Chapter 986 Breakthrough?



When the countless Genesis Qi stars in the void behind Zhao Mushen began to show signs of fusion, a look of astonishment crossed everyone's faces, and it was obvious that waves shot up in their hearts.


No one had thought that Zhao Mushen's last resort was to directly attack the Heavenly Sun stage! Once he succeeded, he would be the only Heavenly Sun stage expert in the Fallen Abyss, which meant that no means could be used to close the gap in cultivation level.


The lowest Genesis Qi base of the Heavenly Sun stage was still a Heavenly Sun, which was equivalent to 100 million Genesis Qi stars!


But given Zhao Mushen's background, if he reached the Heavenly Sun stage, his Heavenly Sun rank would surely not be ordinary. He could easily reach the level of the silver snow Heavenly Sun, the purple gold Heavenly Sun, or even the crystal Heavenly Sun. I was very confident in this.


Even if Zhao Mushen had previously suffered from Zhou Yuan's counterattacks, at this moment, even Zhou Yuan would not dare to underestimate him, the person who had dominated the Hunyuan Heaven Divine Dwelling stage for many years.


And once Zhao Mushen entered the Heavenly Sun stage, it would also decide the outcome of the tournament. At that time, no matter what other heaven-defying means Zhou Yuan possessed, it would be impossible for him to reverse the situation.


Wang Xi, Li Tongshen, Yuan Kun, and Jiu Gong, the top celestial prides of the various regions, also watched the events with complex expressions. Zhao Mushen is really hard to beat.


On the Wanzu Region side, many members held their breath in anticipation, and Liu Qingshu's cheeks flushed with pride. From Zhao Mushen's performance, he was indeed worthy of being called the king of the Divine Dwelling stage.


“Zhou Yuan, since you have forced my elder brother this far, I admit that we have underestimated you. But unfortunately for you, there is only one first place in the nine regions tournament, no matter how outstanding you are!"


Delighted, Liu Qingshu looked at Zhao Mushen's figure. Once Zhao Mushen successfully broke through, he would leave the Divine Dwelling stage and would undoubtedly set off waves within the Hunyuan Heaven Celestial Sun List. Without a doubt it would be the beginning of a new legend of a king.


On the plain destroyed by the great battle, Wu Yao and Su Youwei pursed their lips tightly. Among the Hunyuan Heaven Divine Dwelling stage experts, only them were able to catch up with Zhao Mushen and make a breakthrough to the Heavenly Sun stage. Unfortunately, one wrong move had depleted their Genesis Qi bodies, and it was impossible for them to forcefully break through at this moment. Furthermore, they did not have Zhao Mushen's ability to devour enough Alpha Spiritium directly from the depths of the stone statue.


This undoubtedly made them one step behind Zhao Mushen.


In the void above the Fallen Abyss.


A look of surprise crossed the faces of the Law Domain experts. Zhao Mushen was truly brave. After all, he was bound to face many unpredictable changes while passing through the stone statue, and if something went wrong, there would be great risks.


However, Zhao Mushen should have prepared himself a long time ago. The light shield around him had gathered not only his Genesis Qi but also that of Su Youwei and Wu Yao. Their combined strength was impossible for Zhou Yuan to destroy even if he exhausted all his strength.


Its barrier was a real iron turtle shell.


Zhao . "The Tianyuan region has improved a lot and can already be considered a success."


Chi Jing glared at him. “You are happy too soon. Aren't you afraid that accidents will occur during Zhao Mushen's advance and that he may die on the spot?"


Zhao Xiansun chuckled, “You really underestimate Zhao Mushen's background. “No doubt, your advancement will be successful.”


Chi Jing's face darkened, and he no longer wanted to see Zhao Xiansun's smiling and smug face. He shifted his gaze to the light mirror and saw that the Genesis Qi shield around Zhao Mushen's body had become brighter and his Genesis Qi stars had begun to merge.


