you a fist back!" Zhou Yuan's voice sounded. Then, the iron fist covered in silver armor fell like silver lightning. Broke the void.


Zhao Mushen's face darkened. In the blink of an eye, three dazzling Divine Dwelling halos quickly emerged behind him.




The silver iron fist struck and the three halos of the Divine Dwelling shattered in an instant.




Zhou Yuan's fist slammed into Zhao Mushen's back, and a boom echoed throughout the void. Zhao Mushen's figure burst out like a cannonball, crashing onto the plain. Smoke and dust filled the area and even buried his body.


There was absolute silence under the starry sky.


Everyone looked at the scene in shocked disbelief. In his memory, this was the first time Zhao Mushen was defeated in such a tragic manner since he became no. 1 person from the Hunyuan Heaven Divine Dwelling stage.


Countless eyes immediately turned to the slender silver-armored figure standing in the void. Everyone gulped, their eyes containing boundless astonishment.


If Zhou Yuan's Genesis Qi foundation was said to have only been visually impressive before, then the true fighting power that Zhou Yuan had just displayed made everyone understand one thing: he truly possessed the strength to challenge Zhao Mushen's position.

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