Chapter 998 Third Official Disciple

Chi Jing accelerated through space with Domain of Law and returned to Tianyuan Utopia at the fastest speed.


At the first moment of returning to Tianyuan Utopia, he released the members of the Four Law Domain Pavilions. Standing at a high altitude, he looked at the vast utopia, watching countless figures coming and going. It was a bustling scene.


“Close all teleportation points in Tianyuan Utopia! All experts of the Divine Dwelling stage, Heavenly Sun stage, and Nascent Source stage, immediately exit the closed-door training and await my orders!” Chi Jing's cold voice echoed throughout the world.




An earth-shattering commotion erupted in the Tianyuan Region, and countless people cast bewildered glances towards Chi Jing in the void above. They had no idea what I was planning to do. But Chi Jing did not explain anything. After she gave the order, the elders would take care of that task.


The entire Tianyuan utopia became chaotic for a moment.


After issuing the urgent order to prepare for battle, Chi Jing's figure flashed and reappeared in a large hall, where four figures sat around a round table. They were the other four great elders of the Tianyuan region.


Sect Master Xuan Kun of the Heavenly Spirit Sect was the first to question Chi Jing. "What's going on? Why did the five major forces suddenly declare war on our Tianyuan region?"


They had received a message from Chi Jing a moment earlier.


Clan leader Mu Ni of the Wood Clan, Patriarch Bai Ye of the White Clan, and Patriarch Bian Chang of the Profound Crystal Clan all had solemn expressions.


"Zhou Yuan defeated Zhao Mushen and won first place in the nine regions tournament," said Chi Jing.


Sect Master Xuan Kun and the others were stunned for a moment, and finally, they couldn't help but exclaim, "Zhou Yuan won first place?"


They found it incredible. Although they knew that Zhou Yuan was extremely talented, they never thought that he could defeat Zhao Mushen!


Chi Jing said, “But you should also know that this is only a minor factor that triggered this war. The real reason is that it is the order of the supreme sovereign of the Wanzu region. "Only he could drive the five major forces to risk their lives to offend the Tianyuan region."


Sect Master Xuan Kun and the others darkened upon hearing this. Naturally, they were aware of Supreme Sovereign Wan Zu's dislike for the Tianyuan Region. The main reason for the deterioration of the Tianyuan region over the years was precisely the action of the supreme sovereign Wan Zu.


Grand Elder Mu Ni, who has always had a good temper, couldn't help but hiss coldly: "This time he went too far!"


Sect Master Xuan Kun frowned and said, “But Grand Elder Chi Jing is too hot-tempered. The Tianyuan Region does not have a supreme sovereign, so we should tolerate it whenever possible. Why did you have to accept the war?"


I was a little dissatisfied. He felt that Chi Jing was still too young and arrogant. If he were there instead of Chi Jing, he would not have given Zhao Xiansun an excuse to create trouble in the Tianyuan region.


Mu Ni said indifferently: “Sect Master Xuan Kun, when you faced the hidden means of the Wanzu region in the past, such as supporting the rise of the Three Mountains Alliance, you chose to remain silent and maintain peace in the end. . But was the Three Mountains Alliance ever grateful for that? Now that they have become stronger, they did not hesitate to bite us.”


"Supreme Sovereign Wan Zu has been plotting this for years, do you think he won't drop the knife just because you hide like a turtle?"


Sect Master Xuan Kun's expression changed slightly and he finally fell silent.


“We really can't blame Sect Master Xuan Kun. Ultimately, the reason this happened is that the Tianyuan region does not have a supreme sovereign guard,” Patriarch Bai Ye said with a smile.


Patriarch Bian Chang of the Profound Crystal clan spoke in an indifferent tone, “But Clan Leader Mu Ni is right. This is not something we could have avoided. Since the five major forces want to act as swords for someone else, our Tianyuan region cannot be afraid. Otherwise, we will become a joke of Hunyuan Heaven.”


Sect Master Xuan Kun finally nodded. “Since the other side has declared war, we certainly cannot show any weakness. If they want to fight, our Tianyuan region will fight to the end!"