As Zhao Xiansun had said, Zhao Mushen's foundation and background were too deep. He had long possessed the qualifications to break through, but he had repeatedly delayed it until this moment.


It could be said that the Wanzu region has made great efforts to maintain the title of no. 1 of the nine regions.


Given the current situation, Zhou Yuan's only chance to change the situation was to prevent Zhao Mushen's advance. Otherwise, once the breakthrough was successful, any other means would be meaningless.


It would be impossible to touch the title of no. So, one of the nine regions.


But she knew how difficult it was to destroy the Genesis Qi shield formed from the powers of Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao, and Su Youwei. This was the same as asking Zhou Yuan to fight the three major heavenly prides at once.


"Zhou Yuan, it's all up to you now," Chi Jing muttered to herself.




In the void, Zhou Yuan's face was solemn and cold, and Genesis Qi pulsed frantically around his body. With a wave of his sleeve, he sent out a black and white lightning bolt. He roared like a Divine Dragon and struck the light shield.


The light shield rippled violently, but eventually swallowed even Zhou Yuan's Yin Yang Lightning Rune.


Zhou Yuan floated in the air and stopped their useless attacks. He knew that if even a small Genesis Saint had little effect, any further attacks would only waste Genesis Qi.


"I must prevent him from breaking through." Zhou Yuan's face had a cloudy expression. How could it be so easy to destroy Zhao Mushen's Genesis Qi light barrier? “Even my 99.9 million Genesis Qi base is not strong enough.”


Zhou Yuan's eyes flashed. Then, he gritted his teeth. "Then, I will give you more power!"




He descended from the sky and crashed onto the plain, the ground crunching beneath his feet. He put his hands together in a seal.


Earth Holy Rune! thundered in his heart.


The Holy Land Rune within his Divine Dwelling immediately erupted with rays of dazzling light.




A tremendous invisible wave erupted from Zhou Yuan's feet.




The entire incomparably huge stone statue seemed to tremble violently. Then, Zhou Yuan's expression changed drastically. He felt a terrifying gush of Genesis Qi rising from the depths of the ground and flooding his body. The Qi was indescribably pure and contained enormous and tremendous power.


It is the power of the remains in the depths of the statue! Zhou Yuan's heart trembled. The power was much stronger than the power released by the remains of the seventh stone statue. It was obvious that the remains within this stone statue belonged to someone who was a Law Domain expert before he died!




The torrent-like Genesis Qi raged in his body. He didn't dare to be careless. He guided the majestic Genesis Qi towards their Divine Dwellings, causing their Divine Dwellings to tremble violently as if monstrous waves were flooding them.


More than 90 million Genesis Qi stars flickered frantically, swallowing the torrent of Genesis Qi.


Zhou Yuan's skin began to crack and leak blood. It seemed like his entire body was about to break.


It was then that the green pendant around his neck suddenly burst out with terrifying vitality. It poured into his body and gradually stopped the breakdown of his skin.


It was the Life Quartz that Grand Elder Mu Ni had gifted to Zhou Yuan!


Blood vessels appeared in the whites of Zhou Yuan's eyes as his face contorted fiercely. He could not care too much about the blood soaking his body, and instead, he shifted his mind towards his Divine Dwellings and frantically absorbed the pure and vast Genesis Qi.


Zhao Mushen wanted to make a breakthrough. But Zhou Yuan would not give up voluntarily. Although it would take some time for him to break through to the Heavenly Sun stage with his current foundation, this did not mean that he had exhausted his abilities.


He still had other means!


And that was to further increase his Genesis Qi base!


And truly break the 100 million limit!


Zhou Yuan had a feeling that he could even overwhelmingly defeat the combined Genesis Qi of Zhao Mushen, Wu Yao, and Su Youwei once he broke through that limit!


Zhou Yuan fixed his bloodshot eyes on Zhao Mushen within the Genesis Qi light shield in the distance, and his face twisted into a ferocious and sinister expression.


"Then let's see who will be the first to break the limits!"

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