Chapter 996 Declaration of war

The 5 Law Domain experts stood in the void with Law Domain looming behind them, emitting terrifying waves of energy.


The entire world seemed to be frozen.


Chi Jing's face was expressionless as he looked at Hong Jiuyuan, Mountain Lord Gui Yuan, and the others. She said, “Are you really sure you want to challenge the Tianyuan Region? “I will solemnly inform you that this will be regarded as a war against the Tianyuan Region.”


Chi Jing's calm voice contained a chilling and throbbing killing intent.


If the five major sects and factions jointly challenged the Tianyuan Region, it would be a real war, and the scale of the battle would be the largest in the Hunyuan Heaven in thousands of years, as it was the first time that other forces dared to challenge the nine regions.


Hong Jiuyuan said with a smile: “Great Elder Chi Jing, the Tianyuan Region controls 800 prefectures and occupies numerous training resources. "It's really unfair for us."


Mountain Lord Gui Yuan added, “If Grand Elder Chi Jing is willing to share 500 prefectures with us, we will not offend you again.”


A sneer tugged at the corners of Chi Jing's lips. "Very well, when my master comes back and finds out about this, I think he will praise you for your courage."


The expressions of Hong Jiuyuan and the others changed a little, and a flash of fear flashed in the depths of their eyes. After all, Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan was one of the most powerful existences in Hunyuan Heaven.


Had it not been for Cang Yuan's disappearance, the constant deterioration of the Tianyuan Region over the years, and Supreme Sovereign Wan Zu's support for them, they would not have dared to stroke a tiger's mustache.


"Haha, if the supreme sovereign could return to Hunyuan Heaven, how could he have ignored the Tianyuan region for so many years?" Zhao Xiansun commented with a slight smile.


Chi Jing looked at Zhao Xiansun coldly. How could he not say that the Wanzu Region was the hand manipulating the five major forces to declare war on the Tianyuan Region? The Wanzu Region must have promised great benefits to the five major forces to lead them to waste their lives working for the Wanzu Region.


The Wanzu region had been preparing for this day for a long time.


The Wanzu Region could not act directly because that would lead to infighting among the nine regions, and the other supreme sovereigns would not sit by and watch. However, the Wanzu Region did not act this time and instead manipulated the five major forces to attack the Tianyuan Region. If the Tianyuan Region was defeated, the Wanzu Region would have more than enough reasons to eliminate the Tianyuan Region as one of the nine regions.


Sometimes a superficial show was especially important.


Of course, Chi Jing knew that Supreme Sovereign Wan Zu's plan was to ultimately force Cang Yuan out, and the other Supreme Sovereigns probably had that intention as well.


The efforts that Supreme Sovereign Wan Zu had made to expel Cang Yuan in previous years were not enough, and he was beginning to grow impatient. This time he intended to destroy the Tianyuan Region to force Cang Yuan to appear in the Hunyuan Heaven!


However, Zhao Xiansun seemed indifferent to Chi Jing's murderous gaze. He glanced at the other six Law Domain experts and said with a smile, “Everyone, the Tianyuan Region is now facing a challenge with the risk of being overthrown. If it happens, most likely the Tianyuan region will not be able to be listed as one of the nine regions, right?”


“Otherwise, the countless other sects and factions in Hunyuan Heaven would feel indignant and dissatisfied, and it could lead to disorder. This wouldn’t be good for Hunyuan Heaven, would it?”


The other six Law Domain experts remained silent. The nine regions could be called rulers of Hunyuan Heaven; Therefore, the nine regions had to maintain power. If any of the nine regions deteriorate or are overtaken by other sects or factions, then the problem lies in that region.


The smile on Zhao Xiansun's face intensified when he saw her silence. He turned to Chi Jing and continued calmly, "So, if the Tianyuan Region is nullified, it naturally can no longer be called one of the nine regions, and of course it will not have the qualifications to take charge of the Ancestral Dragon Lantern." "


His expression became sincere as he continued, “Grand Elder Chi Jing, it's not that we don't want to give you the Ancestral Dragon Lantern, but we plan to wait until the Tianyuan Region resolves all the problems it faces first and then sit down stably before "Hand over the Ancestral Dragon Lantern. The Tianyuan region would more justifiably deserve the Ancestral Dragon Lantern, wouldn't it?"


Chi Jing looked at Zhao Xiansun with an icy gaze. "Old Zhao, Tianyuan Region will remember Wanzu Region's actions today and will certainly pay for it in the future."


Hearing the way Chi Jing addressed him, Zhao Xianxuan immediately darkened because Chi Jing was not the first person to call him that. The person who started it was Chi Jing's older brother. That bastard Zhuan Zhu!


Chi Jing cast an icy gaze at Hong Jiuyuan and the others. “If you really want to declare war on my Tianyuan Region, I will take it on behalf of the Tianyuan Region. From now on, your five forces will be included in the Tianyuan Region's enemy list, and your people will be killed if they dare to approach the Tianyuan Region area!"


His words were filled with chilling killing intent.


If the five major forces joined together, there would be no less than eight Law Domain experts, but Chi Jing was not afraid in the slightest because Hong Jiuyuan's Law Domain foundation was too weak. If a battle really broke out between them, the five Law Domain experts of the Tianyuan Region would be able to face two enemies at once.


Therefore, the five major forces could put pressure on the Tianyuan region, but in order to shake the foundation, they would have to pay a huge price for it!


As Chi Jing's voice faded, a murderous aura spread and saturated the air.


As Chi Jing's voice faded, she clenched her fists and the Domain of Law behind her suddenly expanded. Then, a wave of blue light spread out and carried Zhou Yuan and the others into his Law Domain. His figure gradually faded and disappeared completely.


His icy voice, filled with killing intent, echoed throughout the world. “If you want to fight, the Tianyuan Region will accompany you to the end! Let's see if your five forces will dissipate or if my Tianyuan region will collapse!"


The entire world fell silent.


Even Hong Jiuyuan, Mountain Lord Gui Yuan, and the other Law Domain experts tensed.


The other six Domains of Law experts examined them thoroughly before they ran out and expanded their Domains of Law. All the inhabitants of their regions were swept inside and disappeared in an instant.


Hong Jiuyuan, Mountain Lord Gui Yuan, and the other three Law Domain experts cast a glance at Zhao Xiansun, who nodded his head before disappearing.




Hong Jiuyuan, Mountain Lord Gui Yuan and the others exchanged glances and inhaled deeply. Then, their expressions became increasingly fierce. It was his perfect opportunity to take a bite out of the Tianyuan region because it was in its weakest state. Furthermore, Supreme Sovereign Wan Zu had promised to guide them to comprehend the Saint stage once they completed the task.


If one of them becomes a Saint expert, what happens if Cang Yuan returns?


With this thought, without hesitation they turned around and disappeared into the sky.


As the several Law Domain experts left, everyone else on the mountain gradually woke up from the repressive atmosphere and walked away frantically.


They knew that when the news spread, the entire Hunyuan Heaven would be shaken. Compared to that earth-shattering matter, the nine regions tournament could be considered nothing.


A super war involving all nine regions was about to begin.

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