Although the various great elders often had quarrels and disagreements, they understood that in the face of a challenge from outsiders, benefit to any of them meant benefit to all, while harm to one meant harm to all.


Chi Jing nodded expressionlessly. “The Committee of Elders will discuss how to approach the war. “I have already issued an order to inform the Divine Dwelling stage, Heavenly Sun stage, and Rising Source stage experts to prepare for battle.”


As they spoke, the flames of war began to rise, and all the Divine Dwelling experts, Heavenly Sun experts, and Nascent Source stage experts mobilized. The scale of the battle could be easily imagined.


This time, however, Sect Master Xuan Kun and the others no longer opposed the war because they understood that the five major forces had jointly declared war on the Tianyuan Region, and that it would not be a small battle. It would undoubtedly cause a storm of blood, and it was unknown how many people would lose their lives in the war.


Any war was incomparably tragic.


Chi Jing scanned the surroundings and said, "There is another matter."


She raised her hand in the air and the Domain of Law spread out behind her. Soon, Sect Master Xuan Kun and the others saw a young and thin figure walk out. It was Zhou Yuan.


"Zhou Yuan?" Sect Master Xuan Kun stared at him, frowning.


Sect Master Xuan Kun evidently still had some prejudices against Zhou Yuan. After all, Zhou Yuan had ruined their plan before, and had also suppressed all of the Heavenly Spirit Sect's Divine Dwelling experts.


“Great Elder Chi Jing, this is a great elder meeting that not even great elders can participate in. Why did you bring him here? Are you ignoring the rules?” Sect Master Xuan Kun asked with a deep and imposing voice.


Patriarch Bai Ye added, "Although Zhou Yuan won first place in the Nine Regions Tournament and should be rewarded for his achievements, it is still not right for Grand Elder Chi Jing to bring him here."


Grand Elder Bian Chang did not say a word and simply glanced at Zhou Yuan's face and soon retracted his gaze. After all, the status gap between them was too big.


Chi Jing calmly replied, “I want to inform you of Zhou Yuan’s true identity.”


"Zhou Yuan is qualified to come here because he is my master's third official disciple."


The air flowing in the great hall seemed to freeze in that instant.


Sect Master Xuan Kun suddenly straightened his body and studied Zhou Yuan more closely, his expression constantly changing. “The third official disciple of Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan? Grand Elder Chi Jing, are you kidding me?”


Patriarch Bai Ye and Patriarch Bian Chang looked at Zhou Yuan, their eyes shining with surprise. They completely lost the calm they had before.


Chi Jing looked at Zhou Yuan, who nodded his head slightly before the spiritual light at the center of his eyebrows began to shine. The next moment, the Primordial Chaos divine whetstone seemed to rotate slowly, producing an ancient noise.


The eyes of Sect Master Xuan Kun and the others quickly shrank.


“Primordial Chaos Divine Whetstone Visualization Method?” Sect Master Xuan Kun said with difficulty. They knew that it was the superior spiritual tempering method created by Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan. In this world, only Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan's disciples could practice that technique.


Zhou Yuan clenched one hand and the mottled black brush flashed, shining with many ancient Genesis Runes.


The Heavenly Yuan Brush!


Patriarch Bai Ye and Bian Chang's eyebrows were trembling.


It had to be true because no one could take both the Heavenly Yuan Brush and the Primordial Chaos Divine Whetstone from Cang Yuan.


Sect Master Xuan Kun and others exchanged glances, their expressions somewhat complicated, especially for Sect Master Xuan Kun. Who would have thought that the young man who had repeatedly destroyed his plan and angered him would be an official disciple of Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan!


According to the rules that Supreme Sovereign Cang Yuan had set, Zhou Yuan, who was only at the Divine Dwelling stage, could become the sixth great elder of the Tianyuan region and be on the same level as him!


Thinking of this, even someone with the calmness of Sect Master Xuan Kun would feel a little suffocated.


It was almost impossible to face the truth!

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