Chapter 984 Each one shows remarkable ability

"Domain of Law... Of Heavenly Punishment!"


When the low voice sounded, the half-foot area around Zhou Yuan twisted violently and an indescribable force of terror erupted.




The void collapsed in an instant as if a black hole had formed.


That force was no longer an ordinary Genesis Qi power, but a power that far surpassed the Divine Dwelling stage.


It was the power of the Domain of Law!


Although Zhou Yuan's half-foot Law Domain was neither of the Law Domain nor the Divine Dwelling stage, it contained unimaginable, destructive and devastating power.


Looking at the collapsed void around Zhao Mushen, Zhou Yuan fell into a trance state.


After the fiercest battle that had ever happened in Cangxuan Heaven, the Cangxuan Saint Seal appeared and took away the three Saint Runes on Zhou Yuan's body. In the end, the Cangxuan Saint Seal had turned into fragments and scattered, and the four Cangxuan Saint Runes had also disappeared with it.


Zhou Yuan thought he would never see them again, but when he opened the ninth Divine Dwelling, he finally saw them again.


That's right… the four Cangxuan Saint Runes had not disappeared, but were hidden in his unopened ninth Divine Dwelling without him noticing.


Zhou Yuan took a closer look at the interior of his Divine Dwellings. All of the Divine Dwellings were completely connected and vast, with over 90 million Genesis Qi stars shining brightly in the air, each containing tremendous Genesis Qi.


The four ancient Saint Runes gathered at the center of the Divine Dwellings, forming a slowly rotating sphere of light. As the sphere rotated, the Genesis Qi within the Divine Dwellings surged and roared.


“Old friends, it’s been a long time…” The corners of Zhou Yuan’s lips curled up in a strange arc. He was momentarily dumbfounded upon seeing the four Holy Runes when he opened the ninth Divine Dwelling because he had never thought that there would be such an amazing gift in the ninth Divine Dwelling, which had a lot of trouble connecting with his other Divine Dwellings.


Of course, it was because of the existence of the runes that Zhou Yuan had such difficulty connecting the ninth Divine Dwelling. Despite this, Zhou Yuan was neither angry nor upset. Instead, he was delighted and excited.


Like its former owner, he knew the mystery of the four Holy Runes better than anyone. He knew that they would undoubtedly become his best trump cards.


His emotions surged wildly in his heart, but in the outside world, it only lasted for a moment.


Situated in the collapsed space, Zhao Mushen finally revealed a hint of horror in his eyes. Not only was Zhou Yuan not sealed by his Sacred Lotus, he had also launched a terrifying counterattack. That half-foot Law Domain had stunned not only Zhou Yuan but also Zhao Mushen.


Although the half-foot Law Domain seemed extremely tough, it was impossible for someone of the Divine Dwelling stage to resist the power of the Law Domain, no matter how rudimentary.


The terrifying power gushing out from all directions almost suffocated Zhao Mushen, and the Genesis Qi within his body fell into disarray. Within a Domain of Law, the owner of the Domain of Law of the Domain of Law was the final ruler. Although Zhou Yuan was unable to achieve maximum control as he controlled his Divine Dwellings, he could still disturb the Genesis Qi within his opponent's body.


Zhao Mushen felt a strong aura of death. It was the first time he felt this since he reached the Divine Dwelling stage.


"Law Domain Vortex!"


Zhou Yuan's eyes became more aggressive and fierce. He had no intention of showing mercy because he knew that the slightest carelessness could lead to him being hit by a terrifying counterattack when facing a powerful enemy like Zhao Mushen.




The Domain of Law vibrated, mobilizing an indescribable force of Genesis Qi as it formed a vortex and rotated towards Zhao Mushen.


This was the only thing Zhou Yuan could control. After all, given his current strength, it was impossible to bring out the real power of the half-foot Law Domain.


As Zhao Mushen watched the vortex spinning towards him, his hair stood on end. He gritted his teeth and subtle rays of light erupted from his chest, forming an extremely ancient and complicated curse rune.




The Genesis Qi vortex shrank.


Zhao Mushen's body seemed to explode into pieces and disappear.


