Chapter 990 Resolved

Seeing Zhou Yuan approach, Wu Yao's face did not ripple in the slightest. His face was only a little pale from the exhaustion of Genesis Qi. Even at a moment like this, there was no defeated look in his Phoenix eyes, just a somewhat complicated expression.


She looked at Zhou Yuan's face. When she first met Zhou Yuan in the capital of Great Wu, she never thought that he would stand in front of her like that.


This man who was born with the Blessing of the Holy Dragon has remarkable talent.


But what he admired most was not Zhou Yuan's talent but his tenacity. He did not give up on life even after he had fallen to the bottom.


Although he didn't know what kind of difficulty Zhou Yuan had faced from the moment he unlocked the eight meridian channels and set foot on the path of cultivation, he could imagine that he must be full of problems that would make ordinary people give up thousands of times already. .


But Zhou Yuan had persisted and, in the end, had risen and invested his fortune.


Wu Yao did not find this result difficult to accept. Instead, he let out a sigh of relief and felt his body become much lighter, as if a weight had been lifted from his shoulders.


The destined battle had finally come to an end.


King Wu's face flashed in his mind and he smiled lightly in his heart. Father, your plan has completely fallen apart today. Our Wu family does not have the ability to carry the Holy Dragon Blessing.


Wu Yao slowly closed his eyes and said indifferently, "Take it back."


Given his current status, he was no match for Zhou Yuan. Of course, even if his Genesis Qi was fully restored, he still had no chance against Zhou Yuan, who had broken through the limit of the Divine Dwelling stage. Therefore, he saw no meaning in defending himself.


His body was slim and beautiful, his back straight. Although defeated, she still had pride in her heart.


Zhou Yuan stared at Wu Yao for a moment, waves similarly surging in his heart. Ever since he unblocked the eight meridian channels and started cultivation, he had been waiting for this day.


At this moment, he would regain everything he had lost.


'Father, I did it...' Zhou Yuan said softly in his heart.


He extended his hand and gently placed it on Wu Yao's thin shoulder. For a moment, he could feel her trembling.


His expression was enough to make a man of steel soft and weak, but Zhou Yuan remained expressionless and was unaffected. He had worked incredibly hard for many years, so no matter what, he had to take back what belonged to him.


A Dragon roar resounded throughout Zhou Yuan's body.


Rays of light gathered behind him and gradually took the shape of a Dragon silhouette.


The appearance of the gigantic Dragon silhouette caused even the Genesis Qi universe to fluctuate violently. Zhou Yuan's figure showed signs that he was about to merge with the world.


The phenomenon of the Sacred Dragon.


The giant Dragon silhouette opened its mouth wide and inhaled sharply.


Wu Yao's body shook violently again as rays of intense light emerged from her. Suddenly, a powerful and mysterious aura emerged from the top of his head like smoke rising in spirals towards the Dragon's mouth.


That familiar aura was the Holy Dragon Blessing that Wu Yao had taken away when the Great Wu was destroyed!


He could feel his life force weakening as the Holy Dragon Blessing left his body. She understood that once Zhou Yuan took away the last of the Holy Dragon Blessing left in her body, she would also perish.


In a battle between the Dragon and the Phoenix, only the one who devoured the other would survive.


The roar of anguish that King Wu let out when he was beheaded flashed into Wu Yao's mind.


"As expected..."


There was not even a hint of fear in Wu Yao's heart. Instead, it was absolutely peaceful.


The movements between Zhou Yuan and Wu Yao caught the attention of countless people and caused many exclamations. Even at that distance, they could feel Wu Yao's life force weakening.


On the Wushen Region side, thousands of members were livid. They rose into the air one after another and quickly rushed towards the last stone statue.


Everyone was enraged.


Wang Xi, Li Tongshen and the others frowned. They didn't know what was going on between Zhou Yuan and Wu Yao, but the situation was not looking good for Wu Yao.


“Zhou Yuan is removing the blessing from Wu Yu's body? What's going on? Does he also have the Taotie Blessing?” Jiu Gong couldn't help but ask. Wu Yao didn't die when Zhao Mushen swallowed his Blessing, so why did he become like this when facing Zhou Yuan?


"No, the Blessings of the two are very similar... as if they originate from the same body"


Bewilderment filled Jiu Gong's heart. But if Zhou Yuan exhausted Wu Yao's life force here, it would undoubtedly anger the Wushen region. It was not a success for him.


On the Tianyuan Region side, Yi Qiushui, Ye Bingling and the others had solemn expressions.


Lu Xiao couldn't help but said, “What is Zhou Yuan doing? I win. If something happens to Wu Yao, he can't get away with it!"


No one answered him and feelings of terror overshadowed the joy that had filled everyone a moment ago.


After all, no one could say anything if one of them died in battle, but Wu Yao clearly had no strength to fight back. If Zhou Yuan took his own life while in that state, it might become troublesome for him.




"Your Highness..."


Su Youwei's eyes flashed with worry as she looked at Wu Yao, who was about to collapse.


She was not worried about Wu Yao, but rather the consequences that Zhou Yuan would face after she took away all of Wu Yao's life force. It was said that the supreme ruler of the Wushen region attached great importance to Wu Yao.


Zhou Yuan looked indifferently at Wu Yao's pale but beautiful face. His eyes blinked.


That was when Wu Yao closed his eyes and said indifferently, “Zhou Yuan, what are you waiting for? “When my father took the Holy Dragon Blessing from you, he didn’t hesitate at all.”


“I told you before that the Holy Dragon Blessing is what I hate the most. If it weren't for that, my mother wouldn't have died, my little brother, Wu Huang, wouldn't have become that kind of person. “I wouldn’t have killed my own father and been left alone in this world.”


"So... now, I'll give it back to you!"


He clasped his hands together in a seal and his body trembled violently. A long, mournful roar seemed to resonate as a mysterious aura rose from his head. He turned into a Dragon silhouette and rushed towards the mouth of the gigantic Dragon behind Zhou Yuan.


She unexpectedly forced out the last wisp of the Holy Dragon Blessing!


The moment the Holy Dragon Blessing left his body, the glow on Wu Yao's face dimmed and his delicate body slowly fell forward.


Zhou Yuan stretched out his arms and held her scented shoulders. She looked into his eyes with a complicated expression and whispered, "As of now, the grudges between our two families are resolved."

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