It was completely empty within the Domain of Law, and only Zhou Yuan stood tall. Zhao Mushen's body seemed to have turned into nothingness...


There was absolute silence under the starry sky.


Countless people looked at that scene with incomparably shocked disbelief. Zhao Mushen was destroyed to the point that not a single bone remained in his body?


Liu Qingshu froze, and the faces of the other people in the Wanzu region were ashen. Zhao Mushen's death would undoubtedly be a great loss for the Wanzu region.


Ye Bingling, Yi Qiushui and the others couldn't help but swallow. Wasn't Zhou Yuan's counterattack too fierce?




Out of the Fallen Abyss.


In the void above, the many Law Domain experts also fell into a moment of silence, staring at the light mirror in bewilderment. They had a great understanding of Law Domains and of course realized that there was indeed a very primitive Law Domain power contained in Zhou Yuan's Law Domain.


Zhou Yuan is at the Divine Dwelling stage… how can he possess a Domain of Law?


Even if your Law Domain is crude and primitive, it is still a Law Domain, and its ultimate power should only be controlled by Law Domain experts! Could it be some kind of holy treasure?


But they had never heard of any saint treasure that could create a half-foot Law Domain…


Some shifted their gazes towards Chi Jing. But his face didn't waver, making it impossible for them to know what he was thinking.


Zhao Xiansun's eyelids twitched repeatedly as he tried to hide his anger. After all, the situation was completely different from his expectations now that the situation had changed to this.


He looked at Chi Jing and said coldly, "It seems that your Tianyuan region has prepared a lot of good things for that boy to win."


No doubt, he thought that the half-foot Law Domain treasure was a gift from the Tianyuan Region to Zhou Yuan.


Chi Jing continued to look at the light mirror with an indifferent expression on his jade face, but ripples were also surging in his heart. Even she didn't know that Zhou Yuan possessed such a trump card.


'It seems like my younger brother still has a lot of secrets,' she thought to herself, then shifted her attention to Zhao Xiansun. He said sarcastically, “We still cannot be compared to the Wanzu region. You even gave away the Divine Death Substitute Curse, which Supreme Sovereign Wan Zu should have personally developed, right? How generous! I believe that even experts at the Nascent Source stage would only be rewarded with that after they had performed great service for the Wanzu region, wouldn't they? ”


The corners of Zhao


Chi Jing snorted. “Don't say it with such confidence. "You could lose face again."


Although he said those words, his heart sank a little because he saw that Zhou Yuan's Law Domain vortex had failed to kill Zhao Mushen and had allowed Zhao Mushen to activate the Divine Death Substitute Curse at the last moment. critical. This was a technique that only Supreme Sovereign Wan Zu could practice.


And after this, Zhao Mushen would undoubtedly stay at least half a foot away from Zhou Yuan.


Furthermore, although Zhao Xiansun was enraged, he still made a solemn vow that they would win, suggesting that Zhao Mushen still had one last trump card to turn the situation around.


I hope Zhou Yuan can stop him. Otherwise, all your efforts will be wasted.




Above the plain.


Zhou Yuan scanned the empty Law Domain and muttered, “Did you run away?”


His eyes flashed with disappointment. He had waited for this opportunity for a long time, but in the end he had failed. Zhao Mushen was very difficult to deal with.


His half-foot Domain of Law gradually faded away. Too much Genesis Qi was required to activate the Heavenly Punishment Saint Rune, so although Zhou Yuan possessed a base of over 90 million Genesis Qi, he could only activate it once in a period of time.


Zhou Yuan lowered his head, looking at the ground in the distance. The void suddenly rippled and a sinister-looking figure slowly walked out.


It was Zhao Mushen.


When their gazes collided, they sparked and almost set the air on fire.


Zhao Mushen didn't say a word and sat down directly. The Genesis Qi in the entire world pulsed violently and a mysterious monster-like silhouette emerged behind him again. The gigantic monster gradually became clear, and an inexplicable oppressive force invaded the world.


It was Zhao Mushen's Taotie Blessing.


Zhou Yuan studied the silhouette of the mysterious monster for a moment, and his eyebrows furrowed into a frown. For some reason, the Blessing looked familiar.




He looks a bit like... Tuntun after his transformation?

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